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275x250.jpg Most people are happy playing racing games on a PS3 or Xbox 360. But others want something special… like a £120,000 simulator.

A professional racing simulator used by Formula One teams is now being made available in time for Christmas, for hard-core gamers with a big budget.

The Hexatech is an interactive motion-based racing simulator which makers Cruden say offers full motion and realistic g-Force simulation.

It includes three 42 inch screens and allows users to race Formula One, NASCAR and rally cars… which makes the £120k a positive bargain, right?

275x250.jpg A man has won a place in the Guinness World Records for having a mouth so rubbery he can fit an entire Coke can in it... sideways.

Francisco Domingo Joaquim's mouth stretches to a massive 6.69-inch-long, which adjudicators from the famous record book say is the world's widest.

The 20-year-old record breaker from Sambizanga in Angola is said to have shot to fame after showing off his 'talent' at local markets and football games.

Dubbed the 'Jaw of Awe' he recently appeared on an Italian TV show where he managed not to out his foot in his mouth… but to be fair, he was busy putting everything from cups and saucers to beer bottles in there.

Other than not wanting to end up in the lion enclosure, you've probably never given a second thought to what animals at the zoo eat.

But London Zoo has just revealed their annual food shopping list -- and if you thought your family eat like animals, their mega-order should put it into perspective.

Every week the zoo gets through more than a tonne of bananas and apples and each years their 600 different species eat nearly nine tonnes of meat.

Other items on their giant annual shopping list includes thirteen tonnes of carrots, four tonnes of eggs and two tonnes of cabbages.

Unusual foods also on the menu include 240 coconuts for the hyacinthine macaws and bearded pigs plus 78 kilos of popping corn for its four gorillas… who love movie night.

275x250.jpg A giant advertising billboard made from 110kg of cheese has been revealed in Covent Garden, London -- bizarrely to promote broadband internet services.

The 5m x 4m cheese sculpture features an image of Speedy Gonzales the cartoon mouse (the only link to cheese we can think of) and the text "Super Speedy Broadband."

Virgin Media say the billboard is made from 10 cheeses and took food artist, Prudence Staite and her 13-strong team eight days to create in a specially chilled studio.

Asked what they made of the advert, some passers-by thought it was 'grate' while others said it 'stinks' adding that the advertising men must be 'crackers'… sorry I camembert any more cheesy puns.

Amazing footage of a unicorn running through the woods has been released by a science centre in Canada who said they were investigating the clip.

Staff at Ontario Science Centre issued a press release claiming a video was submitted them by a Toronto resident who accidentally caught the 'unicorn' on camera.

Peter Hickey-Jones was meant to have been filming a woodpecker when he saw the mythical horned creature and pointed his camera at it briefly.

A OSC spokesperson even said: "The Science Centre is reviewing the footage frame-by-frame to determine whether the claim is legitimate."

However, later -- when it was pointed out how coincidental the timing of the find was (they have an upcoming exhibition on mythical creatures) -- they finally admitted it was a fake.

275x250.jpg Kapow! The famous Batman logo has been found painted on the roof of a United States Air Force military base in Japan.

The massive logo was spotted in Okinawa using Google Maps and measures around 30m wide by 15m tall, appearing on the top of a building surrounded by F-22 Raptor.

Some have speculated the Batman logo suggests the US military is working with the comic book superhero on some sort of high-tech new weapon.

Unfortunately we think it's more likely to be because Kadena Air Base is used by the 44th Fighter Squadron… commonly known as 'The Bats'. 

275x250.jpg Felix Baumgartner has been forced to cancel plans to skydive from the edge of space after a legal challenge was launched against his Red Bull Stratos project

The daredevil had been scheduled to complete a stratospheric balloon flight to 120,000 feet and attempt a free-fall jump that would reach supersonic speeds later this year.

But that's now been cancelled after organisers Red Bull received notice that a multi-million dollar lawsuit had been filed against them by another skydiver.

Daniel Hogan claims he "owns certain rights to the project" and that Red Bull stole confidential plans he had developed for the stunt. We bet they now wish they could push him out of a plane.

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei has unveiled his latest installation at Tate Modern's Turbine Hall - he's filled it with 100 million sunflower seeds.

But the bizarre work gets even stranger when you realise the seed husks, covering the east end of the Turbine Hall, are in fact a unique porcelain replicas.

Weiwei says the porcelain seeds were specially produced by hand for the commission in the city of Jingdezhen, China, and they took thousands of people two years to create.

Each ceramic seed was moulded, fired at 1300°C, hand-painted and then fired again at 800°C.

The artist says the work is representative of the Cultural Revolution... or it could just be used to confuse the world's hungriest parrot.

This baby was born on a date to remember after arriving early on the tenth day, of the tenth month in the tenth year of the millennium… and at 10.10am and 10 seconds.

Little Niamh Bond couldn't wait any longer and was born eight weeks premature on what some have hailed as the luckiest day of the century.

The tiny tot weighed just 3lb 7oz when she was delivered at Good Hope Hospital, after her mom Keelie, 20, was rushed in on Saturday evening.

Niamh had not been due for another eight weeks -- but obviously thought it would be better to have a birthday no-one has an excuse for forgetting.

Proud Mum Keelie Hearne said she couldn't believe it when she realised the timing and was just glad her partner Dean Bond was there… yes, he arrived 10 minutes before Niamh was born.

The Bolivian president has been caught on camera kneeing a political rival in the groin during a 'friendly' football match which was on TV.

Evo Morales had been taking part in the game against a group of political rivals to raise money for charity.

But the match quickly turned nasty and after being riled by a tough tackle to one of his team-mates, the President stepped in.

And by "stepped in" we mean kneed his victim, Daniel Gustavo Cartagenam, in the groin, sending him falling to the floor. All in front of TV cameras.

The foul-tastic game ended 4-4 and two players from each side were sent off -- making the match the only thing dirtier than politics itself.

An tiny apartment which measures just five square meters has gone on sale in Rome… for a not so small price.

Said to be the world’s smallest apartment, the micro-pad is situated on the prestigious Piazza di Sant' Ignazio in the Italian capital and has amazing views.

But it's barely big enough to fit a bed, and the apartment consists of a ground floor bathroom with a shower, sink and loo, along with a ladder to a raised single bed.

However, despite this the bijou property is currently on the market for €50,000 (£42,000) and the current owner says he has been besieged by interest.

That said, we imagine much of that interest consists of people asking, "Really? £42,000 for that, and it's really just this big, really?"

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