Australia has taken a major step into the world of cryptocurrency by installing 1,000 active Bitcoin ATMs, positioning the country as the third largest hub globally for such devices.

According to recent data, Australia has a network of 1,002 Bitcoin ATMs as of April 24, representing 2.7% of the total worldwide.

The US and Canada are still the forerunners

The United States and Canada were the forerunners with 31,170 and 2,918 ATM machines respectively. Historically, the Australian market has been inactive in the crypto ATM space, but has seen significant growth since late 2022, mainly due to the involvement of private companies.

In April 2023, Australia surpassed Asia in the number of Bitcoin ATMs, despite the presence of major economies such as China, Japan, Singapore and India in this continent. At the current pace of installations, Australia also appears to be quickly on its way to surpassing Europe, which currently represents 4.3% of the global market with 1,617 crypto ATM machines.

Positive news from hackfront

In addition to the positive developments, there is also news from the hacking front. A hacker group called CiberInteligenciaSV recently leaked the source code of El Salvador’s Chivo Bitcoin wallet. This wallet is managed by the government and was previously hacked, exposing sensitive information. Local cybersecurity initiative VenariX alerted the community to the leak through the social platform X and referred to CiberInteligenciaSV’s Telegram channel, which announced the release of the source code.

These events highlight both the rapid adoption of digital currencies in Australia and the ongoing risks that cybersecurity poses in the evolving crypto space.


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