Students from more than 30 universities in the United States carry out camps in support of Palestine. From California to Texas, from Harvard to Columbia, students demand a ceasefire, an end to the financing of universities and the North American government for the genocide in Gaza and against the repression of those who show solidarity.

Dozens of camps have been set up across the country in solidarity with Gaza. The students demand an end to the genocide, that their institutions stop investing in arms companies and Israel, and an end to persecution and an end to sanctions for all those who protest for Palestine.

A sector of professors at the University of Texas at Austin, which on Wednesday was the scene of police repression, refused to teach classes saying “we are not going to continue as if nothing happened” and, instead, they will join the student protests.

We are witnessing what has been called the new McCarthyism, in which university administrations suspend and evict students, in addition to calling the police against those who peacefully protest on campus. The fight against this repression goes hand in hand with the fight against genocide, for a free Palestine.

We need our unions to stand up and play a role in this strong student movement. We have already seen the Columbia Student Workers union issue a statement against the crackdown that has been signed by multiple unions, including UAW locals, and Columbia College organized a massive strike against the crackdown, with signs saying “no touch our students.” The local chapter of the UAW union is calling for an action for Gaza on Friday in Washington Square Park. And the students who were arrested at Columbia are explicitly asking teachers to stage a walkout in solidarity with the camps.

In the midst of this brutal genocide in Gaza, a new generation of student activists is rising up at CUNY and across the country.

Down with all repression of the camp!

Divest now!

Free Palestine!

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