The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, issued a warning to the United States this Sunday, 21, amid the approval by the country’s Chamber of Deputies of a 61 billion dollar military aid package for Ukraine.

Zakharova, on her Telegram account, declared that increased US involvement in the hybrid war against Russia will result in a failure similar to that experienced in the Vietnam War and Afghanistan.

She noted that Washington is not confident in Kiev’s victory, but expects the Ukrainian Armed Forces to hold out until the November elections so as not to damage President Biden’s image.

The Russian official emphasized that ordinary Ukrainian citizens are being used as cannon fodder, while the US military-industrial complex is the real beneficiary of the wars.

Zakharova stated that efforts to save Zelensky’s government are doomed to failure and that the objectives of the Russian military operation will be achieved.

Last week, CIA Director William Burns admitted that without US military support, Ukraine would not stand a chance against Russia, suggesting that with continued support, Kiev could hold out this year.


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