The daisy had been leafless for days and the only thing missing was the officialdom: Teresa Ribera will most likely be the head of the PSOE list for the European elections on June 9. After considering other names such as that of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, Pedro Sánchez has finally opted for the figure of his third vice president, one of the few people who has still been with him in the Government since his landing at Moncloa. And this Wednesday the federal Executive of the party has officially proposed it.

“Teresa Ribera can be everything she sets her mind to, because if she has shown anything in Spain and in Europe, it is that all the proposals she has made regarding climate change and energy policy have gone ahead and have been good for the citizens,” he said. Sánchez to questions from journalists just a couple of weeks ago.

Teresa Ribera herself had left the door open to her candidacy in some of her latest public statements. “In this campaign I see myself as an important asset of my Government and my party.” She responded to the question of whether she sees herself as the PSOE’s headliner in the next European elections on June 9.

“I’m sure I’m going to be an important actor,” he said, after having made a statement in defense of the need to maintain the green agenda, which is his main portfolio, as an absolute priority of the EU.

Ribera is also a profile that is being considered as a future member of Spain in the European Commission that will be formed after the summer, once the European elections in June have passed and the EU leaders have distributed the main community positions in a European Council. : presidency of the European Commission, of the European Council, of the European Central Bank, of the European Parliament and High Representative for Foreign Policy.

The Federal Saturday Committee

In the 2019 European elections, Borrell headed the socialist list but did not end up taking the minutes in the first session of the legislature – it is always held at the beginning of July, once the elections have passed, in the constituent session of the European Parliament following the elections. ballot boxes – and ended up being named High Representative and Vice President of the European Commission, whose inauguration will take place on December 1, once the relevant European Parliament exams have been passed by the candidates for commissioners.

The proposal for Ribera’s candidacy will be incorporated this Friday into the Lists Committee, which will prepare the opinion along with the proposals received from all the federations that the militants were able to vote for until April 20. The proposal will be submitted for voting this Saturday, April 27, to the Federal Committee, from which the final list will be issued.


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