The AEX price managed to open with green numbers for the third consecutive day in a row. We are in the middle of the quarterly figures season and that seems to be good for the 25 largest listed companies in the Netherlands.

The AEX still has some time to climb to reach its all-time high of last week, but the positive momentum is slowly returning.

Hourly chart AEX. Source: Tradinview

The earnings season has opened at the stock exchange

Besides the fact that it is an important week for the financial market from a macroeconomic point of view, partly because the US central bank’s favorite inflation gauge is published on Friday, the stock market is mainly concerned with quarterly figures this week.

All the major companies of the world are currently presenting their quarterly figures and making statements about the months or even years ahead. A good example of this is Elon Musk’s Tesla.

Although Tesla’s figures were disappointing, the price finally got a boost again. This all seems to be the result of the ingenious talk of Elon Musk, who warmed his audience to robot taxis from Tesla, which should become a reality sometime in August this year.

This should be it, the Tesla Cybercab. Would you like to be driven around by a robot taxi?

AEX price in the plus

The reason for the increases in the AEX seems to lie mainly in the low expectations about the figures of listed companies for the first quarter of 2024. More and more companies appear to have done better than expected in Q1 2024, which means that the stock market is responding reasonably well .

In addition, geopolitical tensions in the Middle East are (apparently) easing, making oil and gold suddenly less popular with investors. Bitcoin also seems to be getting stuck as a result.

There are still a few big hits planned for this week in terms of quarterly figures. How about the figures from Alphabet (parent company Google), Microsoft and Meta.

The coming days will be really interesting and the prices of the AEX, but also of the American S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100, can become quite volatile.


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