Russian Security Council Vice Chairman Dmitry Medvedev criticized the US House of Representatives’ decision to pass a bill to provide almost $61 billion to Ukraine, saying it will primarily benefit the US defense industry.

“Of course we will win, despite the US$61 billion of blood that will mainly feed the insatiable sector of the defense industry itself [dos EUA],” wrote Medvedev on his Telegram channel.

According to the former Russian president, the vote by the US House of Representatives aims to “maximize the number of victims of this war”.

The Ukraine Supplemental Security Appropriations Act was approved by the US House of Representatives this Saturday (20) with 311 votes in favor, 112 against and one abstention.

Lawmakers rejected a series of Republican amendments aimed at cutting funding for the project.

The approved project includes US$23.3 billion (R$121.87 billion) to replenish defense items and services supplied to Ukraine, US$13.8 billion (R$72.18 billion) for the acquisition of weapons systems advanced and US$11.3 billion (R$59.11 billion) for US military operations in the region.

With information from Sputnik


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