The Prosecutor’s Office has requested the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid to reject the complaint that Alberto González Amador, partner of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, filed against two Madrid prosecutors whom he accuses of revealing secrets by publishing a statement about the case to deny a false information from the chief of staff of the president of the Community of Madrid. In its report, the Public Ministry justifies that it issued that press release to combat a “hoax” and “false information” published about the pact that, in reality, the businessman had offered to avoid jail in exchange for recognizing his double tax fraud. of 350,000 euros.

The report has been presented one day after the Board of Court Prosecutors, one of the bodies that make up the leadership of the prosecutor’s career, overwhelmingly supported the criterion of the ‘number two’ of the State Attorney General’s Office to request that inadmiss this complaint. The meeting was held at the request of the prosecutor in the case, María de la O Silva, who considered that there were indications of a crime in the issuance of that statement and intended that a series of procedures be carried out. Among them, access to the communications maintained by two defendants among themselves, with the senior prosecutor of the Community of Madrid, Almudena Lastra, and with the attorney general, Álvaro García Ortiz. Silva, who had the option of separating herself from her, has chosen to sign the document that includes the criteria of her superior.

In his report, he states that “there is not a single piece of information that allows us to attribute” to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, much less to any of the defendants, the “leak” of the email sent by the lawyer of Ayuso’s partner. And he emphasizes that when the Madrid Provincial Prosecutor’s Office published its informative note, various media outlets had already previously published its content. “First, some of them did it in a partial and distorted way and, later, others, in its entirety,” the letter states. Consequently, he adds, “they could not be considered secret or reserved.”

In this sense, the Prosecutor’s Office maintains that with that note what it did was “come out against these leaks, whose content was not true in some respects” and that it offered “aseptic and objective information that does not contain any revelation.” . Furthermore, it justifies the need to convey to public opinion the reality of what happened, with “objective data”, after the “doubts” about the actions of the Prosecutor’s Office posed by some media, the president of the Community of Madrid and his chief of staff. And they remember that the exercise of freedom of information is also a “mandate” addressed to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.


At we are aware that publishing news like this is not easy, that there may be consequences. At least we know what we’re dealing with this time. They have made it clear to us and in writing: “We are going to crush you, you are going to have to close.” The threats from Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, the right-hand man of the president of Madrid, are not just a warm-up. It is not even the first time that he has resorted to pressure like this to prevent information from being published.

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