This Tuesday, while the country attended the massive demonstration in defense of public educationthe forces of the national government advanced in the negotiations with the self-proclaimed “dialogue” opposition around the new project of Omnibus Law and other official initiatives to be addressed by Congress. With representatives of the PROfrom Radical Civic Union (UCR) y We make Federal Consensus (the block commanded by Miguel Pichetto), a labor reform is also being negotiated and, at the same time, it is being discussed the fiscal package to benefit the richest in the country.

In an almost desperate attempt, the ruling party wants favorable opinions in the parliamentary committees this Thursday and that the package of projects can be moved to the venue to be treated and voted on between Monday and Tuesday of next week. That is, everything before May 1 and 9, days in which the CGT there will be a mobilization and a national strike, respectively.

This Wednesday the activity in the annex of the Chamber of Deputies will start at 9, when the meeting meets Labor Legislation Commission to listen to speakers about the labor reform project presented by the UCR and that, as stated Jesica Calcagno, is being negotiated “elsewhere, in private.” The idea is “to make it seem like it is being debated publicly” when everything has already been prepared in advance.

About this project, Lucho Aguilar recently published “ten keys” to understand what it is about and what are proposed by spaces such as radicalism (which marches through the University but proposes worsening the working conditions of millions of people). “Actually, as in Vago’s Cornerthey copied almost all the articles of the DNU of mercy“says our chronicler, as precariousness, outsourcing and labor fraud increase, the right to strike and protest is attacked, business fines are lowered and layoffs are made easier.

At 11 this Wednesday, a Special Session to address a series of extremely sensitive issues for the majority of the population, such as the emergence of universities, the Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid) and retirement mobility. “I probably won’t reach a quorum because of the boycott of PROmost of UCRmajority of We make. “They do not want to ‘hinder’ the negotiations for the omnibus-fiscal package,” he anticipates. Heelparliamentary specialist The Daily Left. The most likely thing is that a “minority session” will end up being held where various interventions by opposition deputies will be heard.

While in the afternoon meetings of two committees of Deputies are called, that of Criminal Legislation at 2 p.m. and this one next to that of Home Security at 4 p.m. In both cases, the bills presented by the minister begin to be debated Patricia Bullrich tending to reinforce the repression of social protest and control of the population, riding on the official discourse of the supposed “fight against organized crime.” The projects are four: Public order, “Antimafia”extension of penalties for “reiteration” and the creation of a new national genetic data registry.

In these last commissions, we will begin by listening to the explanatory statements of officials of Freedom Advances. To defend its legislative projects, the Government will send lawyers Carlos Monfroni (Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Security) Fernando Soto (director of Regulations and Judicial Liaison of the Ministry).

Sotoit is worth remembering, in addition to a lap dog that accompanies Bullrich since the times of the government of Mauricio Macribecame known among other things for legally defending murderers like the police Luis Chocobar and the prefect Francisco Pintos (condemned, now without the defense of Sotoalong with four others for the crime of Rafael Nahuel).

If the Government’s plans have a favorable response in the commission meetings, next week will probably be crucial. On the one hand, if the projects arrive at the venue to be treated, The ruling party will once again be faced with its own weaknesses and he will test the “dialoguists” who, until now, have been promising collaboration in exchange for various perks (especially for the governors to whom they respond). On the other hand also A new popular mobilization will be planned in front of Congress to reject outright these plans of adjustment and plunder. The massive march this Tuesday throughout the country made it clear that There are many forces to confront these plans until they are defeated..


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