Worldcoin (WLD) from Sam Altman, the CEO of the company behind ChatGPT, plans to release a massive amount of tokens to the market over the next six months. Over the next six months, it plans to grow its supply by 19 percent through private sales to non-US institutions.

$8.2 million in tokens per week

World Assets, the entity responsible for issuing tokens for the project, will sell 1.5 million WLD tokens (approximately $8.2 million) every week to institutional trading firms outside the United States.

If 1.5 million WLD entered the market per week, that would result in an inflation of 36 million tokens after six months. At current rates, this amounts to a total amount of $197 million.

There are currently 193 million WLD tokens in circulation, which means this addition causes an inflation rate of 18.6 percent.

Selling below market price

Worldcoin further indicates that it will do its best to negotiate so that private investors pay as much as possible towards the current market price for the tokens; to minimize price impact.

At current prices, Worldcoin has a market cap of approximately $1 billion. However, that is in stark contrast to its market cap when all available tokens go on sale.

That is 54.5 billion dollars.

Measured over the past seven days, Worldcoin has done well with a significant increase, but a significant decline is expected over the past 24 hours.

It is clear that the market does not yet quite know what to make of this development. It is of course not really positive that supply will increase by 19 percent in six months.

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