On Monday and Tuesday there will be a session in Deputies for the omnibus law and the fiscal package l Photo: Enfoque Rojo

The ruling party achieved majority opinion of the “fiscal package” with 27 signaturesthanks to the support of the allied blocks. “They are Milei’s interlocking doormats” launched the left-wing deputy Christian Castillo in reference to the PRO, UCR, Hacemos, Innovación and the former Unión por la Patria from Tucuman who were part of the negotiations with the government.

They want to give half-sanction to both bills on next Monday. The session, which has already been made official to begin At 11 o’clock, this time there will be no intermission, everything will be done in one go. Voting is expected to end on Tuesday, April 30. a few hours before the start of International Workers’ Day. Quite a provocation, due to the number of attacks on workers and retirees that both laws contain. If they get the half sanction, Then they must go to the Senate where the ruling party still does not have the votes, and is betting on some absences from Unión por la Patria for it to become law. And if the Upper House were to make any modification to the text, the treatment must return to Deputies. The road is not yet paved, and The government is at a disadvantage due to pressure from the street and the calendar. His desire is to have everything approved for the “May Pact” with governors.

After ruling on the new omnibus law, this Thursday the day continued with the “fiscal package”, which was highly negotiated with the governors interested in having more resources for their provincial funds. The Milei government wants to deal with both projects together because there are mutual needs. As announced on March 1: base law for fiscal package. This way he was able to forge better alliances and gain the will of the allied blocs. “The governors who were sensitive and moved by the withholdings on agricultural business, where are they now? Don’t you have anything to say?” the deputy asked Myriam Bregman remembering when the executive’s initial fiscal chapter had increases in withholdings for that sector and was quickly eliminated by Milei and Caputo.

The essence of the previous version remained in the new opinion. The central points son: moratorium for entrepreneurs who did not pay their taxes with reductions in fines and installment facilities, money laundering nationals and foreigners with a 0% rate and without asking about the origin of their funds, personal property tax reduction until it became practically non-existent. But this time It came with surprises: the additions are tax increases for workers and monotributistas.

The salary tax, earnings of the 4th category: They will begin to deduct paychecks from $1.8 million per month for singles. The update of the floor will finally not be once a year due to inflation as the government intended, but every 6 months. In this way, the salaries of thousands of workers will fall as a result of the discounts of this tax. Nicolás del Caño of the Left Front called him “one of President Milei’s biggest electoral scams” who has not tired of repeating that he “cuts off an arm” before increasing a tax. It seems that his statements are only valid to protect large businessmen, like all the government measures that he has been carrying out. This point generates great interest in the governors, because their collection is shareable with the provinces. Except the governors patagonians who are reluctant: oil workers who have historically been affected by the salary tax are concentrated in their provinces.

In the case of monotax there are also increases, and like everything else, from a regressive logic. Because the largest increases in this tax are for the lowest categories. Furthermore, from Unión por la Patria and the Left Front they denounced the attack on social monotax that bears the brunt of the increases, being the universe of lowest-income workers. With amounts impossible to pay for these sectors, it can practically lead to their elimination, leaving those most in need without social work and without contributions.

The other side is the generous benefits and tax cuts for the richest businessmen in the country.. The most controversial is the money laundering: They are going to reward absconders and evaders with 0% taxes, without any penalty and without explaining the origin of their dollars. This measure will apply to both residents and foreigners, and they even included in the benefit “non-residents who were Argentine residents.” That is, Argentines who went to another country to avoid paying taxes here. Christian Castillo said “that’s the Galperin article”, in reference to the owner of Mercado Libre who from Uruguay tweets supporting the Milei government and is in the ranking of the most millionaires. Furthermore, from the left and Peronism they denounced that it is a money laundering for Open the door to illegal money from drug trafficking, precisely because no one is going to ask them how they made the fortune they had hidden in some tax haven. The collaborationist blocks They accompany this measure, and they limited themselves to “fighting” for there to also be a “prize” for the “good taxpayers” who did pay taxes.

Unlike the left, which has always rejected the money laundering promoted by all governments (of Cristina Fernández and Macri), Union for the Homeland He clarified that they do not agree with this whitewashing because it is so broad and flexible, and they proposed another one with the model that Sergio Massa presented when he was minister of economy. Carlos Heller was the main spokesperson for Peronism at this point, and announced that they presented an opinion that is not a rejection of that of the ruling party, but rather an alternative one where they include another type of money laundering and a tax moratorium for companies and employers. Although they oppose other points such as the reduction of personal assets and the attack on monotributistas, Itai Hagman challenged the collaborationist blocs to “Please take the trouble to read our opinion, because I think we could agree much more easily”.

The day had a special crossover between Lilia Lemoine of La Libertad Avanza and Alejandro Vilca of the Left Front. The libertarian representative made only one intervention to attack the left “Who hates the rich, they treat businessmen as if they were criminals”. Lemoine added the trite phrase “They assume the representation of the workers and do not exceed 2%”. He answered her Alejandro Vilcareminding him that he was elected national deputy for Jujuy with 25% of the votes. “Just so you know, I am a waste collection worker, I ran behind a truck lifting the garbage. Perhaps some of those who today call themselves libertarians are bothered that the working class is beginning to have an important role in life, and even more so against a government that is unloading a major adjustment on the backs of working people. said the jujeño. Vilca continued the crossing with Lemoine with words from the Chicago Martyrsthe workers executed and by whom May 1st is commemorated: “We do not individually fight the businessmen, the rich. We fight a social system and its privileges, which have created exploitation and oppression. “We are part of the working class and the only political current that believes that the way out for this world comes from the majority, from the only producing class.”. She finished by stating “The world without entrepreneurs works, but without workers it doesn’t”.

Bregman warned “Be careful because the patience of the people is running out”. The second round of the omnibus law is approaching, with labor reform included and the fiscal package. Once again, intense days are expected at the venue and on the street. Nicolás del Caño made a special call to “the young students who mobilized for the public university to mobilize on Monday and Tuesday against these laws that also harm youth and all working people. So that all these sectors that are fighting do not continue doing so each on their own. (…) All that unified force can defeat this chainsaw plan that was not against the caste, it was against the working majorities”.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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