The PTS-FITU deputy denounced those from the “dialogue” opposition who were absent from the special session in which the university budget, Fonid and retirement mobility were going to be discussed. He called to mobilize in front of Congress when the Omnibus Law and the fiscal package are discussed. He asked to call a new special session for Monday and demanded that the Chamber discuss as soon as possible and reject DNU 70/2023.

This Wednesday a special session of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation was scheduled to discuss a series of extremely sensitive issues for the majority of the population, such as the emergency of universities, the Teacher Incentive Fund (Fonid) and retirement mobility. .

As expectedweighs a la massive demonstration this Tuesday throughout the country by the educational community in defense of public education, there were entire blocks (such as the ruling party and the PRO) and block parts such as UCR y We make Federal Consensus (which includes Peronists outside of UxPthe Civic Coalition and others) that They decided not to give a quorum.

Several of those absent, demagogically, hours before had taken photos participating in the massive mobilizations. It is the case of Martin Lousteau y Rodrigo de Loredowho this Wednesday decided to shamefully stay “behind the curtains” and not occupy their seats to enable debate on very sensitive issues at a popular level.

Once the special session was frustrated, from different blocks that had shown up to provide a quorum, they took the floor to give their “minority expressions.” There they spoke, among others, Nicolás del Caño, Christian Castillo (both from PTS) y Romina del Pla (AFTER), from the bench of Left Front and Workers Unity.

The most important definitions of Nicolás del Caño

  • I believe that the historic mobilization that we experienced yesterday, of more than a million people throughout the country, in defense of the university and public education, has allowed today to be very close to achieving a quorum in a session that It was called, precisely, for issues related to the university budget, public education (such as Fonid) and also the pension issue (an emergency update is needed for retirees). I think it’s very important.
  • This historic mobilization transcends the university issue. That is why he had enormous sympathy among broad sectors of working people, millions who today are suffering from this brutal adjustment by the Government.
  • President Javier Miley boasts and celebrates the fiscal surplus with the hunger of retirees, with the high rates on the population with increases of 150, 200, 300 or 400%, not only for working families and the middle classes but also for many businesses, that force them to close, that workers are laid off.
  • But why didn’t we achieve a quorum despite being close? Why are those benches empty? Surely, if the treatment of increasing the allowances had been put in place (as happened in the Senate) they would have been full. Surely they would have been busy if adjustments like those proposed by this government and its friendly blocs were being discussed.
  • Look at the president of the UCR (by Martín Lousteau) and an important part of his bloc. They are not here. Yesterday they went to march for the public university, for the budget, but when a law to increase the budget comes to be discussed in the Chamber of Deputies, they don’t come. Yesterday many deputies were tweeting in the middle of the thread, from here, from Congress. Nor is the president of another bloc, like (Miguel Ángel) Pichetto, because they are threading the new Bases Law to privatize Aerolíneas Argentinas and Banco Nación, to give monarch superpowers to Milei and so that he can apply more rates and fire more state workers , to advance against the retirement moratorium.
  • They didn’t understand the message. The defense of the public university is also a huge defeat for the Government, because when there are students, teachers and the people mobilized defending it, they are also rejecting the privatization of the retirement system, Aerolíneas Argentinas and Banco Nación. They said they had won the cultural battle. What happened yesterday is very important. I insist, it transcends the issue of the university budget.
  • Our bloc, as always when it comes to defending the interests of the working majorities, public education and health, is unanimously present in this session. We want to raise the need to convene, all of us who are here, a special session for Monday, where these issues are discussed and not those that they want to discuss to continue sinking the popular majorities. They want to deal here, in an express procedure, with the Base Law and the fiscal package, to reintroduce the salary tax (the income tax in the fourth category) to workers who earn a little more than the poverty line. . Meanwhile, they reduce taxes on millionaires, on the Galperíns, on the Roccas, with the personal property tax that they are going to reduce. In turn, they apply taxes to monotributistas, to workers who suffer from labor fraud.
  • They are giving benefits of all kinds to the big millionaires and business groups, with money laundering, with a moratorium, while many workers and popular sectors cannot stand it, even more so while they cut back on food from soup kitchens.
  • Let DNU 70/2023 also be discussed. How much longer are we going to wait for that DNU to fall? In the streets they ask us when this infamy against the working majorities is going to fall. It has been in effect for months (largely, partly stopped by judicial measures).
  • No matter how much Milei tweets and thinks she is a lion, she is a cuddly kitten of economic power, as Myriam Bregaman said. With what we saw yesterday, with this defeat of the Government, (Milei) is giving the signal that, in reality, she received that enormous blow that millions of students, teachers and workers from all over the country gave her. We have the task of calling, and in this I want to be very clear, the working people, those hundreds of thousands who mobilized throughout the country, to come here, to Congress, to mobilize massively to repudiate and reject this great package that they are negotiating as an express procedure for these days. A great package with the Omnibus Law, the fiscal package and a labor reform to take away the rights of male and female workers. We can’t allow it.
  • We saw the posters in Córdoba, which said ‘we are mobilized, the grandsons and granddaughters of those who carried out the Cordobazo, that enormous feat of workers and students. That is the path that must be taken. Because the defeat of this plan against the working majorities is going to come from below, it is not going to come from those who have governed against the people, from those who want to vote for the laws even though they say they defend the public university. That is why we have to unify all the fights, all the struggles, in the May 9 strike and in a true plan of struggle that prepares a general strike that will bring down this entire chainsaw plan against the working majorities. We are going to promote this mobilization in every workplace, in every student and teacher assembly.
  • It is essential that we mobilize in thousands and thousands. Yesterday we were talking with my colleague Myriam Bregman, when we were at the door of Congress and we saw the operation (they say there were 3,000 troops) of the Prefecture, Gendarmerie, Federal Police, that Minister Bullrich’s protocol could not be applied. There is money for that. There is money to buy war planes. But there is no money for retirees. We want them to report how much they spend on these operations, which, of course, were overlooked by the massive mobilization. They couldn’t apply the protocol because there were hundreds and hundreds of thousands of us in the streets. We have to repeat that when this great package comes these days. We have to be thousands to prevent them from advancing against the working majorities.
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