This afternoon a crowd filled the Plaza San Martín in Rosario. Thousands of self-convened students from the city’s faculties were present, secondary school youth with their student centers, in a call promoted by Coad, which was joined by unions such as Luz y Fuerza, the unions of ANSES, Correos, Amsafe, Ate , among thousands of workers, retired men and women, saying very loudly that quality public education has to be defended.

After the rally, at 6:00 p.m. a march was held that demonstrated great spontaneity, not only because of its mass but also because many self-convened students prepared to march from Plaza San Martín to the Flag Monument, thus achieving a mobilization of thousands, covering many blocks in the city. Songs were heard in defense of education, but also in favor of unity with workers, retirees and against the brutal adjustment that the Milei government wants to impose, and also criticism of Javkin or Governor Pullaro.

The unprecedented and forceful mobilization culminated in the esplanade of the Flag Monument filled with thousands of people, which demonstrated a very great will to fight that will continue on May 9 in the general strike.
Today the student movement is beginning to awaken with assemblies and a large demonstration in the streets. This just begin.


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