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A Russian paraglider who was doing his stuff above the Indian Himalayas had a lucky escape after being struck by an eagle.

The bird collided with his Axis Mercury 2008 paraglider and got tangled in the cables - sending them both hurtling towards the ground.

But luckily the man was able to deploy the reserve parachute and despite bumpy landing (through a tree) he survived without injury.
And even more luckily, so had the eagle and after the crash pilot had cut it loose the bird flew off… hopefully being a bit more eagle-eyed about where it was flying.

We hope wherever Tyler Card is going to spend Halloween is offering a good prize for the best costume because he deserves it.

Not only has he fashioned a impressive camera costume -- complete with hanging lens cap -- but his outfit is also a fully functional camera.

That's because while the body of the camera is mostly made from cardboard, it contains a real Nikon DSLR in the centre.

This camera is triggered from the costume shutter, also setting off a large flash over his head and displaying images on the rear thanks to a LCD display from an old Dell laptop.

Bizarre dash-cam footage shows the moment a 128mph police chase ended with a topless woman wearing a G-string surrendered to officers.

The 28-year-old from Ohio had only been stopped when cops used stingers along the route 422 to disable two of her tyres.

She then proceeded to emerge from the vehicle -- wearing just fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels -- and stagger across the road before surrendering.

Unsurprisingly the woman has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired refusing a blood alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damage, driving under a suspended licence, speeding and reckless operation.

A couple in the US saw their marriage get off to a stormy start -- when a dust storm rolled in during their outdoor ceremony.

Gus and Jennifer Luna had hoped their wedding in Florence, Arizona, would be a memorable day, but they never expected this...

As the happy couple were exchanging vows a dense dust storm hit, covering them in dust and almost blowing them away.

This clip from their wedding video shows how they tried to rush through the ceremony and were determined not to give up despite Jennifer struggling to keep her veil on and her dress down.

When this man saw a giant object hovering in the night sky he decided to best thing to do was call 999 -- then he realised it was the moon.

Police in Hertfordshire have released embarrassing audio from a recent 999 call from a man who wanted to report seeing a UFO.

He started off by saying the mysterious object -- which wasn't making recognisable engine noises -- was flying above his house with lights blazing and that is was getting closer.

But a couple of minutes later he called again, this time to admit that he'd made a mistake and had been looking at the moon. Oops.

A motorcyclist in South Africa abandoned an endurance race he was competing in to save a calf which had fallen into a canal.

Johan Gray had apparently been taking part in the race in Gauteng when he spotted the animal which was unable to get out of the water.

As this footage from his head-cam shows, the 46-year-old quickly pulled over and tried to rescue the animal using several techniques to get it to safety.

Eventually he banded the creature’s front legs and managed to pull it out before loading it onto his bike and returning it to a farmer.

A video of an irate man chopping down a parking meter with a chainsaw has become an online hit with empathetic motorists.

Unfortunately the 30 second clip -- which shows a white van driver arguing with a traffic cop -- is a fake.

We'd hoped that the driver's mate really had flipped out, grabbed his chainsaw an felled the parking meter in an act of defiance for everyone who has ever had a parking fine.

However, a spokesperson for the NYPD has confirmed the video is a fake. Which is a shame.

In California there's a house where the residents think light displays are not just for Christmas -- and after seeing this we think they've got a point.

Over the past couple of years they've decorated their house with lights which flash in time to music and display spooky faces.

After previously setting the lights to perform Sandstorm Techno, Thriller by Michael Jackson and and epic rendition of Monster Mash, this year it's the turn of Party Rock Anthem.

Complete with four singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights it really is quite a sight… and not an inflatable snowman anywhere to be seen.

As kids we always wished our Hot Wheels car tracks were a bit bigger -- we wouldn't be saying that now if we'd had Casey Knott for a dad.

That's because the dad from Dallas-Fort Worth recently built a monster course with measures 2,000ft and takes three minutes to complete.

In this video, the track -- built to raise money for charity -- appears to run through every room of his home (including bathrooms) and even along the  pavement.

Unfortunately because Casey only had 150 feet of track to play with the course was built in segments over a series of nights and the video was edited together.

A video of a young baby breaking out of his cot and then trying to destroy the evidence has become an online hit.

The clip shows little baby Dayne being put in his cot along with his twin brother for a nap… but he apparenty has other ideas.

Once his mother -- who set up the camera to work out how wh was getting out -- has left the room Dayne looks at his brother, the two knowing what is about to happen.

He then vaults over the side of the cot and bangs down onto the carpet below… before quickly taking the camera out like a master crook.

A baby in Australia has survived a terrifying accident which saw a car plough into a newsagents and the pram he was lying in.

Remarkably, the 17-month-old baby boy was uninjured in the crash which saw his pram knocked upside down in the Sydney store.

The boy's mother -- who had been standing nearby -- raced to the pram after the smash and scooped the boy up clutching him in horror.

Police say the driver had veered off the road to avoid another car… but apparently not the newsagents.

275x250.jpg A personal trainer in the US has spent six months pigging out and eating junk food… in a bid to better understand fat clients.

With his muscular body and six-pack Drew Manning says he was fed up of hearing people tell him he didn't know what it was like to be fat and suffer cravings.

So the ripped 30-year-old decided to embark on a year-long experiment which would see him balloon in weight and then loose it all and get back to his trim self.

At least that's the plan! So far Drew has only gained the weight -- all 70lbs of it -- through an arduous regime of no exercise, and eating a diet of chips, soda and pizza.

A father from Michigan has been arrested after drunkenly making his nine-year-old daughter his designated driver… and then boasting about it on camera.

Shawn Weimer has appeared in court after CCTV footage emerged showing the child parking his van at a petrol station in Brownstown Township.

Once inside the station Weimer started bragging about his daughter's driving saying: "Nine years old. Nine! Gas, brake, listen, we're leaving, and she's driving. I'm drunk."

Police were called and soon pulled the underage driver over, prompting her to ask why and add that she was "driving good".

It's always embarrassing when you fall over, but it must be even worse when you are on a live TV news show… while talking about climaxing.

Just ask WPIX 11 anchor Sukanya Krishnan who recently toppled during a segment about Christian Louboutin's claim that high heels can help women orgasm.

After showing off her own footwear while talking about the pain some shoes can inflict, he turned to go back to her desk.

But right after saying "My arch helps me to climax," Krishnan fell over and grabbed at the set as she fell in a heap on the floor. Oops.

Shoppers at a grocery store in Alaska were shocked when they found a bear cub climbing over the fruit and vegetable aisles.

Staff at the Tatsuda's IGA supermarket in Ketchikan say the supercute bear strolled into the store through the automatic doors.

After wandering over to the fruit display the baby bear jumped up -- prompting those who weren't busy taking photos on their mobiles to call police.

Officers tried to coax the cub dow, but eventually a customer stepped in, grabbed the baby bear and carried it outside to be released… luckilly he wasn't greeted by mom.

US singer and actor Harry Belafonte was left red-faced after arranging to be interviewed on an early-morning TV show… and then falling asleep in front of the camera.

The 'King of Calypso' had been due to promote his HBO documentary with a satellite TV tour -- but wasn't prepared when a show in Bakersfield, California cut to him.

In fact it appeared he was dozing and despite the presenter's best efforts to rouse him with calls of: "Wake up, wake up… this is your wake-up call." he did not stir.

However, his PR people claim he wasn't sleeping but meditating, and that a technical error meant the 84-year-old couldn't hear the host.

When a US police officer approached a driver who was sleeping at the side of the road he probably thought it would be one of the easier duties of his shift. it wasn't.

That's because the dozing driver was a former wrestling champion who woke up apparently thinking he was in the middle of a bout.

As this dash-cam footage shows, as Deputy Josh Barrett, a Greene County (Ohio) Sheriff's deputy, tried to wake the man he found himself on the wrong end of a flurry of punches.

Eventually the deputy was forced to reach for his taser and was eventually able to wrestler as he walked away. which we think would get him disqualified in the ring.

275x250.jpgLast year Alan Billis was a taxi driver in Torquay, now he's become the first person in 3,000 years to be mummified like Tutankhamum -- all in the name of a TV show.

Before his death from lung cancer in January, Alan had signed on to be part of a bizarre experiment in mummification, to be filmed for Channel 4.

In a bid to better understand how the ancient Egyptians were able to preserve pharaohs perfectly for millennia the 61-year-old's corpse was put through a variety of special techniques.

Scientists now think -- thanks to Alan -- they've been able to crack the mystery of mummification and say their finding turn much accepted wisdom about the process it's bandaged head.

Dogs have a seemingly endless desire to play fetch, but what to do when their owner doesn't want to? This, that's what!

A clever Jack Russell called Sid has become an online hit after learning how to play fetch with himself.

Filmed in London the self-sufficiant pooch can be seen initially trying to encourage owner Roland Muldoon to play with him.

But when he doesn't the pup grabs a ball in his mounth, hurls it down a set of steps and proceeds to chase the ball and return it to the top of the stairs.

A pilfering penguin has become something of an internet star after being featured on the BBC documentary Frozen Planet.

The stone-stealing bird was filmed on Ross Island, Antarctica as his colony was busy building stone nests to protect their eggs.

As other males in the penguin colony were running off trying to find the right shaped stones, the cheeky penguin decided to swipe his from their unguarded nest.

So as soon as their backs were turned, he grabbed their stones and and scurried back to his own nest with them -- just call him Feathers McGraw.

If you've ever wanted to quit a job (and who hasn't) you are sure appreciate the style with which this man ended his employment.

Not content with handing is letter of resignation in at a Providence hotel, Joey took along his 19-piece band, the 'What Cheer? Brigade'.

So when his boss turned up and demanded to know what was happening, Joey simply gave him the letter and the band began to play.

Joey then proceeded to jubilantly walk out of the building as the rest of the band -- including people on a trombone, drums and tuba - played and walked behind him.

A US family who got lost while navigating a corn field in Massachuestts ended up calling 911 when they couldn't find the way out.

The navigationally challenged family had gone into the seven-acre halloween maze at Connors Farm for a bit of fun, but it ended up being anything but.

As darkness drew in, the frightend parents worried about getting their three-week-old baby to safety and resorted to calling 911.

After a distressed phone call officers were dispatched to the maze and the family were found just 25ft from the exit.

A video of an ice-cream man jokingly taunting a holidaymaker by serving him a treat and then taking it away again has become an online hit.

Footage shows the Turkish-style vendor handing a young customer his ice cream before quickly swiping it back and leaving him empty-handed.

He then performs a series of impressive tricks -- including spinning a multiple-coned snack away from him and presenting a massive ice cream - as the bemused boy looks on.

After about 90 seconds of performance, and attracting quite a crowd, the lad is finally given his treat… though he looks like he's still trying to work out what's just happened.

275x250.jpgA heavily pregnant woman has completed the Chicago Marathon -- and then went into labour shortly after crossing the finish line.

Despite being nearly 39 weeks pregnant with her second chile Amber Miller didn't have a problem finishing the 26.2-mile race.

And the 27-year-old even beat her (considerably less pregnant) husband Joe, finishing 34,339th to his 34,997.

After crossing the finish line -- to cheers of "Go pregnant lady" -- Amber sat down to eat a sandwich, but started to feel contractions.

She was then taken to Central DuPage Hospital where she birth to daughter, June… who we think should also get a marathon finishers medal.

Because we think everyday is better when it starts with a musically inclined animal, here you go -- meet a piano playing pug.

This little 58-second clip -- which clearly owes something to piano cat -- is currently storming the internet, and it's not hard to see why.

Chocoholic, a black pug from Japan, can be seen 'playing' a toy keyboard -- while wearing a red top and sparkly gold bow tie.

Personally we're not that impressed by his musical cat-alogue and the way his playing tails off… but what do you think?

Mountain biking can be dangerous with all that hurtling around on rough terrain at high speeds… especially when charging antelope are added into the mix.

Just ask 17-year-old mountain bike racer Evan van der Spuy who was recently competing in a event in South Africa when a 30mph Red Hartebeest wiped him out.

In this video -- which was shot on a camera mounted to fellow rider Travis Walker -- Evan can be heard shouting "Watch the buck!"

A split-second later the 150kg Red Hartebeest can be seen charging across the plain and straight into the rider who is unsurprisingly knocked from his bike.

An ice hockey cheerleader (we didn't know they existed either) has been left red-faced after wiping out on live TV.

A Fox 5 news crew had been chatting to the New York Islanders cheerers during coverage of the team celebrating their 40th season in the NHL.

And while a jersey wearing reporter stood on the ice and spoke to one, the idea was that the others kept it entertaining by doing their stuff in the background.

Unfortunately for one ice girl she was a little too entertaining and has become an online hit -- after embarrassingly taking a tumble as the live camera followed her.

An 11-year-old young lad from India has roller-skated his way into the Guinness Book of World Records… and under 20 cars.

Rohan Ajit Kokane set a new roller-skating limbo record by passing under a series of cars while on his wheels -- and decked out in green lycra and sweatbands.

After building up speed, Rohan did the splits -- so he was travelling while close the ground -- and whizzed through the 35cm tall gap under the parked vehicles.

It took 30 seconds for him to come to a standstill and having travelled 126ft 11in adjudicators said he'd broken the previous limbo record by more than 26ft… even if it wasn't a limbo as we know it.

Cornwall got a little bit smaller recently… when a massive rockfall on the north coast saw a chunk of it disappear into the sea.

And the amazing moment was captured on video by hikers who just happened to be in the right location at the right time.

Several small-scale rock-falls had happened causing walkers to stand on the North Cliffs near Hell's Mouth and watch what was happening.

Then, after the frequency and intensity had built up, part of the 100 metre high cliff peels away and comes crashing down into the sea where inquisitive seals had been watching.

A police officer in Belarus has had a more than lucky escape after being thrown from a crashing van… as this CCTV shows.

The unnamed officer had been travelling in the police van as it was involved in an accident with a car on a junction.

As the black and white van rolled over, one of the doors opened and the officer was thrown from the vehicle.

Amazingly not only did the rolling van somehow miss the cop and leave him uninjured… but he was back on his feet before the van had stopped moving.

A video of a dog being strangely scared and repelled by a magazine advert featuring Julia Roberts has become a hit online.

In the clip -- which has been viewed 500,000 times -- a man can be seen calling his pet husky over as he holds a copy of Brides magazine.

Then he opens the magazine on a Lancôme advert featuring the Pretty Woman star and the pooch begins to back away before walking out of the room.

The owner then closes the magazine and calls the dog back before once again showing him the image of Julia Roberts and causing him to scarper away.

To be honest we prefer it when this kind of thing backfires -- but here's a cute clip of little girl getting told she's going to Disneyland.

It was a week before Lily turned six-years-old and her mother asked her whether se wanted to open an early birthday present, unsurprisingly she said yes.

So she opened a pink bag full of Disney products and appeared pretty pleased with it too… then her mom revealed the 'real' present was that they were going to Disneyland.

Lily responded in the way seen on Disney TV adverts and went through an emotional range including shock, doubt, happiness and uncontrollable joy, all in about four seconds.

275x250.jpg A well-endowed squirrel has become a surprise internet hit after showing off what he's got on the BBC TV show 'The Great British Bake Off.'

Viewers who were watching Jo Wheatley being crowned winner of the show on BBC2 were shocked when the massive testicled squirrel suddenly appeared on screen.

In the brief clip -- which was played between baking footage -- the squirrel can be seen turning to camera and proudly displaying his huge nuts.

Minutes after the clip during the grand final, fans on Twitter were discussing squirrel anatomy rather than cakes and presenter Sue Perkins tweeted: "This week's GBBO features a shot of a squirrel with outsized nuts. Trust me, they are anatomically DAZZLING.

A lycra suit-wearing daredevil has shown off his extreme balancing skills by performing on Mountain Tai in China.

Eskil Ronningsbakken did his stuff on a 6ft platform located on a perilous-looking cliff without any safety harness or net.

Once in place the 31-year-old balanced on one arm before riding a bike and then doing a handstand on a pile of chairs.

He also swung on a trapeze as fans took photos and video… while secretly hoping he would fall so they could have a YouTube hit.

When this girl asker her mom to film her practicing for her dance team, she probably hoped some people would see it online and think she looked cool.

But she can't have expected to have been upstaged by her little brother whose background video bomb dancing sent it viral.

In the clip -- which has been seen 500,000 times -- the girl can me seen awkwardly dancing and singing along to 'Smack that' by Akon... but it's the young lad who steals the show.

Wearing pyjama bottoms he struts his stuff in the hallway behind her complete with arse shakes and some pretty impressive moves as she's oblivious to his actions.

Beach-goers in Southern California are being treated to a rare light show with waves there glowing bright blue as the crash at night.

The rare phenomena is caused by the presence of a bio-luminescent algae called Lingulodinium polyedrum.

During the day this means the water at San Diego-area beaches appear a brownish red, but at night they look a whole lot more magical.

Boffins say movement of the water causes each organism to flash blue with a chemical reaction - when this happens billions of times as each wave crashes, you get the blue glow.

Council bosses in the US were recently left red-faced after suffering a Bart Simpson style childish prank when an amusingly named speaker was called.

During a typically boring Los Angeles City Council meeting Councilman Dennis Zine called for a listed speaker… and Mr Mike Hunt!

"Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt in the audience? It says Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt here?" he said over the speaker system.

Unsurprisingly there was no Michael Hunt waiting to speak… you could almost hear Bart Simpson laughing on the phone.

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