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A video of a wrecking ball crashing into and flipping over a car in New York has become a hit online... despite being fake.

The clip uploaded to YouTube with the title "OMG! Car Hit and Flipped By Wrecking-Ball in NYC!" is shot on a camera phone and shows a wayward wrecking ball smashing into a car.

The car is knocked from the Manhattan road and flips through the air before crashing back down.

But eagle-eyed YouTubers have noted that the car movement looks like a stunt on a TV show or movie with others adding that it has been illegal to use wrecking balls in New York for a number of years.

For us the giveaway to the fakeness of the clip is a director can clearly be heard shouting "Cut."

A US man has won the Rock Paper Scissors world championships - winning $7,000 in prize money.

Tim Conrad took the title after a gruelling five hours of play across nine matches at the annual contest in Toronto.

Dressed in a padded patriotic muscle costume Tim scooped the win against Tom Butkin with paper covering rock.

512 competitive Rock Paper Scissors players from across the US, Europe and Australia and Mexico all travelled to the event organised by the World RPS Society.

It's not known if Derren Brown was banned from taking part, but we'd love to see him enter.

Police have released a video of an over affectionate cat climbing all over an officer as he tries to issue a driver a ticket.

As officer Keith Urban, from Taylor Police Department in Texas, stood next to the car a cat can be seen approaching him in footage shot on a camera in his patrol car.

While he goes about his job the black cat climbs up his leg and onto his notepad - before reaching the top of his head.

Officer Urban repeatedly shakes the cat and somehow manages to keep a straight face, though we can't see the face of the driver he was ticketing.

Given the gung-ho attitude to weapons normally associated with American cops, we are surprised he didn't taser the little kitty.

275x250.jpgA wallpaper has been released which promises to protect a wall from a wrecking ball or bomb blast - should you need it.

The X-Flex paper - developed with the US military - is not like the wallpaper your Granny had in the 70s, but is more suited to protecting soldiers in Iraq.

It is made from Kevlar-tye sheet which is held between to sheets of elastic polymer wrap which act to absorb energy of a blast or impact.

This means that after users roll it out onto a wall, just like a conventional wall paper, it will offer incredible levels of security.

The only problem we can see is that as soon as you put the wallpaper up, you are going to want to test it with a wrecking ball -- just like in the video after the link.

A footballer has scored the worlds fastest goal - just 2 seconds after kickoff.

As the ref blew the whistle to start the game Nawaf Al Abed, lining up for the Saudi  team Al Hilal whacked the ball straight from the centre spot.

The opposition and fans could only look on in shock as the ball went straight over the keeper and into the back of the net.

As any pub quiz fans will know, this breaks the previous record of 4 seconds held by Jim Fryatt of Bradford Park  who played againt Tranmere Rovers, 25 April 1964.

For further point you may like to know that Al Hilal went on to win the game against Al Shoalah 4-0.

Mechanics who were meant to be fixing a broken radiator on a car took it on a 120 mph joyride - not knowing it had a camera fitted.

As a result, when the owner of the £30,000 Vauxhall Monaro confronted them about the joyride they initially denied it… until this saw the hair-raising footage.

The owner says he became suspicious when he picked up his repaired car to find his petrol tank was lower than he remembered.

When he got back to his home in Reditch he decided to check his Roadhawk device which he had earlier installed to record video and log GPS data for every journey the car made.

He then saw the footage of his pride-and-joy being raced through country lanes at speed up to 120 mph - to get into the mind of this pertol-head imagine seeing your baby dangled off a balcony.

275x250.jpgThe Berlin wall has been recreated with giant 7.5 ft dominoes and quickly toppled to mark the 20th anniversary of German reunification.

More than 1,000 of the dominoes were set up along a 1.5km stretch of where the wall had been and as part of city-wide celebrations for the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the East-West division.

Each of the plastic foam dominoes, which were toppled tonight, was decorated by schoolchildren from around Germany with messages such as "We are one people."

Unfortunately the dominoes didn't all fall in one go - but it wasn't a uncharactistic lapse in German planning - pauses were intended for to allow for additional events.

A spoof advert filmed by the Top Gear team - in which a man commits suicide by shooting himself in the head - breached broadcasting guidelines.

Ofcom say the mock advert for a VW Scirocco - part of a challenge in an August episode of the BBC show - was too graphic and prompted 50 complaints from viewers.

The Jeremy Clarkson advert was a remake of a classic VW car commercial, but with a  typical Top Gear twist.

The BBC had claimed the advert was a "ludicrous and obviously comic depiction of suicide" but Ofcom said it was too violent given that children were likely to be watching.

It sounds like the children probably have a better idea of what to expect when tuning into top gear.

Kylie underwear video named best web viral

An advert featuring Kylie Minogue writhing around on a bucking bronco while wearing skimpy underwear, has been voted the best celebrity web viral.

The 90 second Agent Provocateur ad was initially launched in 2001 in cinemas, but it is on the web the saucy advert has found most fans

GoViral - which placed the sexy ad at the top of their 10 best celebrity viral ads, - say it has been viewed more then 350 million times on YouTube.

Second place on the list went to Ronaldinho taking the the Nike Crossbar Challenge, which was in turn followed by the Barack Obama's Yes We Can song by Will.I.Am.

Excuse us, we are off to see how many additional views we can rack up for the sexy Kylie video -- all in the name of research, you understand.

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