275x250.jpg A female sumo wrestler from London has been named as the heaviest sportswoman in the world after weighing in at 32 stone.

The 46-year-old mother of three is the only female sumo wrestler on the British Sumo Team and has only been competing for six years.

Sharran consumes 5,000 calories a day (two and a half times than recommended for the average woman) and to build strength and stamina she swims and walks.

After her marriage broke up eight years ago, she says it was wrestling that gave her the confidence to look for love: “I used to be ashamed of my size. But after taking up sumo I learned to love my body. The Guinness World Records recognition tops it off.”

Despite being 86-years-old, Johanna Quaas is considerably more flexible than us. In fact she's been named as the world’s oldest gymnast by the Guinness World Records.

The retired PE teacher from Leipzig, Germany, only began to train at gymnastics in her 50s, and didn't take part in her first competition at the age of 56.

Johanna says she has always been involved in sport, dating her interest in keeping fit back to a childhood memory of a new gymnasium being built in her home town. Now she has a strict exercise regime of gym workouts, running, and yoga.

Speaking of her record breaking she said: "It's a great feeling to be in the Guinness World Records book.  I hope the record inspires others to realise it’s never too late to try something new."

There are few competitions at the London 2012 Olympics have gained as much public interest as this battle of the thighs where cyclists Andre Greipel and Robert Forstermann compared their legs on Twitter.

The German cyclists posed for a photo which was posted to the social network showing their monster-like thighs bulging with muscles … and it quickly went viral.

In the tweet, Greg Henderson said: "You thought Greipel has a big set of legs. There was a quad off in the German camp today. Greipel lost."

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was taking part in the All the Bells celebration on HMS Belfast when he dropped a right clanger … his bell broke, flew off and hit bystanders.

To make the odd news even better, Hunt had just been talking to journalists about potential hitches to do with the London 2012 Olympics when the gaffe happened.

After the accident Hunt said: "Oh, oh dear! Are you all right? Health and safety! Are you OK? There we are, disaster averted."

We are pretty certain this wasn't a clip from the BBC comedy Twenty Twelve.

275x250.jpg We hope they won't be drinking this beer in the Olympic Athletes' Village, because 'Never Mind the Anabolics' has been brewed containing eight ingredients that are banned for professional athletes.

The limited edition beer contains creatine, guarana, lycii berries, kola nut, Gingko, matcha tea, maca powder and steroids - all banned at the Olympics due to performance enhancing effects.

Scottish craft brewery, BrewDog says it launched the beer in a bid to undermine global sponsorship deals for this summer’s games.

James Watt, cofounder of BrewDog said: "It seems a beer laced with performance enhancing ingredients isn’t actually illegal, but it is definitely frowned upon.

A Czech artist has created his own unique way of celebrating the London 2012 Olympics … by creating a double-decker bus which does push-ups.

David Cerny purchased a six tonne bus before going about adapting it by adding two mechanical arms which lift the bus up and down.

He says he wanted to make the bus do push-ups because it is one of the most common exercises practiced by almost every sportsperson.

The bus is now outside the Czech Olympic House in Islington and Cerny hopes it will inspire his fellow compatriots to win medals.

275x250.jpg This isn't a story about a skateboarding giant, the UK’s largest skateboard has been created to mark the fact two thirds of children think the Olympics will only be worth watching when more extreme sports like skateboarding are included, obviously.

Measuring a staggering seven metres in length, two and half metres in width and at a metre high, the oversized board weighs as much as a baby African elephant – so any ‘ollies’ or ‘kick flips’ are probably out of the question.   

It was created by sweet brand Mega Mouth and took a team of six engineers 300 hours to complete. The mega-sized skateboard can also hold up to 30 children at one time and weighs 250kg.

British under-14 skateboard champ said: "This is the most awesome board I’ve ever seen and I think it’s fantastic that so many kids are keen to see skateboarders compete on such a grand stage.

A policeman guarding the Olympic Torch as it made its way from Kent to London last week did his best to keep waiting flame-fans entertained, by dancing as they waited.

The cop decided to strut his stuff in front of hundreds of onlookers in Sevenoaks and jumped off his bike to do his thing.

He then broke out dance moves including a bit of breakdancing, spinning around and the occasional crotch thrust.

Obviously with that many people watching his routine was quickly uploaded to YouTube where it became a hit.

A kids mini-golf game in America got a considerable upgrade recently, when the guys from Improv Everywhere decided it should be treated the same as a pro event.

The serial pranksters had worked with ESPN to pull the stunt with involved surprising young golfers on Pier 25 in Lower Manhattan with caddies, an ESPN camera crew, and a huge crowd.

Improv Everywhere even had the Claret Jug from The Open Championship to present to the winner of the suddenly serious mini-golf contest. Not a replica, the actual jug that's been held by all of the Open champions.

The stunt - which was used to surprise five groups of golfers throughout the day - even saw commentators sitting at a desk and describing the action.

A baseball fan has become an instant American hero after catching a foul ball between his legs.

The man had been holding his snacks and a drink as he walked back to his seat at the game between the Blue Jays and Indians.

But that wasn't going to stop him when Clevelands Jason Kipnis hit a high fly ball which ended up in the stands.

The ball bounced over fans and the man somehow managed to stop and hold the ball between his legs. The crotch catch got a standing ovation from other fans… when was the last time your crotch got that?

Beach-goers in California couldn't believe their eyes recently … because surfer Dana McGregor had decided to take his two pet goats along to catch some waves.

Goatee, a nanny goat, and her billy goat, Pismo stood on surfboards at San Onofre State Beach, and cruised along the waves, much to the surprise of bystanders.

McGregor - who initially Goatee to eat unwanted foliage at his home - says his goats got a taste for surfing after he took them to the beach when he wanted to surf.

We just think it's a good job McGregor isn't a fan of something more risky like sky-diving.

275x250.jpg Well the 2012 Olympics is almost here and the world's top athletes will be competing against each other and the record books. So we here at Newslite are celebrating in the only way we know how -- by looking at some of the weirder sporting champions.

Together with Guinness World Records, who have released the e-book 'Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions' we will count down to the London games with one quirky record holder per day.

Today meet pooch Cinderella May, a Holly Grey who set the world record for the highest jump cleared by a dog after clearing 172.7 cm (68 in) at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals in 2006.

275x250.jpg Well the 2012 Olympics is almost here and the world's top athletes will be competing against each other and the record books. So we here at Newslite are celebrating in the only way we know how -- by looking at some of the weirder sporting champions.

Together with Guinness World Records, who have released the e-book 'Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions' we will count down to the London games with one quirky record holder per day.

Today meet Christopher Irmscher from Germany who in 2008 became the fastest man to complete 100 metre hurdles wearing swim fins. He finished in a impressive 14.82 seconds.

275x250.jpgThe 2012 Olympics is almost here and the world's top athletes will be competing against each other and the record books. So here at Newslite we're celebrating in the only way we know how -- by looking at some of the weirder sporting champions.

Together with Guinness World Records -- who have released the e-book 'Totally Bonkers Sporting Champions' -- we will count down to the London games with one quirky record holder per day.

Today we have the privilege of introducing you to Japan’s Kenichi who in 2008 recorded the Fastest 100m on All Fours in an astonishing 18.58 seconds; just 9 seconds longer than Usain Bolt! 

The 29 year-old self-proclaimed “monkey enthusiast” from Tokyo has spent years developing a style of running based on the movements of the West African Patas monkey.

275x250.jpg While most people in Britain were upset to see Andy Murray lose to Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final, Oxfam were torn -- because they netted £100,000 thanks to the Federer win and a bizarre bet.

When he died in February 2009, Nicholas Newlife left his entire estate to Oxfam. This included the outcomes of a series of outstanding bets he'd placed. One being that Federer would win Wimbledon seven times before 2020.

That meant the charity scooped more than £100,000 thanks to the win. William Hill's Graham Sharpe, who took the bet from Mr Newlife, said, "Normally we'd have mixed feelings about paying out such a hefty six figure sum, but in this instance it seems that it was meant to be."

A spokesperson for Oxfam said: "Oxfam was torn throughout this year's Wimbledon final - we wanted a win for Britain, but we also had a sizeable vested interest in Federer taking home the trophy."

The problem with being the fastest man in the world is that sometimes it takes time to slow down … like when Usain Bolt recently crashed into a flowergirl at end of 100m sprint.

Bolt had just won the race at the Diamond League in Oslo with a time of 9.79 seconds when he found himself hurtling towards a flowergirl - there to give the gift to winners.

Despite still moving at some speed, the Jamaican did his best not to knock the blonde girl to the floor, somehow holding her up as he continued to move.

275x250.jpg To help celebrate the London 2012 Games in their uniquely block-based way, LEGO have released a special edition line of nine Team GB LEGO minifigures.

With less than 70 days to go until the beginning of the games LEGO are bringing new meaning to the phrase 'starting blocks' with the yellow boxer, swimmer, relay runner and judo fighter.

There's also a tennis player, gymnast, weightlifter, horseback rider and archer in the collectible range which will only be available in the UK.

A spokesperson for LEGO said: "The Team GB LEGO Minifigures spark the sporting imagination, so you can stage your very own Games. There are exclusive Team GB LEGO Minifigures in the line-up."

A surfer who caught a massive wave off the coast of Portugal back in November of last year has been told by Guinness World Records it was the largest wave ever ridden.

44-year-old Garrett McNamara somehow managed to ride the 78ft (24m) wall of water at Nazare and has video footage to prove it. This video then was analyzed by big wave and photography experts.

After the video was verified and measured it was declared that the wave was 12 inches taller than the previous record from 2008. McNamara was also awarded $15,000 (£9,309) for the ride at the Billabong XXL Global Big Wave Awards.

However McNamara says he didn't know the wave was a record breaker at the time. "I knew it was big, but I didn't know how big," he said.

Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy has continued to push the boundaries of aviation by successfully completing a flight over the iconic skyline of Rio de Janeiro.

The former fighter pilot made the 11 minutes 35 seconds after dropping from a helicopter over Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas and flicking the switch on his carbon-kevlar Jetwing.

This activated the four engines, which each offer a thrust of 22kg, and propelled the Swiss aviator through the South American skies at between 200-300kph, controlled by a simple throttle in his hand.

The rest of the controls are left to the human-fuselage, Yves Rossy himself who simply usages his shoulders, body and legs to steer, pitch and descend. 

A sports firm have created an impressive viral video by attaching 100 tiny video cameras to the equipment of sports players.

Equipment maker Easton deployed the 100 GoPro cameras to capture the actions from baseball matches, ice hockey and lacrosse games.

The resulting footage was then edited together to create an amazing first-person view of the sports which even manages to make baseball look interesting.

275x250.jpg A 12-year-old skateboarder has achieved what many other, more experienced athletes have tried for years – to land their first ever 1080 on a skateboard.

Tom Schaar from Malibu recently became  the first skateboarder ever to complete three full  rotations in the air with the board beneath him and then land.

And we know that's impressive because skateboarding legend Tony Hawk -- who pulled off the first 900 degree spin on a half pipe at the 1999 X Games -- thinks so.

Tweeting after hearing of the stunt he said: "In the last year I've seen Shaun White try 1080s & Mitchie Brusco crash-land a few. Tom Schaar nailed it."

We've seen some pretty impressive basketball shots in the past -- like this 90ft buzzer shot and this record-breaker -- but this is out new favourite.

That's because it's not everyday you see someone finding the net from a helicopter hovering 192 feet in the air.

In the video, which is sure to go viral, a basketball player can be seen flying by in the helicopter before hovering over the net and attempting a shot, which sure enough goes in.

It's claimed to be a new world record for the longest shot from a helicopter, not the longest shot, that honour goes to a shot from 219 feet.

This sports presenter probably felt like a right fool (or should that be stool) after suffering and embarrassing blunder on live TV.

James Bates had been broadcasting from a basketball game between the Xavier Musketeers and the Dayton Fliers when the gaffe happened.

After yelling "we're ready to rock!" at his co-presenter Steve Wolf, CBS man Bates toppled  off his buckling stool and was left sprawled on the floor.

While crew members scurried to help the presenter back to his feet, Wolf tried to stay calm… just like the players who didn't even notice.

While one Premier League handshake-snub gained most of the headlines this weekend, it wasn't the only one… and this snub is a lot cuter.

At the Aston Villa v Manchester City game, a claret and blue wearing mascot decided to copy Luis Suarez and refuse to shake hands with his rival.

TV footage shows the little lad shaking the hands of official and players… but refusing to meet palms with the Manchester City mascot.

Writing on YouTube, one viewer said: "The FA should send him to his bedroom."

275x250.jpg More than two million employees now take a "run-ch break" and exercise during their dinner hour, it has emerged.

Researchers found around one in 13 workers now swap their suits for jogging gear and pound the streets for more than 40 minutes while their not-so health conscious colleagues tuck into their packed lunches.

Incredibly, the study also found people clock up around 468 miles running during their lunch breaks during the course of the year, with the sporty employees most likely to run three miles three times a week.

One fifth of all working Brits regularly exercise during their lunch hour with those that aren’t running cramming in a gym session or going for a quick swim.

A cat has interrupted the action at the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur match by running on the Anfield pitch… and instantly becoming the highlight of the 0-0 draw.

11 minutes into the game, the kitty made an unexpected appearance, prompting the referee to call the game to a halt.

The puss then proceeded to mooch around the Spurs penalty box as keeper Brad Friedel watched on, apparently not wanting to get fur on his gloves.

After a short while, and with some gentle coaxing from stewards, the cat -- instantly dubbed "Liverpool cat' and "Anfield cat' online -- left the pitch and the game resumed.

We're just glad it was a grey and white tabby and not a black cat. Only because that would have been bad luck… not because it would have been racially abused by a Liverpool player.

A team of water skiers from Australian have all become record breakers after becoming the most people ever to water ski together from a single boat.

The group managed to stay upright and afloat for one nautical mile, as they travelled behind the boat in Macquarie Harbour in Strahan, Tasmania.

A 114ft catamaran -- which normally takes tourists on tours -- had to be specially  modified for the task and five miles of rope was needed.

While nine of the 154 water skiers fell during the attempt, 145 was still plenty to beat the previous record of 114.

275x250.jpg One of the toughest contests in the world -- the annual Tough Guy event in Staffordshire -- has been won by a 26-year-old German doctor.

Knut Hoehler started as just one of many racers setting off to complete the 12.9 kilometres cross country run before tackling an horrific looking assault course.

But after doing battle with the barbed wire, fire, tunnels and rope bridges Hoehler crossed the line first in a time of one hour, 11 minutes and 57 seconds.

And while he was covered in blood, he did better than some other competitors (who'd all signed a death disclaimer) who were treated for broken bones and hypothermia.

It's not just the top-ranking tennis players showing off their skills at the Australian Open -- the quick hands of this ball boy have made him an online hit.

During a match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, Federer hit a long serve and after it was returned by Nadal hit it out of play towards the net.

And that's when 14-year-old Dylan Colaci grabbed the ball (and the spotlight) by plucking it out of the air as it flew towards him.

The speed of his reactions not only earned him a nod of a approval from two of the world's best tennis players, but also a round of applause from the arena.

275x250.jpg Racehorses carrying the No1 cloth win more races than any other nag, new figures have revealed.

A detailed analysis of results from 9,500 races in the UK during 2010-- which took six weeks to compile -- revealed No1 wins on 15 per cent of occasions.
It also emerged there is no such thing as a lucky No 7, with the hapless horse accounting for 20 per cent of all disqualifications throughout the season.
More jockeys are unseated by horses wearing the No 3 than on any other number and No 2 is the most likely to fall.

When this ball girl was asked to remove a cricket for the court at a Australian Open match, she knew she had to do it -- but she wasn't happy about it.

Cedrik-Marcel Stebe -- who had been taking on Lleyton Hewitt -- tasked the girl with removing the insect after it had landed on his side of the court.

And while she ran over to help, she then appeared to try to shoo the cricket away, before eventually picking it up and running off with a look of disgust on her face.

275x250.jpg Five times British rhythmic gymnastics champion Frankie Jones recently performed at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, confusing travelers.

Jones performed as a sculpture was unveiled there in her honour and to celebrate gymnastics at the official Host Airport of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The 21-year-old, who earned a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games 2010, is hotly tipped for London 2012 and has spent the week competing in her test event.

The three metre high carbon fibre resin sculpture by artist Eleanor Cardozo has taken centre stage in Terminal 5 Departures.

Shunsuke Nakamura used to play for Celtic, but while there we're pretty sure he didn't make any shots as impressive as this on.

Appearing on Japanese television, Nakamura -- who now plays for Yokoham F Marinos -- took his skills to the street to perform the stunt.

Using mirrors to time his kick to perfection, the 34-year-old smashed a ball so that it flew through the open window of a passing bus.

We just hope the people on the bus weren't too shocked by the sudden inclusion of a ball to their morning commute.

Former football ace turned TV pundit Martin Keown received quite a shock while broadcasting during the recent FA Cup game between Arsenal and Leeds.

And it wasn't just the late winner by Thierry Henry -- it was the ball which smacked him in the side of the head.

Keown had been chatting on ESPN with Robbie Savage when a ball was whipped in by a Leeds United player during the warm-up and hit him hard.

Despite catching him by surprise, Keown showed his toughness by carrying on with the job as fans cheered. It's not known if the player had targeted Keown or it was accidental.

This lovestruck man hoped a popping the big question to his girlfriend on the big screen at a basketball game would win him a wife… WRONG!

The man had gone down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him after appearing on the "mistletoe cam"  at a UCLA game

But rather than see the moment a couple decided to get married, fans (and now the internet) saw her take one look at the ring and say "Is this a joke?"

She then grabbed her bag and left the would-be groom on his knees as other fans jeered him. Harsh.

Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard has become the fourth goalkeeper to score in the Premier League after this amazing (albeit wind-assisted) goal

32-year-old Howard saw his clearance go in the back of the net after high winds carried it towards the Bolton net.

It flew straight over visiting keeper Adam Bogdan and ended up in the back of the net, prompting team-mates to mobbed him in celebration.

But Howard didn't celebrate the accidental goal, because he knows how it feels to be at the wrong end of a freak gaol, something similar happened to him in 2005.

275x250.jpg For years people have used all sorts of things to explain the offside rule -- but now all you need is a 50 pence piece.

That's because the Royal Mint have released a coin with a diagram explaining the rule to celebrate the London 2012 Olympics.

Designed by Neil Wolfson the 50p coin features a diagram of a football pitch with markers showing when a player is, or isn't, offside.

He came up with the idea after hearing that the Royal Mint wanted members of the public to suggest designs for a series of new sporting 50p coins.

Other olympic coinage includes ones featuring rowing, cycling, basketball and archery.

Tennis players Caroline Wozniacki and Victoria Azarenka served up fans some unusual entertainment at a charity tournament -- by dancing the macarena.

The world number one and number three had been playing each other to raise money for victims of the Thailand floods when they decided to get a groove on.

In front of the packed Thailand crowd, the duo exchanged a handshake before jigging around the court at the Thai beach resort of Hua Hin

Once they got around to the game, Azarenka won in straight sets 6-2, 7-5… but the dance was the highlight of the contest.

275x250.jpg A semi-final at the World Darts Championship had to be halted when Adrian Lewis and James Wade complained of a draught.

The darts aces said their game was being impacted by a draught coming across the stage at Alexandra Palace and affecting their arrows.

As such the duo refused to throw and the match was halted -- much to the annoyance of fans who reacted furiously.

Even after a restart the players said the breeze was noticeable and would not continue to play until all doors and windows were closed.

Organisers complied and after ensuring "every air movement was natural" the match started about 30 minutes later.

American footballers had a lucky escape recently, when a camera which had been suspended above the field fell and almost hit them.

During the Insight Bowl between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Oklahoma Sooners, the ESPN camera became tangled in its own wires.

This meant that it fell as it was being repositioned after a kickoff and came plummeting down narrowly missing a huddle of players.

After hitting the ground it nearly took out Iowa receiver Marvin McNutt who dodged the bouncing the camera equipment.

Runaway golf cart mows down football coach

An American football coach and several supporters were ploughed down by a runaway electric golf cart as he celebrated a championship win.

The bizarre accident happened at the end of the high school championship football game between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele at the Cowboys Stadium in Texas.

Willie Amendola had been giving an interview to reporters when the runaway cart shot across the field and hit him from behind.

A stadium worker then managed to jump on board and turn the engine off as it carried the bemused Spring Dekaney head coach.

275x250.jpg Wildlife experts have warned there could be a goose-eating monster lurking in the waters near the London 2012 Olympic stadium.

Witnesses reportedly recently saw the unidentified monster grab a 7kg Canada goose and pull it under the River Lea.

The bird is said to have disappeared under the surface of the water with such speed that "it didn't make a sound." "We just saw the goose go vertically down" Mike Wells told the BBC, who witnessed the attack from a boat.

In 2005 another similar attack left experts thinking there could be a giant pike, mink, alligator or giant turtle in the water.

With positions including downward-facing dog, we've always thought Yoga was a but more canine than feline -- but this little guy has other ideas.

The cat in question can be seen climbing onto and then riding his owner as she performs a yoga workout.

Unperturbed by her exercise passenger, the woman continues to work her way through a series of positions as the kitty sits on her back an bottom.

And while the cat seems surprisingly chilled, we can't imagine it was that relaxing for the exerciser performing the routine with cat claws sticking in her back.

We're of a certain age which means it was almost mandatory for us to have a pogo stick -- but we never managed to do anything like this.

An amazing video of pogo stick aficionados pulling a series of stunts has recently hit the internet and is sure to become an online hit.

In the clip -- which appears to have been recorded to promote GoPro HD Hero camera -- the guys can be seen bouncing, balancing flipping on their pogos.

Ever wondered what a cheerleading routine looks like from the perspective of a cheerleader?

No, neither had we, but we're glad someone thought it would be interesting enough to strap a video camera to the head of a cheerleader before she did her thing.

The resulting footage shows how a Louisiana State University cheerleader experienced being flipped and spun around ahead of a recent game against Arkansas.

It's clear to see how difficult and demanding the stunts are to perform and while While only her legs, and occasionally arms, can be seen the cheerleader has already won a series on online fans… one or two of who might not be too creepy.

Some people want to swim with dolphins, but for others that's not enough and they want to swim 'like' dolphins... and for those people there's the Flyboard Jetpack.

Created by Franky Zapata, the Flyboard Jetpack is a bizarre device which users strap onto their feet and is connected to a jetski via a huge hose.

They then hold a pair of hand-guided nozzles which are used to stabilise the flight as water is blasted out letting the user fly like a bird hovering above the water, or swim like a dolphin.

As this video shows, the £4,500 Flyboard (you'll also need a jet-ski to attach it to) allows users to pull a series of impressive stunts… and presumably have some impressive wipeouts while learning to master it.

If there is one thing the internet loves it's cats, if there's another it's dare-devils -- which is why Espen Fadnes is set to become an online hit.

The Norwegian extreme sport fan has just released a video showing him hurl himself off cliffs wearing a wingsuit and proceeding to 'fly' at 155mph.

After jumping from the top of the cliff Fadnes rockets through a gorge in Stryn, Norway almost smashing into a cliff face as he descends from 1240 metres.

Then, when the time is right he opens his parachute and makes a calm landing like he does this sort of thing everyday -- though he probably does, in 2010 he took the title at World BASE Race in Infijorden, Norway.

The dad of French rugby international Imanol Harinordoquy ran onto the pitch during a match in France's top division -- in a bizarre bid to defend his son.

Harinordoquy's father was worried his 6ft 3in and 17st son was taking a beating during the Basque derby clash between Biarritz and Bayonne.

So after running down from the stands, he charged onto the pitch and faced up to the player his son had earier been involved in a punch-up with.

However, his stand didn't last long -- he was tackled him to the ground by Bayonne fly-half Benjamin Boyet.

They were being honoured together for the time they spent battling it out on the football field -- but for pensioners Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca old rivalries die hard.

The pair of 73-year-olds -- who were being celebrated at a Canadian Football League luncheon -- recently started brawling on a stage at the event.

Mosca had apparently tried to offer Kapp a flower to make up for the the grudge between the two which began during the 1963 Grey Cup -- but he wasn't having any of it.

He swung his walking cane at his aged rival, in turn prompting Mosca to swing his fists at him and knocking him to the ground.

275x250.jpg American Samoa -- ranked as the worst international football team in the world -- have finally won their first game… after 17 years of trying.

The US protectorate have previously suffered some embarrassing loses -- including a 31-0 thrashing by 31-0 and are bottom of Fifa's rankings.

But following 30 straight defeats the team have this week managed to get a 2-1 victory over Tonga.

Reports say the players and coach reacted to the win like they'd just won the Premiership, Champions League and World Cup all at the same time.

However, coach Thomas Rongen isn't getting carried away and described the win as "part of soccer history" okay maybe he was getting carried away.

Extreme surfer Garrett McNamara has broken a surf world record -- by riding a 90-ft wave off the coast of Praia do Norte in Portugal and surviving.

McNamara was tow-in surfing with pal Andrew Cotton in the ZON North Canyon Project when the 90 feet mega-wave formed.

And amazing video footage, shot by fellow surfers and a camera on Garrett's own board shows the moment he managed to ride the wall of water.

Speaking about the wave, Garrett said: "I feel so blessed and honoured to have been invited to explore this canyon and its special town. The waves here are such a mystery." Not bad for a mystery.

A footballer in Romania has been punched in the head by a crazed fan who ran onto the pitch and disrupted the game.

Steaua Bucharest had just scored in their clash against Petrolul Ploiesti -- taking the score to 2-0 -- when the man invaded the pitch.

After running past security staff the man, dressed all in black, he ran behind defender George Galamaz and whacked him in the side of the head.

Other players then grabbed the man and knocked him to the ground before repeatedly kicking him -- two were sent off for their actions.

An ice hockey cheerleader (we didn't know they existed either) has been left red-faced after wiping out on live TV.

A Fox 5 news crew had been chatting to the New York Islanders cheerers during coverage of the team celebrating their 40th season in the NHL.

And while a jersey wearing reporter stood on the ice and spoke to one, the idea was that the others kept it entertaining by doing their stuff in the background.

Unfortunately for one ice girl she was a little too entertaining and has become an online hit -- after embarrassingly taking a tumble as the live camera followed her.

It looks like squirrels everywhere are making a bid for stardom! After this one went nuts on the BBC, another has made a primetime appearance in the US.

This time the furry critter in question decided to pop up during a televised baseball game between the Phillies and the Cardinals.

In the fifth inning, with the Cardinals ahead 3-2, the fame-hungry squirrel ran right in front of the home plate as a 94mph ball shot overhead.

And it turns out it wasn't the first time the squirrel had appeared at the stadium, in previous game he'd been seen outfield… next time he wants a go at hitting.

More than 30 teams of lawn mower racers have competed in an annual 12-hour endurance race in the West Sussex countryside.

The ride-on lawn mowers -- which can reach speeds of 50mph -- only have modest (mostly cosmetic) modifications and all use standard engines.

Starting at 7pm, the competitors raced overnight and with no suspension other than a padded seat they could certainly feel it in the morning.

A spokesperson for British Lawn Mower Racing Association, said that all the mowers had their cutting decks removed… so no short cuts then!

All footballers sweat while playing -- but Walter Pandiani must perspire more than most… he's just been dubbed the world's sweatiest footballer.

The evidence against him, this post-match interview after a clash between this team Espanyol and Getafe.

Having netted the winning goal in the dying minutes press were eager to hear from the match-winner… but they'd have been forgiven for forgetting about his on-pitch performance.

That's because as he spoke, the 35-year-old began to perspire and sweat patches appeared on his shirt and within a few minutes it was hard to spot any dry patches.

A Copa Sudamericana football match in Uruguay had to be called off recently -- after a linesman was hit in the head with a roll of paper.

Crowd problems flared during the clash between Universidad de Chile and Nacional, and with the score at 2-0  several fans started hurling projectiles.

Then, as this footage shows, a roll of till receipt paper struck one unfortunate soccer official on the head, knocking him to the ground.

The battered linesman received medial treatment for several minutes before the match was eventually called off by the referee… who presumably feared getting hit with something himself.

275x250.jpg Organisers of the Road Cycling World Championships in Denmark were shocked when, hours before the start of the race, they realised part of the course had disappeared.

It turned out an overly keen road sweeper thought someone had gratified the road outside Copenhagen city hall and cleaned it off.

A spokesperson said: "We went to sleep yesterday with a good feeling of being all and well prepared.

"But we woke up facing the challenge of a road sweeper by accident having destroyed the finish line."

It took two hours to re-establish the finish line and clean oil which had been spilt over other part of the course… oddly the road sweeper had ignored that.

He's a World Cup winner and one of the best strikers in the world -- but that didn't stop Fernando Torres from missing a howler against Manchester United this weekend.

The £50m Chelsea man had played well, scored a goal and had a good game, but all anyone will remember from the match will remember is his gaffe in the 82nd minute.

With a well-paced ball coming to him six yards from an empty net, it looked like there was no way he could miss.

But never one to shy away from a challenge, Torres somehow managed to slice  the ball wide in what's being described as the worst miss ever.

275x250.jpg Nikolai Valuev -- the tallest and heaviest ever boxing champion -- has joined hunters on a search for the Siberian yeti.

The seven foot tall and 23 stone beast (the boxer, not the yeti) says he was inspired to join the hunt after hearing about recent sightings.

Reports say local hunters have seen "hairy humanoid creatures" wandering near the Azass Cave in Mount Shoriya.

As such the former boxing champ visited mountains of Kemerovo Region where he joined an expedition looking for Siberian snowmen.

Valuev says he would like to "talk to the yeti about life"… that's assuming the bigfoot isn't too sacred of him.

Think your football team has a bad keeper? Well we'd like to bet he's better than Torpedo Zhodino's Artem Gomelko… just look at this howler he recently let in.

Gomelko was standing by the net when rival Belarusian Premier League defender Anton Matveenko decided to have an audacious attempt from 70 yards out.

And thanks to being off-target and not very powerful, it never looked likely to going in or troubling the keeper, until he tried to keep the ball in play.

Reaching out he touched the ball and diverted it from going out… sending it straight into the back of the net. The game ended 1-1. Oops.

We can only imagine the pressure a professional footballer feels when taking a penalty (forwards or backwards) -- they're expected to score, and know they should.

It's embarrassing if they kick it wide, over the bar or directly at the keeper… or just make a huge gaffe of the entire thing like this guy.

Al Ahly striker Amir Sayoud recently showed what NOT to do from the penalty during a match against rivals Kima Aswan. And not even science can explain what he did.

Running up to the ball, he tried to do a wiggle and put the keeper off, but instead ended up kicking the ground, falling over and feebly nudging the ball towards the net. Oops.

275x250.jpg Comedian David Walliams has been forced to don a wetsuit for his epic charity swim of the River Thames after beginning to feel the cold.

He'd initially hoped to swim the 140-mile length of the river over eight days -- swimming for eight hours per day -- wearing nothing but his trunks, goggles and hat.

But after developing the early stages of hypothermia, he was forced to slip into a full body Sport Relief wetsuit.

Speaking of the swim, Walliams said: "The first section of the swim really shocked me. The water is two degrees colder than when I swam the Channel. It's a massive difference."

275x250.jpg British daredevil Gary Hunt has won the Red Bull Cliff Diving World series for the second year running.

The diver took the title (and £15,000 prize money) after competing in a series of events around the world where he dived off ridiculously high platforms.

More than 10,000 fans watched him in the seventh and final leg of the competition with a twist and turn as he jumped from a 27m-high platform in Yalta, Ukraine.

Gary said he was happy to finish the series on a high… followed by a dive into the water below.

A Sunday league football team have become the laughing stock of their division for using children's cartoon ice packs when they get injured. 

Red-faced players of Dorset-based Broadstone FC have been extra-careful to avoid taking any knocks this season, as they run the risk of being treated with instant ice packs adorned with bright colourful cartoon characters. 

That's because as the team are sponsored by Koolpak, a supplier of first aid products, the traditional wet sponge has been replaced in the medical kit by items baring cartoon characters. 

So after a nasty tackle on comes Bumpy the Bear, Thumper the Football and a flower called 'Woopsadaisy' to makes things better. Still, it could be worse… they could be sponsored by KY jelly.

A bad day for a pole vaulter might be not quite making the height they'd hoped for… which makes this a very bad day for Dmitry Starodubtsev.

The Russian athlete was recently taking part in the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, when his pole snapped in half.

He was attempting a height of 5.75 meters when the accident happened and it had looked good as he made his approach.

But after planting the pole and beginning on a upwards trajectory it snapped like a trig and he fell embarrassingly to the mat. But don't take our word for it, click play.

Forget Usain Bolt, we've got a new 100m hero… in the unlikely form of a 20 stone failed shot-putter who recently tried his hand at sprinting.

When 17-year-old Sogelau Tuvalu failed to qualify for the shot put at the at the World Athletics Championships, he didn't want to admit defeat and decided to switch to running.

The bulky athlete then laced up his trainers and spent the month before the World Athletics Championships in South Korea training for four hours per day.

And over the weekend he took part in the heats for the 100m where he put in a personal best… unfortunately it was only 15.66 seconds, almost 5s behind winner Mohammad Noor Imran A Hadi of Malaysia.

The GB rowing team are some of the best rowers in the world, that's why they are some of our best medal hopes for the London 2012 Olympics.

And as this video -- posted online by rower Nathaniel Reilly O'Donnell -- shows, if 'airport travelator rowing' was to become an Olympic event before then, they'd probably win gold in that too.

That's because on their way to the 2011 World Championships in Bled, Slovenia, the GB Men's Eight decided to have a little fun at Munich Airport.

Sitting in a line on the conveyor belt, the team mime their rowing to make it appear they are propelling themselves around the airport, much to the amusement of other travellers. 

275x250.jpg Mountain-bike ace Danny MacAskill - whose stunts have attracted millions of views on YouTube - is at it again, this time for a Channel 4 TV documentary about urban sports.

His latest video 'Industrial Revolutions' was shot for the 'Concrete' Circus and sees Danny take his incredible skills into an industrial train yard and derelict buildings.

In the five minute video, the former Edinburgh bike-shop worker can be seen pulling a series of quite frankly ridiculous stunts, jumps, bounces and flips.

Seriously, the stunts are so good you almost don't notice the beautiful Scottish countryside in the background. And while the video has already been viewed 45,000 times, it's still has some way to go to match the 26 million of his original.

Sometimes we'd rather be hit in the face than listen to sports pundits - and if this baseball coach is anything like us, he just got his wish… on live TV.

Eagle-eyed ESPN viewers noticed that Colorado Rockies 3rd base coach Rich Dauer took a ball to the face before Sunday Night Baseball.

While presenter Bobby Valentine talked about the upcoming game the action behind him was far more interesting than he could be.

As the Rockies were working on a double play drill the ball was thrown from second base and smashed Dauer in the face, breaking his nose. He was then taken to hospital for observation.

A video of a baseball player hitting a ball around series of nets which it bounces between has become a hit online… despite almost certainly being fake.

The minute-long clip - believed to have been created for eastonbaseball.com - starts off by showing a baseball player hitting a ball towards a formation of pitch-back nets.

After hitting the first net the ball then appears to bounce between the three other perfectly aligned nets before returning to the hitter who whacks it into the nets again and again.

And while we'd really love to believe this was real, we think the YouTube shouts of  "FAKE1" could be true. Take a look and let us know what you think.

275x250.jpg Britain’s female beach volleyball champions have turned their bottoms into their bottom line with their cheeky new kit design.

That's because the skimpy outfits will now feature advertising on the bikini bottoms and actively encourage fans to take photos of the athletic arses.

As shown off by Zara Dampney, 24, and Shauna Mullin, 26 - Britain’s female beach volleyball champions and currently ranked No 32 in the world - the kit has a Quick Response (QR) code printed on the rear.

Spectators have to point their camera-phone at this matrix barcode and will then be taken to the website of the advertiser Betfair… remember that in case you are caught taking a photo of and athlete's bottom by your wife.

As part of their Asian tour, footballers from Real Madrid have taken on a group of Chinese school children… 109 of them.

The bizarre match - which saw the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas take on the kids - took place at a stadium in the town of Guangzhou.

Despite having the numerical advantage, the kiddies were unable to make it count on the scoresheet and were left swarming around the pitch as the Madrid player knocked the ball around.

Organisers say the reason for having 109 children was because Real Madrid is 109-years-old… so maybe they should arrange a re-match for 50 years time.

275x250.jpg We remember when Emlyn Hughes International Soccer was the best football game your could get, and while we spent way too many hours enjoying its 8-bit glory, it wasn't exactly what you'd call lifelike.

Nowadays however, football games like FIFA 12 feature uber-realistic graphics and even include player details such as Ronaldo's boots, David Beckham's tattoos and Wayne Rooney's hair transplant. Wait, what?

That's right! Designers behind the latest version of the popular EA Sports game say they've had to update the computer likeness of the Manchester United ace to show his new hair do.

Previous versions of the game had shown the receding Rooney hairline, but after he underwent a £10,000 hair transplant they needed to add some more CGI hair to his character.

When people run onto a sports field, they normally only get a few seconds before they're unceremoniously tackled by security staff.

But this guy - who got onto the field at a recent Mets game - kept officials running for several minutes before they finally managed to get him.

In an athletic burst of activity the man dodged and weaved his way between a team of six security guy, who he managed to make look like fools as he ran along.

Cheering fans seemed to enjoy the distraction… which we think was more entertaining than most baseball games.

We think Mario Balotelli may have read our post about Awana Diab's back-heel penalty last week, and fancied getting himself on Newslite… though probably not like this.

The Italian striker was playing for Manchester City in a recent friendly against David Beckham's LA Galaxy when he found himself in an ideal striking position.

But rather than simply smash the ball into the back of the net, show-boating Balotelli tried a pirouette and back-heel -- which failed spectacularly and went wide.

So, to a chorus of boos, from home and away fans alike, City boss Roberto Mancini immediately replaced the £24 million signing with James Milner… at least he can dress himself.

A pair of French Olympic medallists could face disciplinary action after brawling with each other at an athletes meeting in Monaco.

The duo had just completed the 1500 metres at the Diamond League meeting on Friday evening, with Baala finishing ninth and Mekhissi eleventh when they came together.

After sharing a few short words, Baala appeared to headbutt his fellow Frenchman before the pair began began punching at each other and had to be separated by officials.

After describing the incident as "unspeakable behaviour" the FFA said the pair could face disciplinary action… or be moved into the Olympic boxing team.

Motorcross ace Chad Reed has not only survived a terrifying spectacular crash, which saw him fly 20ft into the air, but he also finished the race he was in.

The Australian daredevil had been competing in the AMA Pro Motocross Championship in Minnesota when he lost control on a jump and was sent skywards.

After being launched 20 feet into the air, he separated from his bike and then clattered back to the ground with a nasty bump which looked like it could have left him seriously injured.

But within seconds Reed was back on his bike - much to the shock of the commentators - and not only that, he ended the race 34th of 35 riders and went on to finish 14th by the end of the moto. Seriously impressive stuff.

A young baseball fan who failed to get his hands on a foul ball during a recent game went into such a sulk that he became the focus of the live TV coverage.

The lad had been enjoying a recent Dodgers v Giants game when a foul ball came hurtling towards him.

However his enjoyment appeared to take a plunge when a woman sat in front of him made the catch and celebrated by waving the ball and he went into his best sulk angrily folding his arms.

His sulk was so severe the camera kept cutting to him and the announcers commentating on the game were talking more about him than the action on the field.

A footballer who shot to internet fame after scoring a cheeky back-heel penalty for UAE in their clash with Lebanon, may now be punished for it.

Awana Diab instantly became one the most watched footballers in the world after his unorthodox spot kick at the weekend.

But while many internet viewers were impressed by the goal - after which he was issued a yellow card - it went down less well with his team manager who branded it 'disrespectful'.

And it's now been reported that the 21-year-old Baniyas midfielder could be banned from playing for UAE or fined for his actions… unfortunately he's not eligible to play for England who could always do with a penalty scorer.

TV cars at the Tour de France have two main responsibilities, one is to record footage of the action, and the other is to keep out of the way.

Unfortunately this French television car failed during stage nine of the race, when it ploughed into a group of riders causing a horrific crash.

Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland had been storming along 38km from the finish, when the car swerved around a tree at the side of the road.

Despite being knocked to the ground (via a barbed wire fence) and suffering horrific-looking injuries both riders were soon back in the saddle… though it wasn't as comfortable.

It's Sweden v North Korea at the women's World Cup, nothing much can happen to spark the public interest can it, right?

Wrong! Sweden's Josefine Öqvist swapped shirts with a German fan after the game and instantly became one of YouTube's most viewed people in the process.

In the resulting footage, - shot after Sweden won 1-0 - the 27-year-old blonde player can be seen chatting to fans. One of who is wearing a German shirt and asks her to swap.

After an initial moment of hesitation, during which time he'd removed his shirt, Öqvist did the same (though she was wearing a black sports bra, he wasn't) they then exchanged shirts.

If there's one thing more embarrassing than having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're watching, it's got to be having your mobile phone go off and disrupt a sporting event you're taking part in.

Just ask French tennis ace Alize Cornet, this exact thing happened to her as she was taking on world number one Caroline Wozniacki at a recent WTA event in Bastad, Sweden.

To make matters worse, it was match point when the then mystery phone started ringing and Wozniacki looked around in a bid to identify the inconsiderate tennis fan before serving.

Then she realised it was her rival who'd left her phone on in her kit bag
at the side of the court and started laughing as Cornet sheepishly made her way to turn it off. 

275x250.jpg Some cycling fans like to follow the professionals and ride every gruelling mile of the Tour de France route, others prefer to watch it from home.

But mow there's no reason to choose - because an exercise bike has been revealed which lets users ride Le Tour from their own home.

The £800 device uses Google Maps to let would-be Alberto Contadors not only follow the route and cycle the right distances - but it also tilts to match the angle of the French roads.

But while the high-tech bike also give a realistic work-out by adjusting resistance base on your wind profile, it can't provide the entertainment of French farmers.

French rollerblader Taig Khris has set a new world record after completing a 29m jump in front of Paris' Sacre Coeur Basilica.

The 35-year-old sped down a 150-metre long ramp before being launched into the air and flying toward a landing ramp and inflatable cushion.

On his initial jump Khris managed to jump 28.4m (breaking the previous record of 24m) but cheered on by the crowd he had another go and this time reached 29m.

Okay so he didn't stay on his feet for long after landing, but it's still considerably better than we could have done. Though it does look like fun… where can we find a 150-metre long ramp?

275x250.jpgWe think the grunting of female tennis players is as much a part of Wimbledon as the inevitable disappointment off seeing the last British player knocked out.

But the BBC has announced tennis fans (at least  those listening on the internet) can now turn down the volume of shrieking from Sharapova and Co.

Their 'Wimbledon Net Mix' is a downloadable service which allows listeners to control the volume of various microphone relative to that of commentary.

A BBC spokesperson said: "One of the biggest audio challenges for broadcasters covering sports events is knowing how much of the 'roar of the crowd' to include along with the commentary.

"This experiment lets you mix the sound the way you want it. By downloading our player you can adjust the commentary level relative to the sound of the court: the crowd, base-line grunting and ball."

275x250.jpg Each year more than 52,000 tennis balls are used during Wimbledon, and because tournament bosses like to see them go to a good home, they are normally sold off for charity.

But this year many of the balls will 'become' a good home after the All England Lawn Tennis Club did a deal with an aquarium in the Lake District.

Stamped with the date of the tournament, the balls will have a hole cut in them to make an ideal nesting place for brown mice (yes, mice at an aquarium).

It's hoped that the balls might encourage the brown mice to breed… now all they need are the little signs saying: 'If this tennis ball is a rockin, don't come a knocking'.

A baseball mascot had to be given emergency medical treatment and taken to hospital after being hit in the head by a speeding foul ball.

Phillie Phantaic had been doing his stuff in the stands at a Phillies recent game when a stray ball flew over the dugout and hit him in his green throat. But that meant it hit Tom Burgoyne - the person wearing the costume - squarely in the face.

Despite being in agony from the accident and falling to the floor, Tom continued to put a show on for kids - many of who'd gasped when the ball hit him - and tried to get them laughing again.

However, all of his good work was quickly been undone. We're guessing it's still fairly traumatising for children to learn that their favourite mascot has been rushed to hospital.

Red cards are normally dished out during football games if the referee spots a dodgy tackle… and you could say this one is no exception.

A referee in Australia has issued a player a red card after noticing mid-match that he had a genital piercing.

The odd call was made after Aaron Eccleston, who plays for the Old Hill Wanderers in Melbourne, jumped up to challenge for a ball and was hit squarely in his.

He proceeded to look down his shorts to "check that it was still there" and the official spotted something he didn't like the look of and marched him into the changing rooms.

275x250.jpg A drag racer whose steering wheel fell off his 221mph car in the middle of a race says that rather than panic, the first thing he thought was: "I wonder if I remembered to turn the camera on."

It was. Shot earlier this month at the Rose Festival Drags in Oregon, this terrifying footage shows the moment Russ Parker found his steering wheel had come off in his hands.

He'd just started a race in his nostalgia funny car, which burns alcohol for fuel and is designed to resemble a 1969 Ford Mustang, when he realised something was wrong.

And it didn't take him long to work out what it was, the steering shaft had broken and the steering wheel had come off in his hand… never good, but particularly bad if you're in a 221mph car.

Something tells us this video clip will be cropping up in a fair few sporting 'What happen next?" quizzes over the next few years.

That's because when Alex Bogomolov Jnr threw his racquet to the ground in a fit of anger during a game at Wimbledon, it took a very unlikely bounce.

After hitting the ground, the tennis racket flew back up and above the shocked -looking 28-year-old from America.

It then continued to fly over the 10ft wall of Court 17 and disappeared from view until it was returned by an official... Yes, we are serious.

Maybe it was an intentional stunt to get publicity (we don't normally cover the launch of new football kits) - but more likely this was just a moment of fail for FK Partizan.

The Serbian football team had decided to unveil their new black and white Adidas kit and gone to the effort of hiring singers and glamourously dresses women to add to the glitz.

But the evening took a turn to the fail when the moment finally came to take a cover off a kit-wearing mannequin and show the new outfit for the first time.

That's because as press cameras flashed the upper half of the mannequin fell clattering to the floor and the choir were forces to try to continue singing through their sniggers.

Racing driver Allan McNish has emerged virtually unscathed from a 120mph horror crash at Le Mans -- and after you watch this video you'll see just how lucky he was.

Two-time Le Mans 24-hour winner had taken the lead just 50 minutes into the race on Saturday and was overtaking a slower car when the two vehicles collided.

This sent his Audi R18 flying off the track where it smashed into a barrier which launched it into the air and appeared to disintegrated into hundreds of parts.

But amazingly the 41-year-old Scot walked unaided from the wreckage and was later given the all clear at a local hospital… the news wasn't so good for his car.

275x250.jpg It's that time of year again, water-loving pooches have taken to the sea to compete in an annual surfing dog competition in California.

The Lowes Surf Dog competition sees dogs battle it out in three categories - small dogs, large dogs and tandem rides - to see who has the best surf skills,

Each of the 60 competitors is judged on confidence level, length of ride and overall surf ability and thousands of fans turned out to watch the event.

The winners received an all-expenses-paid pet vacation at the Imperial Beach Resort, which is not to be sniffed at… even if you're a dog and therefore inclined to sniff things.

Anyone who has ever tried the 'crossbar challenge' will know just how hard it is to kick a football with enough accuracy to hit the target.

But that's exactly what Erik Lambert has done… with five consecutive balls… in 18 seconds… at the age of 75. If this viral video is to be believed.

In the clip, the pensioner can be seen bouncing ball after ball off the crossbar as they are teed up for him and filmed by his grandson. In total he gets five in 18.4 seconds.

Obviously the internet is divided as to whether the footage is genuine or if there's been some editing trickery going on. If it's for real we can think of a few teams which should sign him.

275x250.jpg A daredevil stunt driver has set a new world record by jumping his car 332ft in a ramp-to-ramp stunt at the Indianapolis 500.

Tanner Foust took to his car vehicle which he drove down a massive toy-inspired 90ft ramp to build up speed before hitting a jump and taking off.

The 37-year-old then travelled for 332ft before his wheels touched-down on another ramp on the infield of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

We defy you to watch this video and not think about digging out your old toy cars… or just question where your life went wrong and why you'are sat at a computer while other people do this for a living.

A goalkeeper who is said to be a Manchester United target might not be the safe pair of hands Sir Alex Ferguson was hoping for -- he dropped a trophy off the top of a bus.

Coming hot on the heels of the Real Madrid, Copa del Rey open-topped bus debacle, Ajax goalkeeper Maarten Stekelenburg showed he was just as clumsy as Sergio Ramos.

Parading through Amsterdam with the newly-won Eredivisie league trophy, Stekelenburg had been waving the dish-like trophy from the top of a coach.

But then the vehicle passed under overhead tram wires, which knocked it out of his hands, sending the trophy crashing to the floor… where fans promptly picked it up and celebrated like they'd won it themselves.

A baseball fan who invaded the field during a recent game managed to escape  stadium security by displaying some impressive free-running skills.

During the MLB game between Astros and the Mets - at the bottom of the 9th inning - the spectator ran onto the field at Minute Maid Park, to cheers from the other fans.

But rather than quickly getting tackled by security, he somehow managed to give them the slip and run all the way to the infamous center-field incline.

From there he use his best parkour skills to vault back into the stands, before evading other officials by scaling another high wall and disappearing… it was probably the best athletic display of the day.

275x250.jpgA man who dressed as Brian the Snail from The Magic Roundabout to compete in the London Marathon has finally finished… after 26 days.

After donning the giant 9ft-long snail suit, Lloyd Scott had to lie on his stomach and slide along on a sled until he'd completed the famous 26.2-mile course.

The 49-year-old from Essex - raising money for Action For Kids - suffered nosebleeds, vomiting and cramp as he crawled along for eight hours per day.

At one point he was rushed to hospital to have the blood vessels in his nose cauterised because his face down position had caused continual nosebleeds.

After finishing his 'race' outside Buckingham Palace, Lloyd said: "This has been much, much harder than I thought it would be."  

275x250.jpgAn Austrian Olympic swimmer accidentally buried himself alive on a beach in Florida and had to be saved by 60 rescuers.

19-year-old Jakub Maly had been taking time off from training with teammates when he decided to dig an enormous hole for fun.

But when he jumped into the two metre trench, the sand collapsed over him covering his entire body.

Pals then quickly cleared the sand from around his face so that he could breathe - but they were unable to pull him from the hole.

Emergency services were called and cave-in specialists spent nearly two hours digging him after using boards to shore up the sides of the hole.

A daredevil base-jumper has driven his motorcycle off a 4,000 cliff in the Chilean Andes in a bid to help promote the country. As you do.

Julio Munoz said the stunt - which saw him drive off a ramp at the top of the cliff - had taken three years planning and getting sponsors.

The experienced base-jumper wore several video cameras to record the stunt which he says he hopes will give Chile some exposure.

Bizarrely it appears that driving off the cliff was the easiest part of the stunt… the hardest was using a helicopter to get his bike, ramp and crew to the top.

A race-car driver who was forced to flee for his life when his V8 Supercar exploded in flames, has somehow escaped serious injury.

Karl Reindler had been competing in an event in Australia when he was rear-ended at an estimated speed of 150km/h.

This caused the V8 Supercar to jump into the air and the impact punctured the fuel cell prompting a massive fireball eruption.

The £400,000 came to a stop at the side of the Barbagallo Raceway track in Perth and as it continued to burn, fans feared the worst.

But somehow the 26-year-old driver managed to get out and run away from the burning vehicle, escaping with only burns to his hands and face.

He's only one and a half years old, but Baerke van der Meij looks like he could be a football star of the future.

That's because the Dutch toddler has already secured a 'professional' contract after a video of him showing off his skills went viral.

In the clip, the little lad can be seen shooting three footballs into his toy box with amazing precision.

And it's not only YouTube viewers who were impressed by his skills, bosses at Venlose Voetbal Vereniging - where his granddad played - saw it and contacted the family.

He was then invited to join the more grown-up players for a training session before signing an albeit "symbolic" contract.

We've seen enough pitch invasions to think there was nothing left which could surprise us... then Derry Felton rolled out onto the pitch in his wheelchair.

The 18-year-old quadriplegic Northampton Town fan invaded the in celebration of his team scoring against Rotherham and coming back from 2-0 down to get a much-needed draw.

Computer games programming student Felton says it's all a "bit of a blur" but that he'd made a bet with a pal about racing onto the pitch.

Fans cheered as Felton was chased across the turf by (albeit reluctant) security staff and a spokesman for the club said he would not be prosecuted for his pitch invasion

A dare-devil skier has filmed himself flying off a cliff and performing a BASE jump to escape from the avalanche he'd just started.

Matthias Giraud had been traversing his way down a slope in the French Alps with the aim of filming himself building up speed and doing a BASE jump.

But as he made the leap and pulled his parachute, the footage from his head mounted camera shows him realised he's caused an avalanche which had been chasing him down the mountain.

So as the 27-year-old sailed down to safety, followed by pal Stefan Laud, the snow poured over the cliff like a waterfall. In fact the resulting footage is so good it could be used to advertise the head-mounted cameras… oh, it just has.

After beating Barcelona 1-0 to win the Copa del Rey - the Spanish equivalent of the FA cup - it was all looking great for Real Madrid… then this happened.

Taking the silverware on a celebratory open-topped bus tour of the capital, players including Ronaldo, Iker Casillas and Sergio Ramos were doing the usual waving of scarfs to cheering fans.

But as Ramos held the trophy aloft at the front of the bus - in a bid to get fans cheering even more - the butter-fingered defender somehow lost his grip and it fell.

Because the driver didn't see it fall, he promptly drove over the famous cup as on-lookers gasped in disbelief and emergency services ran to see if they could help.

While police and security officials were seen picking up pieces of the squashed trophy, it's not been confirmed how much damage was caused… though next year team could be competing for the Plate del Rey.

BMX rider Greg Powell has completed the world's first 'special flip' on his bike… and that's more impressive than it sounds.

It actually means he rode off a ramp and leaped into the air before leaving his saddle completing a mid-air backflip and landed back on the BMX.

Yes, you read that correctly, he did a mid-air backflip before landing back on his bike while it was still flying the 32ft between ramps. Really.

Powell, from Maryland in the US, recently performed the stunt at MTV's Nitro Circus Live tour in Australia where fans went crazy for the impressive trick.

While the 27-year-old made the 'special flip' look remarkably easy, you probably shouldn't try this at home… even if you have got giant twin ramps in your back garden.

A football goalkeeper who shot to fame after recording a trick shot video of himself earlier this year, is at it again, and this one could be even better.

UNC Asheville keeper Lassi Hurskainen released his first video in February and it showed him kicking with amazing accuracy and making a series of great saves.

In fact many of the 2.5 million people who watched it on YouTube suggested that his accuracy was so good, it must have been digitally manipulated.

So, hoping to prove them wrong Hurskainen has recorded footage of himself performing another equally impressive set of tricks - including kicking a ball into a bucket on the back of a speeding golf-kart.

Other tricks include hitting the crossbar from almost unbelievable distances and making saves over the bonnet of a car… because you'd be surprised how often that comes up in a real match.

275x250.jpg Boffins say they've come up with a way to keep footballers cool at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar… UFO-style robot clouds which hover over stadiums.

The bizarre solution is the brain-child of researchers at Qatar University who were trying to come up with a way of cooling temperatures on the pitch.

Dr. Saud Ghani says the carbon fibre and solar panels would be around the size of a jumbo jet and automatically programmed to move as the sun moves in the sky

The helium gas-filled remote controlled clouds could then be used to hover over the stadium - lowering pitch temperatures by 10 degrees. Making playing conditions just mildly unbearable.

NHL fans were recently left scratching their heads in disbelief, when a shot which looked destined for the goal changed direction at the last minute.

Seemingly defying the laws of physics, the shot had looked sure to end up in the back of the net during the game between the Los Angeles Kings and Calgary Flames.

But out of nowhere the puck appeared to veer off to the right and away from the goal - much to the dismay of fans and confusion of experts who have tried to explain the bizarre miss.

Possible explanations have including an unseen glance from the keepers stick, and optical illusion… and the goalkeeper secretly having superpowers.

275x250.jpgA group of friends playing cricket in Manchester say they were bowled over when a team of armed police turned up at their practice session.

It turned out a passerby had mistaken the sound of the cricket balls hitting metal shutters on a industrial park as gunfire, and called 999.

Responding to this, a team of specially-trained firearms officers were rushed to the scene -- scaring the life out of the cricket players.

After ordering the cricketers out of the factory where they were playing, it soon became apparent there was no crime being committed, other than those against good batsmanship.

Once the officers were convinced they'd have been better off with cricket pads than bullet-proof vests, they left.

When we first saw this video - seemingly showing AC Milan doing the limbo, fencing and dancing minutes before a match - we thought someone had spiked the water at the San Siro.

But it turns out that not all was quite as it seemed ahead of the Serie A match between AC Milan and AS Bari.

That's because the 'players' doing the bizarre and odd stunts are actually footballing lookalikes - hired to help advertise Italian sports newspaper Gazzete dello Sport.

We should have known something was up when we saw what we thought was Gennaro Gattuso ballroom dancing with the referee rather than head-butting him. But it's a funny old game.

275x250.jpgIf it all goes wrong for Premiership referee Peter Walton, he could always pursue a career as a mime artist.

That's because forgetting his cards didn't stop him booking players in the clash between Everton and Birmingham last night -- he simply waved an imaginary one.

Walton only realised his blunder after midfielder Jordon Mutch committed a foul and he reached into his pocket to pull out the yellow card.

After a couple of seconds of fumbling he obviously decided the best thing to do would be carry on and hope no-one would notice.

So he held up his arm as if brandishing a card booked the player… well if they can be injured by imaginary fouls, why can't they be punished by imaginary cards.

Surfer Zoltan Torkos has completed what's believed to be the world's first recorded kickflip on a surfboard. And we have to say it's pretty impressive.

Torkos had been hoping the trick would bag him a $10,000 prize from Volcom, who in 2007 said they would first surfer to film themselves successfully landing a kickfilp on a wave.

But unfortunately for the Santa Cruz surfer, competition bosses say that as impressive as his trick was, it doesn't qualify because the board didn't entirely leave the water.

While he didn't scoop the prize this time around we're sure Torkos will keep trying until he manages to get some proper sea air.

What's better than seeing a great basketball shot where the ball swoops straight through the hoop? Seeing one where it doesn't.

And basketball misses got get much better or more bizarre than this odd missed foul shot during a game between UConn and West Virginia.

Alex Oriakhi had stepped up to take a free throw for UConn at 22-22 when his shot hit the back of the rim, bounced off the front and then landed on the back.

That's right, the seemingly physics defying ball was left balancing at the back of the hoop as the players looked on in disbelief. West Virginia went on to win the game 65-56.

275x250.jpgA referee has set what is thought to be a new footballing record… by issuing a massive 36 red cards during a single match.

In case you are wondering how that is even possible, Damian Rubino showed red to all 22 players and substitutes and technical staff.

It all happened during a fifth division match in Argentina between Claypole and Victoriano Arenas when a brawl broke out between players.

The fighting got so bad the ref is even said to have begged police to lock raging players in their respective dressing rooms.

For any pub quiz buffs out there the previous record for red cards was a 1993 game in Paraguay which saw 20 players sent off.

Footballers around the world often celebrate goals with gymnastic jumps and flips -- but only in Brazil do team medics get in on the action too.

During a recent Copa do Brasil match between Comercial PI and Palmeiras, one of the players went down and required medical attention.

Nothing too unconventional there right? Wrong! After running out onto the pitch with his bag the Comercial PI medic did a cartwheel before looking at the injured player.

This (quite understandably) prompted thousands of the fans in the crowd to cheer… which in turn prompted the medic to do backflips, wheels and rolls every-time he came out.

While the match ended with a 2-1 win to Comercial PI, we know who our man of the match was.

Some football fans know how to make the best of a bad situation - whether that's pretending to score while getting hammered, or swimming in the stands.

No you didn't mis-read that last bit. The rain was so bad at a recent football game in Brazil, some fans were quite literally left swimming in the stands.

The torrential downpour hit the 80,000-seat Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo just before a game between Palmeiras and Sao Paulo.

And while it would have been enough to cancel any Premiership game, they are more hardy in Brazil and fans simply packed their swimming trunks.

They then proceeded to splash, swim and float their way though the 1 - 1 draw.

275x250.jpg A couple of days ago, we saw some helmet-cam footage of what happens when it all goes wrong at the top of a mountain -- today Filip Polc shows us a more conventional descent.

The Slovakian BMX bike pro recently filmed some of the most impressive downhill footage we have ever seen with a GoPro HD camera.

He was speeding down a specifically designed course down a steep hill in Valparaiso, Chile and can be seen racing down steps and flying over jumps as fans cheer him on.

Seriously, we have no idea how he completed the route - which won him place in the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo - it made us dizzy just watching it.

275x250.jpg We can't think of much worse than having to run a marathon -- except maybe running a marathon while wearing a bizarre and uber-geeky harness which would broadcast our every step online.

But that is exactly what Joseph Tame will do when he runs in the Tokyo marathon on Sunday after building himself a 'Mobile Social Media Studio' out of iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

The 33-year-old media producer will use his balmy-looking iRun gizmo to stream the entire 26.2 miles live to social networking sites.

During the race he will communicate with followers on Twitter, broadcast his position vis GPS and stream video on Ustream… if anyone wants to see and increasing exhausted man making his way around Tokyo.

When Johnny McEntee shot to internet fame with his American Football trick shot video, we knew we'd soon see other player showing off their skills online.

Well today it's the turn of Alex Tanney, a quarterbacks from Monmouth College who can pull of a seriously impressive selection trick throws.

In his video Tanney can be seen hurling balls amazing distances with crazy precision - like hitting the posts from 60 yards.

And that's before we get to him throwing the ball to his mate in a speeding truck or shooting it off a trampoline and into a basketball hoop.

While some claim the trickster have digitally enhanced their skills, we think they just have too much time on their hands… with the right editing we could look that good to, right?

275x250.jpgSports coaches who wear suits on match days and tracksuits on training days get the optimum out of their teams, according to new research.

Scientists from the University of Portsmouth studied the effect a coach's appearance had on the players' impressions of their competence.

This was done by rating the reaction of 97 people to photographs of four different "coaches" - lean and large physiqued men in a tracksuit or suit.

It was found that those wearing a tracksuit were rated best for technical and character-building abilities while those who were suited and booted were seen as better strategists.

This means managers who wear tracksuits when training and suits on match-days, get the best of their teams… but not mater of costume changes will help Mick McCarthy and Wolves.

Would-be NFL prospects taking part in training camp seemed surprisingly relaxed when being told that a gorilla had escaped from a near-by zoo.

That was, until the 'gorilla' ran out of the bushes and towards them - leaving the American Football players scurrying away screaming like little girls.

Luckily the escaped animal was in fact a man in a costume there only to show how easily the the big and strong athletes could be scared. And oh boy did it work.

The prank was arranged by the organiser of the training camp who had tipped of a local news crew about what was going to happen. Which is why there is this great footage.

275x250.jpg Rally champion Juha Kankkunen has set a new world speed record on ice after driving at 205.48 mph on an sheet ice off the coast of Finland.

Kankkunen was behind the wheel of a 6-litre, 12-cylinder, Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible when he made the drive - which beat his own record of 199.83mph from 2007.

Despite temperatures of -30 degrees and snow blizzards along the perilous 70cm-thick layer of sea ice he was driving on, Kankkunen was happy to put his foot down and speed along the 16.5km track.

His record - measured over two runs - was certified by officials from the Finland Traffic Police… though hopefully they won't be issuing him with a ticket.

An ice hockey fan who made an amazing shot for charity has been told they will not get the cash, because an insurance company deemed the shot illegal.

Richard Marsh had been watching the Indiana Ice minor league hockey game when he was pulled out of the crowd and offered the chance to win $50,000.

Asked what he'd do with the cash if he made the seemingly impossible shot - knocking a 3-inch puck 175ft into a hole just over 3-inch wide - he said he'd give it to the St. Vincent Heart Center

And then he stepped up, took the shot and remarkably got it in - much to the shock of watching fans, officials… and the insurance firm responsible for the payout.

They have now said the charity will not get the money because Marsh had his foot over the line when he made the shot -- like a 174ft shot is that much easier.

ESPN reporter Nico Hueto thought the only thing he had to worry about was his umbrella getting blown away… until he was chased by an alpaca

The sports man had been covering a South American U21 football contest in Peru and was duly speaking to camera about the action.

And that's when it happened. An angry alpaca which had been happily standing in the background suddenly charged at him and the camera.

A panicked-looking Hueto quickly dropped his umbrella and ran screaming from the animal, which could now get signed by Manchester City as an aggressive mid-fielder.

While Hueto was convinced to give it another go the animal again disrupted the broadcast… no-one knows why there was a alpaca on the training ground.

Ski and surf fan Chuck Patterson has combined his passions… by skiing a big wave in Hawaii while wearing skis, boots, binding, and even holding ski poles.

The former professional freeskier - who enjoys catching waves almost as much as he does hurtling down mountains - says he initially tried sea surfing a few years ago, but quickly gave up.

But then in 2009 he saw a couple of other surfers riding waves on skis and decided it was time he revisited the off-beat sport. While making it even more extreme.

So in January of this year he travelled to the famous Jaws surfing spot off the northern coast of Maui where he wanted to conquer the 'big mountains' of water.

275x250.jpgAn American football player looks set to become an internet hit after recording a video of himself throwing an impressive set of trick shots.

In the video - which has already been seen 1.5million times on Youtube - 21-year-old Connecticut quarterback Johnny McEntee makes a series of amazing throws.

During the four minute clip McEntee can be seen breaking plates thrown in the air, knocking a water bottle off someone's head and opening a door with a ball.

Dubbed the 'trick shot quarterback' he also does things like throw a ball from the back of a lecture theatre and knocks a magazine out of a friend's hand

Many commenters have praised the accuracy of his throws… others say he must have too much time on his hands to record so many takes.

There are good basketball shots, there are great basketball shots… and then there's this 90ft buzzer shot.

High school student Marvin Le Fridge made the amazing shot as the buzzer sounded dutring a recent game between his team the Corcoran Panthers and the Strathmore Spartans.

While it wasn't a tie-breaker - the Panthers won 69-52 - the shot is sure to be remembered for many years to come… and luckily it was caught on video.

Speaking of the shot, Le Fridge said: "At first I was in shock, but then I started jumping around." He's now waiting for a call from the Harlem Globetrotters.

275x250.jpg We always enjoy the Super Bowl, not for the sporting event you understand, but because we get to see some of the best new TV adverts around.

With advertising rates running to a whopping $3 million per 30 seconds this year, it's no surprise companies go all out to create the best commercials they could.

While we're not sure the 100 million-plus TV viewers enjoyed anything quite as good as the Old Spice Man, there were plenty of great adverts packed with A-list celebs.

And anyway, they were all considerably more entertaining than the GoCompare opera singer which would be the high-light of the FA Cup ad break. Check out our top 10 Super Bowl commercials after the link.

Snowboarder Torstein Horgmo has become even more of an extreme sport hero after becoming the first person to pull off an amazing triple cork.

Horgmo managed to land the trick on his final run of the big-air competition at the winter X Games in Aspen, bagging himself the gold.

And to make it all the more impressive, he did it despite having several broken ribs from an earlier accident.

After pulling the stunt the Norwegian snowboarder told reporters he should have held back and not attempted it: "It's probably the stupidest thing I've done in my whole life," he said.

But the cheering fans seemed glad he had… well all except the one who was hit squarely in the face as Horgmo threw his goggles out in celebration.

A horse racing event in Australia had to be postponed last week, after the track was invaded by a group of kangaroos.

Due to be held on Australia Day, thousands of racing fans had turned up to watch the action at Hanging Rock Cup raceday

But just before the first event was due to take place, jockeys noticed a couple of kangaroos near to the track and officials were dispatched to shoo them off.

Despite initially leaving the track, about six kangaroos soon reappeared, jumped over a five-foot fence and began bounding around the track.

Race bosses say they eventually had to abandon the event… because it was either that or start betting on the roos.

He'd already suffered an injury and needed to be stretchered off - so this footballer probably didn't think it could get any worse.

Boy was he wrong. Gladstony had picked up an injury during a Sao Paulo Youth Cup match between Desportivo Brasil and Flamengo.

But as he was loaded onto a stretcher to be whisked off the pitch, the stretcher bearer accidentally dropped the 17-year-old and fell backwards.

After picking himself up from sitting on the face of the injured player, he gave it another go, before falling back to reinstate the ass-face blunder.

Desportivo went on to lose the match in a penalty shoot-out… not that that's what Gladstony will remember the game for.

For most people the idea of riding 30ft waves off Maui is extreme enough, but not surfer Mark Visser - he did it at night.

Wearing LED lights so that his exploits could be caught on camera, the Australian was towed out by a jet ski to a notorious Hawaii surf spot known as Jaws.

There the big-wave riding 28-year-old waited to catch a monster 30ft swell which he rode for about 20 seconds, later saying it was the 'most exciting thing' he'd ever done.

He added that because it was so dark, he didn't realised quite how big the wave was… probably a good thing judging by this footage.

Tennis courts come in a variety of different surface types, but one thing they have in common is that when a ball hits them, it bounces… or at least that's the theory.

But that wasn't the case at the Australian Open recently, when Maria Sharapova found a dead-spot on one of the courts.

The Russian ace says that as she was warming-up ahead of her third round clash with Goerges, she felt a noticeably bouncy spot on the court.

When umpires checked it out they discovered a heat bubble under the surface of the court which caused balls to seemingly defy the laws of physics land flatly rather than bounce.

Workers solved the problem by drilling a series of small holes in the court to release the trapped air… but not before this great video was filmed.

An irate basketball fan who tried to fight with the mascot of the rival team has been left red-faced after being publicly floored by the bear.

It all started when the cheeky Utah Jazz mascot held a giant sign saying "I'm A Loser" behind the fan and started pointing at him.

This angered the Cleveland Cavaliers fan, who turned around and punched the giant bear -- earning himself the privilege of being escorted out of the stadium by security guards.

But as he was being led away, the unruly fan decided he wanted another piece of the mascot and charged towards him, now in the centre of the court.

However, the surprisingly hard mascot was prepared, and as the man lunged at him, he shoulder-barged him to the floor… before celebrating like he'd just scored a last second game-winning basket.

A previously unknown Irish footballer who became a web hit thanks to a video of him scoring a wonder-goal, has missed out on a prestigious award.

A bizarre moment of division defying skill had seen Glentoran striker Matthew Burrows in contention of winning the FIFA goal of the year award.

His frankly amazing 15-yard volleyed back-heel lob goal (really) put him up against the likes of Lionel Messi and Arjen Robben for the FIFA Puskas title.

But unfortunately the Northern Ireland Carling Premiership player last night lost out to Hamit Altintop's 22-yard volley for Turkey against Kazakhstan.

His team-mates hope it could bring an end to his incessant: "Do you remember the time I scored that 15-yard volleyed back-heel lob?" conversations.

Noodling, a crazy sport where anglers use their arms as bait to catch catfish has become an internet hit.

But experts warn sticking your arms in riverbed holes and waiting for the fish to latch on with their sharp teeth is also a great way to lose a finger.

It's said some noodlers have even drowned as they tried to wrestle the huge creatures - which can weigh 30kg - to the surface of the water.

Others have been left with serious lacerations to their arms or come into contact with alligators or snakes while noodling.

Which might leave you wondering why the odd sport has become a hit… and that's before you've even watched some of the videos on YouTube.

275x250.jpg The net was as likely to catch a fish as be hit by the ball in this game. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have played against each other on a floating tennis court.

The duo took part in a bizarre exhibition match on the court which had been laid in the water of Doha Bay, Qatar, to promote the upcoming ATP World Tour.

And though the pair have the experience of winning 25 Grand Slam titles between them, neither had played on a surface anything like this before.

While we don't know what score the game ended at, it's not our main concern, we want to know what happened to the ball boys… or should that be ball buoys.

As any football fan knows, it sometimes feels like your team are incapable of getting the ball in the net, no matter how easy the shot.

But for followers of Veria FC they now have video proof, their team recently missed five consecutive sitters… in just 11 seconds.

During a Greek second-division match against Levadiakos, Veria FC found themselves in front of goal with a clear chance of scoring.

But within just 11 dark dark seconds for Greek football, they'd missed five sitters, each of which should have ended with the ball in the back of the net.

Veria FC ended up losing 1-0 and will have to make do with internet fame… even if they don't look like they will be getting a chance to celebrate a goal like Stjarnan FC any time soon.

A Belgian football match had to be stopped twice when fans started pelting players with snowballs.

Anderlecht player Jonathan Legear became the target for Brugge fans just seven minutes into the game when the took a corner.

As dozens of frozen missiles hailed down at the player, he managed to take it in his stride - but the referee halted the game until calm as restored.

However it didn't last long, when fellow Anderlecht player Mbark Boussoufa went near the same corner flag he was also pelted.

The game ended in a 2-0 win for Anderlecht and the snow incident makes it the most interesting game in Belgian footballing history.

275x250.jpgWasteful Brits needlessly spend £1,213-a-year each on unused gym memberships, clothes they don't wear and even food and drink, a study has revealed.

Researchers found that subscriptions to unread magazines, gadgets which don't get used and CDs and music downloads which never get played, add to the total.
With New Year's resolutions just around the corner, the biggest waste of money was said to be on gym memberships, slimming clubs and exercise classes (£303-a-year).
Night classes or courses which see Brits get bored and lose interest account for another £172-a-year, while unused sports clothes and equipment sees £158 thrown down the drain.

Other wastes of money include unwatched and unplayed DVDs or computer games and TV channels that don't get watched… because people are too busy avoiding going to the gym.

275x250.jpg Freediver William Trubridge has set a new world record by diving 100m (328ft) below sea level on a single breath of air.

What makes him different to other divers who've reached 100m is that he did it using only his hands and feet to propel him down and up.

The record was set on Sunday in the Bahamas when William dived into  Dean's Blue Hole on Long Island following his glow-in-the-dark descent line.

It took two attempts to secure the record (his 13th) and the 30-year-old attributes his success to using yoga techniques… and having a particularly heavy head. 

Heavy snowfall in the US has caused the inflatable roof on a stadium in Minneapolis to collapse.

Over the weekend, much of the midwest was hit by massive snowstorms with some areas receiving as much as 20 inches of snow in just one day.

And in Minneapolis - which got about 17 inches of snowfall - this weighed down the Teflon-coated fibreglass roof the Metrodome stadium.

Initially the snow caused the roof to collapse in on itself - before splitting open and flooding onto the football pitch.

Unsurprisingly a scheduled game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants was moved to another venue… where the Giants received an equally icy reception.

A footballer has been dubbed the 'Cannibal of Ajax' after being caught on camera biting the neck of a rival player.

Ajax and Uruguay ace Luis Suarez was playing in the match recent against PSV Eindhoven when a confrontation happened.

But rather than being part of the usual footballer slap and exaggerated fall, the striker opted for an altogether more vampiric approach.

Unseen by the referee he leaned forward and sunk his teeth into the neck of PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal.

Suarez was not punished during the game but has since been suspended for two games… and team-mates have started hanging garlic in the dressing room.

275x250.jpg A stunt mountain-biker who racked up 21m views on YouTube by pulling jaw-dropping tricks has released a new video - Way Back Home.

Former Edinburgh bike-shop worker Danny MacAskill shot to fame in 2009 after uploading a video to the internet.

As a result, he performed his unique brand of mountain bike stunt in TV adverts, music videos and secured sponsorship with Red Bull.

And it was for them he recorded the eight minute 'Way Back Home' during which he performs a series of gravity-defying stunt on route from Edinburgh to Skye.

275x250.jpgFor most footballers, putting in a performance which gains world-wide attention can only be a good thing for their career.

But that's because not many players have had the dubious honour of making what is being described as the world's worst miss.

And as such, we can only advice Qatari footballer Khalfan Fahad to keep off the internet for a couple of days.

During a recent match against Uzbekistan at the Asian Games, Fahad chased a backpass and found himself unchallenged inches from goal.

But he somehow ended up hitting the post by committing a howler of such proportions we'd be surprised if he can ever look at a football again without breaking out in a cold sweat.

275x250.jpgA brave/stupid kite surfer has used the recent high winds to perform a series of dangerous tricks -- including jumping over Brighton pier.

Lewis Crathern, the former British kitesurfing champion, made the death-defying leap by using the gales and choppy waves to launch himself into the air.

He then manipulated his kite to carry him over the iconic landmark, before landing safely on the other side.

Speaking of the stunt the 26-year-old said: "You only get one try. If you don't get it right you could die."

Which just goes to show he must have balls of steel -- in fact we're surprised he didn't catch them on the top of the pier.

275x250.jpg This video shows is what it's like to ride Formula Rossa, the world's new fastest roller-coaster which reaches 240kmph. Guess what, it's fast, very fast.

The attraction, which will open shortly at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, was designed to replicate the sensation of driving a Formula 1 car.

Riders are forced to wear goggles to protect their eyes as they are propelled around the twists, turns, ups and downs of the track.

Thrill seekers will accelerate from 0 to 100kmph in just two seconds and experience  a force of 1.7 G's… and instantly have about as much chance of winning the F1 championship this year as Jenson Button.

A footballer was booed by fans after picked up a pitch-invading duck and callously hurling it over the advertising boards.

The bizarre incident happened during a Belgian First Division match when Zulte-Waregem's Mahamadou Habib Habibou spotted the stray bird.

After a goal-keeper tried and failed to contain the duck, Habibou ran into action chasing the bird briefly, before grabbing it by the neck.

But while fans had cheered the chase, they soon turned on Habibou -- when the player hurled the duck over advertising hoarding and into the ground.

While the duck appeared to waddle off uninjured the footballer has been dubbed the "Cat bin lady" of Belgian football. 

275x250.jpgIt's been a sporting challenge since the 19th century, but French coastguards now want to ban people from swimming the English Channel.

They claim the 21-mile swim from Dover to Calais has become increasingly dangerous as more vessels use the busy shipping route.

It's also said there's been a dramatic increase in the number of people trying the challenge since it was completed for charity by comedian David Walliams.

French Coastguards claim this means accidents are now far more likely and that all attempts should be banned on safety grounds.

However, British channel swimming associations argue their crossings are safe and well organised… in fact you could say they go swimmingly.

A TV cameraman filming the action at a US baseball game had the front of his camera smashed by a wayward bat which flew out of a player's hands.

Steve Angel had been shooting at the recent match between the Rangers and Yankees when Brett Gardner stepped up to the plate and smashed the ball.

Unfortunately for the cameraman it wasn't the only thing getting smashed -- the bat snapped off from the handle and came flying towards him hitting the front of his camera.

It knocked a hole straight through the front of the camera and left him (and viewers at home) looking through a snowflake/spiderweb effect of broken glass.

Angel, proving he is a consummate professional, continued to shoot the game on his broken HD camera and tried to line the action up with the hole.

Researchers have discovered why men often look more sweaty than women at the gym -- and it doesn't mean they are working out harder.

A team from Kobe University in Japan looked at the difference in sweat gland response to changes in exercise intensity across men and women.

It was found women need much more work to build up the same level sweat which can be achieved in men and they also needed to be considerably hotter.

Boffins claim the difference becomes even more pronounced as the level of exercise intensity increases, due to the efficiency of the male sweat gland.

The study also explains why mens trainers smell so bad… but it's no excuse.

The Bolivian president has been caught on camera kneeing a political rival in the groin during a 'friendly' football match which was on TV.

Evo Morales had been taking part in the game against a group of political rivals to raise money for charity.

But the match quickly turned nasty and after being riled by a tough tackle to one of his team-mates, the President stepped in.

And by "stepped in" we mean kneed his victim, Daniel Gustavo Cartagenam, in the groin, sending him falling to the floor. All in front of TV cameras.

The foul-tastic game ended 4-4 and two players from each side were sent off -- making the match the only thing dirtier than politics itself.

275x250.jpg A football player in Germany has been caught sneakily groping the boobs of a female referee -- during a game on live TV.

Hertha Berlin defender Peter Niemeyer claims the incident was an accident, but many claim this TV footage suggests otherwise.

Niemeyer was playing in the second division Bundesliga game against Alemannia Aachen and after a ruling from ref Bibiana Steinhaus, says he went to pat her on the back.

But Steinhaus - who was refereeing her first live TV match - had stepped backwards meaning the player instead ended up cupping her left breast. He didn't end up scoring… the game ended 0-0.

A footballer has received one of the strangest bookings in the history of the sport -- the ref gave him a card for pointing out a dead mole on the pitch.

Winger Sean Williams was playing for Cradley Town in a recent game against  midlands rivals Shawbury United when he noticed something odd on the pitch.

After taking a closer look and realising it was a dead mole, the 28-year-old tried to get the attention of the ref and have the mole removed.

But the referee thought the player was contesting an earlier offside decision and issued him a yellow card for dissent.

It wasn't until half-time the ref realised his error, apologised and had the mole taken from the pitch … he is now bracing himself for a few choice 'blind' chants next weekend.

If this video of the All Blacks training is genuine, there will be more than a few terrified rugby teams around the world.

Similar to videos of stars like Kobe Bryant and Roger Federer it show the sports stars displaying superhuman like skills.

All Blacks players Piri Weepu, Cory Jane and Rene Ranger are seen in the video pulling off a series of unlikely kicks, throws and catches.

At one point balls are being thrown with such precision they are able to hit others at distance, this is quickly followed by balls being kicking into bins half a pitch away.

We're tempted to call fake, but this is only based on having watched the England team… and in comparison to them, most people look to display unfathomable skills.

275x250.jpg The world's biggest game of dodgeball has taken place in the California with more than 1,700 students hurling rubber balls at each other.

Students came up with the idea for the game because they wanted to organise a mass-participation event and thought they may as well break a record while they were at it.

After looking at the record books, the student from the University of California decided the dodgeball record - which stood at just 1,198 - was easily beatable.

For anyone who wasn't subjected to ritual humiliation by dodgeball, the aim of the game is to hit all the members of the opposing  team by throwing the ball at them.

Remember the weird Dutch accent Steve McClaren developed while managing FC Twente? Well now he's started speaking in a German accent.

The former England boss - commonly known as 'the wally with the brolly' - has spent the past five months managing German Bundesliga team Wolfsburg.

But while the Yorkshireman is still giving his press conferences in English and through a translator he appears to have adopted a German twang.

During a recent outing he started of by saying "Ya, ya, ya" and then then followed it up by pronouncing 'we' and 've' and sounding like a right plonker.

And remember, this is even when compared to the average football manager who is not exactly know for his verbal eloquence, is he?

Ronnie O'Sullivan makes a reluctant 147 break

Snooker ace Ronnie O'Sullivan had to be convinced by the referee to pot the final black in a World Open match and score a 147 break.

Despite having otherwise cleared the table O'Sullivan initially said he didn't want to make the shot on the final black -- because there wasn't enough prize money.

While some competition offer a £25,000 payout for players scoring a maximum break of 147 there was only a prize of £4,000 for the highest break at the Glasgow World Cup.

However, after shaking the hand of Mark King, who he'd just beaten, Ronnie was eventually convinced to make the shot by ref Jan Verhaas.

As the ball went in the crowd cheered… but not as much as they would have done if he'd missed after staging his little protest.

A 21ft speedboat has been converted into a pool table at a cost of £40,000… as a memorial to a dead waterskier.

Peter McKee, of Master Billiards in Australia was commissioned to make the table in memory of waterskier Brian Rix who died in 1999.

McKee says the job was incredibly difficult because he had to cut the slate to match the curve of the boat.

There was also the little matter of where to put the pockets, in the end he went with seven, six in a traditional pattern and then an extra at the end of the table.

This should make it easier for even bad players to sink the balls… which we guess is a particularly appropriate term.

69 Mexican cowboys have set a new world record for simultaneous lassoing, by all swinging their ropes for three minutes.

The charros (Mexican cowboys) made the record bid during the 17th annual International Mariachi and Charreria festival in Guadalajara.

Each with a marked-out area of the stadium they twirled and swung their lassos as best they could while  an adjudicator from Guinness World Records watched on.

At the end he verified they had beaten the previous record of of a meagre  23 simultaneous lassos.

Organisers hope the record will encourage more people to take up the rope-swinging activity… though you may want to check you have room first.

275x250.jpgSo Andy Murray is out of the US Open, at least British tennis fans still have one thing to celebrate… having the world's oldest working tennis court.

Bosses at the Edgbaston Archery and Lawn Tennis Society in Birmingham say their lawn playing surface of six courts is now 137 years old.

It was initially laid out in 1873 - 13 years after the club was founded - and officials at the society claim the courts are still in the same positions, to within a few inches.

This means the lawn courts have been in longer continuous use than other courts anywhere in the world.

Admittedly British tennis fans would rather celebrate seeing a Brit win Wimbledon (or anything for that matter) … but they've got to take what they can.

275x250.jpgScientists say they've finally discovered science behind why men are able to kick a football harder than women.

Using 10 video cameras, 21 retroreflective markers and 16 electrodes researchers monitored what happens when men and women kick a ball.

They discovered significant differences in knee alignment and muscle activation between men and women, giving men more power.

Male players apparently activate the hip flexors in their kicking leg and the hip abductors in their supporting leg more than females.

Next up the researchers will study throwing like a girl and investigate whether their dad can indeed beat up your dad.

Boffins say they have finally explained the science behind Roberto Carlos' amazing free kick goal against France in 1997.

The goal scored by the Brazilian in the Tournoi de France is widely regarded as one of football's best ever free-kicks.

Some commentators joked it "defied physics" and keeper Fabian Barthez was embarrassingly left standing still and red-faced by the strike.

But while some thought it was a fluke, physicists have now computed the trajectory equation and shown that Carlos' goal was all skill… and science, obviously.

They claim any ball kicked hard enough, with the right spin and from far enough away will follow the 'spinning ball spiral' -- so prepare to see lots of dodgy long range attempts this weekend.

275x250.jpgA golfer accidentally started a 12-acre fire when he hit his club on a rock in California causing sparks and the resulting blaze.

The hapless golfer had been playing at the Shady Canyon golf course in Irvine, when the accident happened.

It's said he'd taken a swing at the ball but that his club struck a rock causing a small spark.

But this was enough to start a fire in the parched area and the blaze soon covered a massive 12 acres of the densely wooded hill.

Almost 200 firefighters attended the scene and the fire burnt for over seven hours… and we thought our golfing endeavours had been embarrassing.

275x250.jpg A new speed record has been set at the World Bog Snorkelling Championships... after the bogs were cleaned for the first time in ten years.

More than 150 competitors from around the world had attended the event - now in it's 25th year - near Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, to take part.

Once there they had to see how long it took to complete the 110 metre course by swimming two lengths of the murky - and still very muddy - trench.

Organisers said they'd anticipated fast times as the trenches had recently been cleaned but couldn't believe how much faster it was… we can't believe how murky the bog must have been last year.

275x250.jpgUEFA, European football's governing body, has ruled that vuvuzelas should be banned from their matches.

This means the irksome plastic trumpet, which became infamous at the World Cup, will not be heard at Euro 2012 qualifiers or Champions League games.

Bosses say they came to the conclusion the instrument should not be taken into stadiums at matches in UEFA competitions after consultation with 53 member associations.

It was decided the noise could drown-out the singing and chanting of fans andthat "for reasons related to Europe's football culture and tradition" they should be banned.

However, we can think of the odd player who'd probably prefer the constant drone of a vuvuzela to fans chants… Yes Heskey, we're thinking of you.

Sky Sports presenter Jessica Kastrop was hit on the head by a stray football during a live pre-match broadcast.

In the clip - which has already become a hit on YouTube - Kastrop can be seen talking to her co-presenter about the pre-season clash in Stuttgart

But then all of a sudden a ball is whipped in by Former Chelsea star Khalid Boulahrouz smashing Kastrop on the back of her head.

The force of the 100mph ball knocked her head forward so fast Kastrop almost head-butted the desk she was stood at.

Boulahrouz insists the battering ball was an accident… and Chelsea fans will tell you he can't normally shoot with that accuracy.

275x250.jpg A £40,000 golf buggy which has a refrigerator built into the dashboard, can now be driven on Britain's roads after receiving legal permission.

The Garia cart is the world’s most expensive golf buggy and is made in the same factory as cars like the Porshe Boxster.

It has suspension inspired by supercars and a drive train built by the same firm which produces Ducati gearboxes. But until recently it could only be used on the golf course.

But makers now say it can be used to drive "directly from your home to the golf course"… as long as you don't live too far away, because it can only do 35mph.

275x250.jpgWhen Craig Bellamy joined Cardiff City from Manchester City it took many people by surprise, including staff at the club shop.

Within hours of the shock announcement that Bellamy would play with the number 39 on his back, thousands of replica shirts were sold.

But the club shop soon ran out of Ys and 9s -- so fans started buying shirts with "Bellam 3" printed on the rear.

Many say they plan on returning to get the rest of the shirt printed once the store has more letters in stock.

Cynics have suggested the fans should pop into a Manchester City store and they would probably top it up for them.

275x250.jpgA video of Roger Federer serving a tennis ball and knocking a bottle off a man's head William Tell-style has become an online hit.

But is the clip real or fake? The internet is currently debating whether it was a great shot, or a great camera trick.

In the video -'leaked' from a Gillette shoot - Federer convinced someone to stand with a bottle on his head.

He then went to the other end of the studio and served the ball knocking the bottle to the floor. For good measure he then repeated the trick.

What do you think, is it a camera trick… or did the first 14 attempts  result in people breaking their nose? Let us know in the comments.

275x250.jpgA daredevil motorcross rider was thrown into the crowd at an event in London after he hit a ramp awkwardly.

Andre Villa had been competing at the Red Bull X-Fighters competition at Battersea Power Station when he was propelled from his saddle.

Despite the huge fall into watching spectators, Villa was luckily not seriously injured and (even more luckily) his bike had not made it over the audience barrier.

A spokesperson for the event said no-one had been seriously hurt in the  accident and that three fans suffered minor injuries.

One fan said: "I know this was a dangerous sport. But I thought it was only dangerous for the riders, not the audience too."

An Icelandic football team who shot to fame after a goal celebration video went viral online say they're now under pressure to come up with more.

Stjarnan FC became web heros when their celebration of pretending to be fishing and landing a player on an imaginary line was viewed by millions.

But now the players say they feel under as much pressure to make fans laugh as much as they are to score goals and win games.

As such they've been working on new routines and got the chance to try a few out during a recent 3-2 win.

In odd news the manager has hinted that rather than buying a new centre-back they are on the lookout for a good choreographer in the transfer market.

A 'cowardly' US baseball fan has become an online hit after chickening out and dodging an foul ball… which went on to hit his girlfriend.

The man, known only as Bo, had been watching the Astros v Atlanta Braves game in Houston, when a foul ball came flying towards him.

But after jumping up to catch the wayward ball he changed his mind at the last minute and dived out of the way.

If bailing on the catch in front of thousands of fans wasn't bad enough then speeding ball then stuck his girlfriend on her right arm.

A clip of the incident has now gone viral online… and earned Bo the unenviable nickname of "The Bailer".

A Japanese baseball player has stunned fans by performing an amazing Spider-Man-esque jump to catch a ball.

Masato Akamatsu made the impressive catch during the Nippon Professional League game between the Yokohama BayStars and Hiroshima Carp.

After Shuichi Murata hit the ball it looked destined to fly over the wall and into the crowd - but Akamatsu was not having any of if.

The never-say-die fielder ran at the ball and jumped at and off the wall before plucking it out of the air some 15ft up.

Since the clip was uploaded to the internet it has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans and almost makes baseball look interesting, almost.

275x250.jpg A basketball mad teenager has made what's thought to be the longest ever shot… after an hour and a half of misses.

17-year-old Evan Sellers hit the basket from the 134ft platform of the Vulcan Monument, Birmingham, Alabama, in the incredible record attempt.

After his heroic hurl, the ball took over four seconds to fall through the hoop and set the unofficial record.

Sellers is a member of the "Legendary Shots" group which makes amazing basketball trick shots and posts videos of them online… obviously they edit out the hundreds of misses first.

275x250.jpgA Kiwi adventurer has set off on a record-breaking four month and 31,000 km jetski journey from London to New Zealand.

Jeremy Burfoot says he will ride for up to 12 hours per day during the trip - and he knows you will probably think he is an idiot for doing it.

The 51-year-old airline pilot says he and pals came up with the idea after trying to think of ways to better his previous feat of circumnavigating New Zealand on a jetski.

Burfoot will be joined on his journey - which he's spent three years planning -  by four other adventurers also riding jetskis adapted to hold 250 litres of fuel.

When his mate first suggested the mega-journey Burfoot said his first response was to ask, "What kind of a fool would do that?" -- he's currently straddling his jetski somewhere in Europe.

275x250.jpgA pair of competitive eaters have munched their way to a new Guinness World Record -- by eating as many chocolate bars as they could in 60 seconds.

The competition - held at San Diego Comic-Con - saw stomach-based athletes battle it out in a two stage Mars Bar eating event.

It started off by seeing how many they could eat in one minute, with rules stating each bar had to weigh 49 grams, be wrapped as the event began and that no fluids could be drunk to aid swallowing.

During this section, which was observed by a Guinness World Record adjudicator, Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti tied on three Mars Bars.

The contest then continued to see how many they could eat in total with Bertoletti managing to consume 38 without stopping… which should mean he can work rest and play for over a month.

275x250.jpgA horse called George Baker competed in a race at Leicester yesterday, ridden by a jockey called George Baker.

But the name-based oddness it doesn't end there, George Baker (the horse) was also trained by a man called George Baker... and is owned by another Mr George Baker.

And amazingly, all four George Bakers are different people. George Baker (the horse) was initially named by owner Harry Findlay as a joke because he wanted to send it to George Baker (the trainer).

But even he couldn't have expected that when he sold the three-year-old gelding, it would be snapped up by George Baker & Partners.

Unfortunately the 20/1 horse didn't win the race… much to the annoyance of the countless George Bakers who had presumably placed a bet on it.

A greyhound race in Australia has been declared a 'no race' -- after a real-life hare ran across the track and distracted the dogs.

The dogs had been chasing the traditional faux bunny at Shepperton Stadium in Victoria, when the hare invaded the track.

It sprinted in front of the racers and crossed to the outside of the track - distracting the dogs, one of which chased after it.

Because third-placed Ginny Lou (20/1) rejected the robot rabbit for the real thing the race was voided.

After a hare-y few minutes the £19,000 of bets which had been placed was refunded to punters.

275x250.jpg As races go it was not the most action-packed, and despite taking 3m 41s to complete the finely honed athletes only covered 13 inches. Welcome to the World Snail Racing Championship 2010.

The obviously prestigious event takes place annually in Norfolk and sees more than 200 of the world's speediest snails compete in the races which each start with a ref saying: "Ready, steady, SLOW!"

The racers are started at the centre of a circular table and sprint to the circular finish line 13 inches away. After a series of round the winner scoops a silver tankard filled with lettuce.

This year the honour went to Sidney the snail (and 62-year-old owner Claire Lawrence) took the title in a leisurely 3m 41s… that's longer than the 1500m race at the Olympics.

275x250.jpgSpanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas celebrated his World Cup victory by snogging his girlfriend Sara Carbonero live on TV - much to her surprise.

Carbonero had been interviewing the World Cup winner for Spanish TV station Telecinco when he appeared to get tongue-tied and emotional.

As the keeper broke down in tears Carbonero - who is dating the Real Madrid goalie - asked him if he wanted a moment to compose himself.

He didn't. Instead he simply said: "No, this is what I want to do," before grabbing her and snogging her - much to her surprise and embarrassment.

The clip has since become a hit online -- let's just hope it doesn't set a president for all post football match interviews.

A Spanish pitch invader who tried to get his hands on the World Cup trophy was floored by a single punch from a security guard.

Jaume Marquet Cot - also known as Jimmy Jump - had run across the pitch ahead of the Holland v Spain final towards the famous trophy which stood on a podium on the halfway line.

But as Barcelona fan Jimmy tried to place a Catalan hat on the World Cup, a security guard stepped up and landed a right hook around his face, knocking him to the floor.

The red-faced 36-year-old - who has previously invaded countless football pitches, the Spanish Grand Prix and even the Eurovision Song Contest - was then carried shamefully off down the tunnel.

While the serial pitch invader has previously been let off easily for his stunts he is now in custody waiting to be charged… and still wondering where that fist came from.

275x250.jpgPaul the 'psychic' octopus has done it again, he correctly predicted the result of the World Cup clash between Spain and Germany.

Dubbed 'oracle of the deep' Paul - who lives at the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany - kept his 100% record if foreseeing the results of his homeland.

Earlier in the week the eight-legged mystic made his prediction by eating mussels from a box draped in the flag of the team he thought would make it into the final.

And last night, as a Carlos Puyol goal sealed the 1-0 win for the Spanish, Paul notched up yet another correct prediction, reaffirming his position as the real star of this World Cup.

In fact, his predictions have been so much better than pundits like Gary Linekar and Adrian Chiles we think Sky Sports should snap him up to front their Premier League coverage, what do you reckon?

275x250.jpg Six-time hot dog eating champion Takeru Kobayashi was arrested when he stormed the stage at this year's New York International Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Speed-eater Kobayashi had refused to take part in the event because of contract issues - but tried to get on stage after the champion was crowned.

Joey "Jaws" Chestnut was gobbling his way to his fourth title by (munching 54 hotdogs in 10 minutes) when Kobayashi jump onto the stage as fans shouted "let him eat".

After wresting with police he was arrested and taken into custody overnight --  it's not know if he was given a hot hog while in jail.

275x250.jpgA distracted baseball fan who was using his mobile phone during a recent game got hit in the face by the ball.

The New York Yankees fan has been chatting away on his phone during the game against the Mariners when the accident happened.

As Seattle's Rob Johnson hit the ball into the stands everyone in the stadium seemed to be watching the ball.

Well everyone except for the poor fan who as talking on his phone and didn't notice it until it hit him in the face - much to the amusement of commentators.

"Oooh... he got hit in the face," said one of the announcers… who was glad something interesting had finally happened in a baseball game.

275x250.jpg An Olympic sprinter who can run 100m in a speedy 10 seconds has competed in a weird 'Man v Horse' race -- and comprehensively lost.

Jamie Baulch - who won a silver medal at the 1996 Olympics - took on Peopleton Brook in the odd £10,000 race at Kempton Park last night.

Despite taking an early lead over the 16 hands thoroughbred, Baulch - who hasn't run competitively in years - was easily passed with 40m to go and ended up well behind.

Peopleton Brook finished in 10.06 seconds and immediately started talking about wanting a race against Usain Bolt -- well we think he would have done if he could speak.

275x250.jpgYouTube has started adding a special button to videos on the site, which plays the sound of a Vuvuzela over the normal soundtrack.

The football shaped button started appearing on videos this morning and when pressed plays the droning sound which has annoyed millions of football fans.

Just like being at a World Cup game the Vuvuzela sound will drown out whatever you are trying to listen to and can't be adjusted by the volume button.

While TV stations broadcasting the South African tournament have tried to reduce the Vuvuzela effect the button is sure to be a hit online.

It's expected the button will remain in place till the end of the World Cup BBBZZZZZZZZZZ.

275x250.jpgThe record for the longest ever Grand Slam tennis match has been broken at Wimbledon… but despite lasting TEN hours, it hasn't finished yet.

France's Nicolas Mahut was taking on John Isner of the United States in the match which started on Tuesday and was expected to finish early today.

But after going into a fifth set (6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6) the monumental match carried on, with the pair matching everything the other was able to offer.

After playing for a total of 10 hours, and reaching an almost absurd score of 54-54, poor light stopped play and the weary looking players were forced to leave the court.

The record-breaking match will continue tomorrow… if Mahut and Isner are able to get out of bed.

275x250.jpgA patriotic parrot will be cheering for England tonight -- after owners spent a month training it to squark "Come on Rooney".

Feathered football fan Benji - and African Grey - is said to enjoy watching matches and squarks whenever he recognises the England team.

Owner Ruth Borrill from Peterborough says she has taught his to support our boys in South Africa by also cheering 'Come on England' and 'Goal!'.

African Grey Parrots are originally from West and Central Africa, so it is quite surprising Benji is supporting England.

As you can see from the video after the link, Benji currently says "Come on Roon" rather than Rooney -- maybe by the time we are in the World Cup final he will have got it right.

275x250.jpgBosses at a theme park are supporting blundering goalkeeper Robert Green -- by letting people who share his name go on rides for free.

Tomorrow the first 100 people who can prove they are really called Robert Green will get free entry to Alton Towers and rides like Oblivion and Th13rteen.

A spokesperson for the Staffordshire attraction said the move was because the Robs have probably suffered a week of flack flowwing their namesakes high profile howler.

To qualify, all would-be roller-coaster riding Rob Greens will need to provide a passport or driving licence.

They will then have a ball slowly rolled at them and if they fail to stop it they will be allowed in for free.

275x250.jpg More than 20,000 people have gathered to watch an annual event where racers run through a town carrying someone in a bed.

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race saw 91 teams of bed-carrying racers complete the three-mile course in a bid to win the (obviously prestigious) title.

While some racers, like the winners Ripon Runners - who finished in 13.56 minutes - take the event seriously, others compete in fancy dress and with decorated beds

The Bed Race dates back to 1966 and with over 630 competitors this year is still growing -- in case NewsLite enters a team next year I'm putting my name down for the position in the bed. 

Millions of fans missed England's opening goal of the World Cup -- because blundering button pressers at  ITV HD cut to an advert.

Just three minutes into the game against USA the channel - which promised to show the World Cup in more detail than ever before - cut to a Hyundai ad.

This meant fans who were watching the high definition broadcast, didn't see Liverpool ace Gerrard score.

In fact the first they knew about it was when the 24 second interruption ended and the match returned to screens, with a 1-0 scoreline and Fabio Capello celebrating.

More than 1m fans are said to have shelled out on a HDTVs specifically to watch England games in HD at home… something they are no doubt regretting.

275x250.jpgWhen England take on USA at the South Africa World Cup tomorrow they will be two team divided by a common language.

That's because, in addition to calling the beautiful game 'soccer' rather than 'football', the Americans use a whole host of odd footballing phrases.

For example rather than a header, their players make head-shots, the goal line is called the end-line and swearing at the ref can get them ejected rather than sent off.

As a result a translation firm have produced a guide to US footballing lingo so that, should you end up watching coverage from America, you will still know what they are talking about.

Also, rather than keeping a clean-sheet, US teams want to perform a shut-out on the opposition… which hopefully they won't manage tomorrow.

275x250.jpgMotorists have been warned to keep off the roads during England World Cup matches -- because they're much more likely to have an accident.

Research has found that as matches draw to their conclusion, fans listening on their car radio can get distracted and are therefore liable to crash.

Dubbed ‘Last Minute Syndrome’ fans heart rates are said to increase, their hands get sweaty and they feel nauseous as they listen and drive.

This, along with decreased levels of concentration, is claimed to have resulted in almost 500,000 minor accidents as England have conceded late equalisers or losing goals in recent tournaments.

So, would you drive during an England match? -- No, if you are from Scotland or Wales there's no need to answer.

275x250.jpgMore than FIVE MILLION England fans will carry out pre-match rituals before World Cup games in the hope it will help us win.
Researchers quizzed 4,000 England fans finding that 15 per cent of superstitious supporters will stick to tried and tested superstitions.
One in ten will don lucky pants, one in five will watch matches with a 'lucky' group of mates while 11 per cent will retire to their lucky armchair.
Another 16 per cent will kiss the badge on their shirt, 14 per cent will sing a football chant and eight per cent will insist on the same food or drink before each kick-off.
A third of people said they felt guilty if they didn't carry out their ritual… so if we don't end up World Cup winners, these are the people to blame.

A powerlifer competing at an event in Chicago tried to squat 1,008 pounds -- and ended up projectile vomiting on a judge.

Logan Lacy was trying to lift the heavy weight at the American Powerlifting Federation contest when the embarrassing accident happened.

As he tried to stand, raising the weight, his cheeks puffed out and then he proceeded to vomit onto judge Garry Frank... who was sitting two metres in front of him.

Logan than passed out and collapsed to the floor, luckily he is okay, other than his dented pride.

In his defence, the phrases "Lift this" and "Do an Exorcist impression" can sound surprisingly similar.

275x250.jpgGoogle appears to be getting over-excited about the start of the World Cup 2010 if their search search results are anything to go by.

A search for "World Cup" displays upcoming fixtures and live group standing from the South Africa contest, all above the normal results.

Not only that but the traditional "Gooooogle" at the bottom, used for accessing additional pages of results, has been replaced with "Goooooal".

"World Cup" has also become one of the most searched for terms online and it's predicted a third of UK workers will watch games online at work.

In odd news, those who will not be streaming games to their computer have already decided which matches they will be phoning in sick for.

275x250.jpg Daredevil athletes have jumped from the edge of a 90ft deep sinkhole in a remote part of Mexico, as part of a cliff diving contest.

Divers in the 'Cliff Diving World Series' performed stunts and reached speeds of 40mph before hitting the dark water of Cenote Ik Kil.

Gary Hunt, from Southampton was the overall winner and managed to pull off a Triple Quad – one of the most difficult dives in the world.

The Red Bull event lasted for two days -- though most of that time was probably taken up trying to get back out after each jump.

275x250.jpgMore than 400 competitors have battled it out in a range of sports at the Wattoluempiade (Mud Olympics) in Hamburg, Germany.

Events included football and volleyball matches as well as bicycle races… all on mud.

The Mud Olympics are held each year on the mudflats of the river Elbe and organisers say the weather this year was a good combination of warm and wet.

Other events included skiing competitions, where, you guessed it, dirty racers competed on mud rather than snow.

After the events were finished mud-caked participants where hosed off with industrial hoses… though we are sure some didn't clean behind their ears.

275x250.jpgA poker player has recorded the longest game in history -- after playing for a record 115 hours.

Phil Laak was only allowed a five minute break for every hour he played at the Bellagio Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

The 37-year-old pro poker star had started his game on Wednesday and continued until yesterday - beating the previous record of 72 hours.

Not only that but he also finished $6,766 up, and has said he will give half of his winnings to charity Camp Sunshine.

Laak - the boyfriend of Jennifer Tilly - didn't consume any caffeine or other stimulants during his bid… which must have mades the game even more boring the average poker match.

275x250.jpgThousands of fans have gathered to watch an annual shin-kicking championships which date back to the 17th Century.

16 competitors battled it out in the vicious contest in Gloucestershire where they grasp each others shoulders and quack at their rivals shins.

Wearing traditional white smocks and with their socks stuffed with protective straw, fighters then have to push their competitors to the ground after landing a good kick.

This year Londoner Kieron Lee was named champion after beating Gareth Price - part of a stag party from Wigan - in the final.

While the shin-kickers left with cuts and bruises they should consider themselves lucky -- steel toe caps were banned from the event in the 1950s and before that broken legs were commonplace.

275x250.jpgA translation firm has produced a guide to international terrace chants for England football fans going to the World Cup.

They claim it could come in handy for those wanting to impress/insult opposition fan, or just understanding what is being chanted at you.

Bosses at Global Lingo say there is often no point translating English football songs and clichés, because there is no equivalent.

Instead they say fans should learn foreign chants, and handily provided a few, which you can find below, ready for you to mispronounce.

And isn't it good to know that at least the Italians agree the referee's a w**ker -- "L'arbitro è una sega"

275x250.jpgRachel Stevens has been revealed as the face (and scantily-clad body) of a new World Cup perfume.

'Eau De Stade' has been released ahead of the tournament in South Africa and is said to embody all the smells of a football match.

Makers claim the unisex fragrance combines the aromas of fresh grass, the leathery scent of a football and the musky odour of dressing room sweat and tears.

Promotional material features sexy images of Rachel Stevens draped in an England flag and using a union flag bowler hat to cover her breasts.

However, the sexy image becomes slightly less appealing if you imagine Stevens smelling like Wayne Rooney's boots after 90 minutes.

A daredevil rollerblader has leaped from the 131ft high first floor of the Eiffel Tower and onto a massive quarter pipe ramp.

Inline skating champion Taig Khris, 34, fell 10m before landing on the 30m-high ramp and rolling into a wall of padding to break his fall.

The leap - which took two attempts to get right - was watched by thousands of bystanders who gathered in Parc Du Champs de Mars to watch.

After losing his footing during the first bid, Khris got it right second time, setting a new world record for the highest roller-skate jump.

In odd news, this is probably also the first time someone has set a world record while sliding on their bum into a giant airbag.

275x250.jpgA superfit football fan has traveled to South Africa for the World Cup -- after cycling, swimming and running all the way from Cirencester.

Rob Forbes set off on the mammoth 11,800-mile journey last October and has just arrived ready to watch England play.

The freelance ecologist and Spurs fan says he took on the challenge - the world's longest triathlon - to raise money for a charity which ships secondhand bikes to Africa.

He cycled through Europe before swimming the Strait of Gibraltar and then competing in a 56 mile marathon this weekend… and to think we'll just be going to the pub to watch the games.

275x250.jpgAfter being revealed yesterday, the London 2012 Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville have faced harsh criticism online.

Olympic organisers say the odd-looking one-eyed creatures represent the UK's rich Olympic history, but not too many people seem to be picking up on that.

Instead people have described the pair as "partly blinded Teletubbies" and "the worst mascots ever" -- and that's before getting onto ones which pick up on the phallic design.

It's said the idea for the characters came from two drops of molten steel dropped while making the last girder for London's Olympic Stadium.

They're designed to be interactive (whatever that means) and even have their own Twitter pages -- so at least you know where to direct you insults.

A rally driver crashed and rolled his car after being distracted by a spectator dropping his trousers and waving his bum.

Mark Tapper had been storming along the track during Stage 15 of the Rally New Zealand when he passed some fans in a tree-lined area.

But unlike most spectators - who drivers have to block out of their minds as they speed along at a dangerous pace - one guy stood out.

That's because he'd dropped his trousers and was mooning the cars as they went by. The slight distraction caused Tapper to clip a grass verge and flip his car.

As you can imagine the driver was non too happy and the language in this video accurately sums up his feelings to the bum-barer… so you may want to limit the volume if you're at work.

Just days after it was officially opened, base jumpers have plunged off the 828m tall Burj Khalifa tower.

Daredevils Nasr Al Niyadi and Omar Al Hegelan were given special permission to jump from the giant Dubai building.

The pair - members of the Emirates Aviation Society who have completed thousands of base jumps between them - reached speeds of 136mph as they hurtled towards the ground.

Setting the world record for the highest jump from a man-made structure, they free-fell for ten seconds before pulling their parachutes.

The entire descent took just one and half minutes… though we think we would rather take the lift.

275x250.jpgA daredevil driver has set a new world record distance for jumping in a rally car, reaching a massive 269 feet.

Travis Pastrana drove flew his Subaru rally car from a ramp on a pier in Long Beach, California onto a a barge anchored in the harbour.

He had to reach exactly 91mph at the end of the ramp to make the jump which looked near perfect as he landed at the other side skidding his car sideways.

But completing the jump and missing the water didn't mean that Travis stayed dry… he celebrated by doing a backflip into the harbour.

275x250.jpgThink you've set yourself a hard new years resolution? Then spare a thought for Martin Parnell, he plans to run 250 marathons in the next 12 months.

The 54-year-old from Canada hopes to raise $250,000 for charity with his marathon effort -- running a total of 6,550 miles.

That works out to five marathons per week and Martin won't be celebrating the new decade too hard, his runs start on the morning of January 1.

While most of the 250 marathons will be run on the Cochrane Foothills Marathon course in Cochrane, Alberta, Martin will also compete in several official events.

We dread to think how many pairs of trainers he will get through during the year, but given how long he will be wearing them we hope he leaves them outside.

275x250.jpgNew F1 boss Sir Richard Branson could soon be donning an air stewardess uniform and serving coffee on a rival airline, after placing a odd Formula One bet.

Branson has made a wager with rival F1 boss Tony Fernandes that his Virgin Racing team will do better than Lotus F1 next season.

If they do Tony will have to work for a day as a stewardess with Virgin Atlantic Airways - complete with unflattering uniform. But if Lotus F1 do better Branson will do the same on AirAsia.

AirAsia CEO Fernandes - who released this cheeky picture - said of the bet: "Our passengers will be delighted to be served by a Knight of the Realm."

Either way I think we can all agree the biggest losers will be the passengers on whichever flight gets the cross-dressing stewardess.

Why some footballers are bad at penalties

275x250.jpgBoffins claim they have worked out why some footballers are better at taking penalties, and it's all about anxiety and eye position.

Researchers say that footballers like Frank Lampard and Peter Crouch naturally feel anxious when taking part in a penalty shootout, and that this controls their behaviour.

Anxiety causes a player's eye gaze to focus on the centrally positioned goalkeeper - which in turn impacts they motor control and kick.

The team from the University of Exeter say that this means a shot is more likely to end up at the centre of the goal, making it more easier for the goalkeeper to save.

In that case Chris Waddle (are we showing out age here?) must have a lazy eye.

Formula One legend Murray Walker was in pole position today, after being voted the greatest sports commentator of all time.

Walker, who has been broadcasting since 1948 and spent much of his career at the BBC, took the chequered flag with ease in a survey of 8,879 people.

He beat BBC Sports' voice of football John Motson into second place with world tennis ace John McEnroe coming in third.

Famous for his boyish enthusiasm and authoritative voice, Walker began his Formula 1 commentating in the 1970's and continued until his retirement in 2001.

To be honest he is probably better know for his gaffes and Murrayisms like, 'With half the race gone, there's half the race still to go' and 'here comes Damon Hill in the Williams. This car is absolutely unique - except for the one following it, which is identical'.

275x250.jpgFormer England cricket captain Michael Vaughan is hoping to knock art critics for six after switching the crease for the canvas.

The 35-year-old batsman has currently got an exhibition of his abstract works on show at a Cardiff art gallery.

Vaughan creates the Jackson Pollock-esque images with a technique he dubbed "artballing" - where he paints cricket balls with a symbolic colour and then bats it against a blank canvas.

He says he has been pleased with the results from his 100mph creative process in a Yorkshire warehouse… dnd who is going to argue with a artist waving a cricket bat.    

Dog owners exercise more than gym members

275x250.jpgThe average dog owner gets more exercise from walking their pooch than a gym-goer, it has been claimed.

Researchers found animal lovers exercise their pet twice a day for 24 minutes each time - a total of five hours and 38 minutes a week.

On top of that, the average dog owner also takes their pet out on three long walks each week adding another two hours and 33 minutes to the total.

But in comparison, a study of 5,000 people found those without a dog spend an average of just one hour and 20 minutes per week exercising by going to the gym or heading out for a stroll or jog.

And almost half (47 per cent) of non-pet owners admit they do absolutely no exercise whatsoever -- though those with a tortoise didn't fare much better.

275x250.jpgDaredevil inventor and pilot Yves Rossy has crashed into the ocean after trying to fly from Africa to Europe with a winged 150mph jetpack.

It is thought a malfunction with his jet wing caused Rossy - dubbed Rocket Man - to crash land in the Straits of Gibraltar shortly after his launch.

Rossy had leapt from a plane at 6,500ft before extending his eight-foot carbon fibre wings and engaging his four-cylinder jet pack.

This should have propelled him to 150mph for the 15 minute journey which would have landed him a place in the record books as the first person to make a intercontinental crossing using Jet-powered wings.

But after about 8 minutes, cameras lost contact with him and the next thing anyone knew was that he had parachuted into the ocean.

275x250.jpgManchester United's home Old Trafford has been voted the most welcoming football stadium in Britain.
Also known as the 'Theatre of Dreams' Old Trafford topped a poll of 3,000 footy fans - who were asked where they felt the most welcomed as opposition.
It was hailed for its friendly fans, staff, comfortable seats and good food.
Arsenal's Emirates Stadium was second and Liverpool's Anfield ground was third. Chelsea's Stamford Bridge was fourth and St. James's Park, Newcastle was fifth.

Other grounds to make the top ten included Aston Villa's Villa Park, Spurs' White Hart Lane and Craven Cottage in Fulham.

275x250.jpgA beach ball which helped score one of the oddest goals the Premiership has ever seen has been sold for auction on Ebay.

The red beach ball had been thrown onto the pitch during a match between Sunderland and Liverpool when it deflected a shot from Darren Bent right into the back of the net.

Liverpool keeper Pepe Reina looked on in shock at the freak goal and his team went on to lose 1-0.

But now the ball has at least brought some consolation for the city - after it raised more than £400 for the Liverpool Alder Hey Children's Hospital charity.

Something tells us Reds fans still won't be singing 99 Red balloons any time soon though - it will come as no surprise that the buyer was a Sunderland fan.

A footballer has scored the worlds fastest goal - just 2 seconds after kickoff.

As the ref blew the whistle to start the game Nawaf Al Abed, lining up for the Saudi  team Al Hilal whacked the ball straight from the centre spot.

The opposition and fans could only look on in shock as the ball went straight over the keeper and into the back of the net.

As any pub quiz fans will know, this breaks the previous record of 4 seconds held by Jim Fryatt of Bradford Park  who played againt Tranmere Rovers, 25 April 1964.

For further point you may like to know that Al Hilal went on to win the game against Al Shoalah 4-0.

Top 5 hobbies that make people fancy you

275x250.jpgMen are more likely to fancy women who dance or do yoga in their free-time, while women are turned on by blokes who surf and rock climb.

A survey of over 1,300 Brits asked them what hobby they found most attractive by the opposite sex an how hearing someone had a certain hobby changed their opinion of them.

It was found that men liked women with physical hobbies like dancing, yoga, swimming - 89 percent said they found dancing a turn on - but that an interest in cookery doesn't hurt either.

Women named football as the number one hobby for men (though we think they meant playing rather than sitting on the sofa watching it) followed by surfing, photography and rock climbing.

49 percent of men also said finding out a woman enjoyed pole dancing would turn them on -- the other 51 percent lied when answering the question.

275x250.jpgA souvenir collector who somehow got his hands on 5,000 condoms due to be handed out to athletes at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, is set to sell them at auction.

After the games ended the man managed to snap up most of the 100,000 which hadn't been used by randy sports people.

Each of the Olympic prophylactics is in a branded wrapper which has the motto of the Beijing Games "faster, higher, stronger" printed in it.
The 5,000 condoms will now be sold as a single lot at a Chinese sporting auction on 29 November - with a starting price that works out to one yuan each (8p).

We are not sure it would be that great to be stuck with 5,000 condoms promoting how fast you were on the packet.

275x250.jpgAn 848 mile long golf course has opened in Australia - and it can take over seven days to play.

Nullarbor Links is the world's longest golf course and with the next hole sometimes 100km away you will need a good driver… and we don't mean the club.

It will come as no surprise that the idea for the course was dreamed up by a few Aussies as they shared a beer or two - they now hope it will attract thousands of tourists each year.

The par 72, which spreads over South and Western Australia, is dotted with signs warning about wayward wombats and kangaroos. Golfers wanting to play must buy a $50 scorecard for the course.

The team behind the course say it's a unique way to see Australia… and ensuring your wife never talks to you again.

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