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275x250.jpg We've seen our fair share of odd yachts here on Newslite -- from a Monaco inspired one and another which came with a free supercar to dubiously gold-plated ones -- but this is certainly up there.

Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, “Project Utopia” measures 100m in length and breadth and features 11 decks seemingly hovering over the sea.

Designers say the yacht (should it ever get built) would also boast four helipads, its own dock, several swimming pools and as much space as a cruise liner.

There would also be a 360-degree observation area… from where you could watch people pointing and saying: "I can't believe that thing ever got built!

275x250.jpg An artist and photographer has created an amazing series of dinosaur images by 'painting' them with nothing more a torch, a camera and a lot of talent.

Darren Pearson (Darius Twin) uses a method known as light graffiti to create his stunning 'Light Fossils' images, which have become a huge hit online.

The method involves setting a camera to a slow shutter speed and then using a LED torch / flashlight to draw the image mid-air in the time it takes the shutter to close.

The result is a photograph with an impressive graffiti-like dino image -- luckily anyone who saw it being created wouldn't fear a dino invasion… they'd have just seen a series of morse code-like light dots.

When we first saw the airbag cycle helmet last year, we were impressed. And  it appears we were not the only ones -- it's just won a prestigious design award.

'Hovding' helmet -- which looks like a scarf and only springs into action when needed -- has scooped the play 'Index Award' at a gala event in the Danish capital Copenhagen.

The innovative helmet instantly inflates into an air-bag-style helmet when accelerometers and gyro-meters inside detect sudden jolt.

The Swedish designers say they came up with the creation to have a helmet which would not spoil their hair-do… but the 100,000 Euro prize money must be a nice bonus.

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