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275x250.jpgA team of ninjas scared off three would-be muggers in Australia when they were spotted attacking a man near to the dojo where they train.

The muggers had grabbed a mobile phone and iPod from a German exchange student, who was visiting Sydney, before pushing his to the ground and repeatedly kicking him.

But luckily for the 27-year-old medical student, the assault had been seen by a member of a nearby dojo who ran inside and told his sensei what was happening.

With that the class at Ninja Senshi Ryu was abruptly halted and the five martial arts experts - all wearing full black ninja garb - ran outside to help the attack victim.

When the attackers looked up and saw the shadowy figures running at them, they dropped what they were doing and quickly scarpered -- presumably after wondering what the fudge had just happened.

An armed robber picked on the wrong guy during a raid at a Leeds bookmakers, as this CCTV shows.

When the robber pointed a gun at the head of Martin Richardson - an 18-stone rugby player - his have-a-go-hero gene must have kicked in.

Martin was blocking the exit to the store when the man waving the gun (which turned out to be a replica) told him to open the door and get out of the way.

But rather than do what he was told the judo expert picked up a nearby chair and hurled it at the confused robber.

He then proceeded to wrestle the raider to the floor and sit on him until police arrived to arrest him. Martin says he'd not been in a good mood that day anyway.

275x250.jpgMoney exchange offices in the UK have stopped selling the 500 Euro note -- because experts say 90 percent of them are used by crooks.

The Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) say the high value Euro notes are almost exclusively in the procession of gangs, drug dealers and money launderers.

€500 notes are said to have been particularly attractive to criminals because they takes up less than a tenth of the space of the alternatives in sterling, meaning they can be moved easier.

Experts say an adult male "mule" could swallow 150,000 euros (£127,705) of the notes and 20,000 euros could even be hidden in a cigarette packet.

While no more €500s will be issued, the note is not being made illegal and anyone with one will still be able to pay it into their bank… where tellers will look at them suspiciously.

275x250.jpg Police in Switzerland have started hiring an actor to dress as an angel and stand at the side of busy roads.

Complete with a white suit and feathered wings, the angel is being employed for 20 hours per week to wave at speeding motorists in a bid to slow them down.

The idea comes from a recent television advertising campaign where the bearded angel tells heavy footed drivers to "Slow Down. Take It Easy".

The unnamed actor will now spend at least six months standing by the side of roads in western Switzerland… worryingly we think if we saw him we would be more likely to crash.

Police officers arrived at the scene of a reported armed robbery, only to discover the 'crime' was actually a shoot for an upcoming movie.

Cops had been called out when a passerby saw what they thought was an armed robbery at a grocery store in New York.

But when the SEVEN police cars arrived and 15 officers burst into the store, they discovered they weren't needed.

That's because the weapon which had been seen was a prop and the person waving it at staff was an actor in a independent movie.

Police say the director had forgotten to notify them he was filming a scene involving a firearm… given how close his actors came to being shot, we don't think he will make that mistake again.

275x250.jpgBritain's rarest wild flower is set to receive added police protection when it flowers later this year.

The Lady’s Slipper orchid growing in Lancashire is believed to have been planted in the 1800s and be the last flowering example of its kind in the UK.

While the flower at Silverdale Golf Course in Carnforth is already protected in law, police want to boost protection because it has been mutilated twice over the past six years.

They are now considering ways of of making it safer, including CCTV cameras and setting up extra patrols.

Let's just hope a wayward golf ball doesn't smash the flower before the police can protect it.

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