Global military spending reached a new milestone in 2023 with an increase of 6,8% compared to the previous year, totaling US$2.443 trillion. This information was released this Monday, 22, by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

According to the SIPRI report, this is the ninth consecutive year of an increase in military spending worldwide. The United States, China and Russia emerge as the three biggest spenders, dominating the global defense scene.

The USA leads the ranking, representing 37% of the global total, with an expenditure of US$916 billion em 2023.

China remains in second place, contributing 12% do total and an estimated expenditure of US$296 billionwhile Russia occupies third position, with 4,5% of the total and an expense of US$109 billionmarking a significant increase in 24% in relation to 2022.

Furthermore, the report highlights that military spending increased in all five geographic regions defined by SIPRI. Ukraine, ranked as the eighth largest spender in 2023, recorded a 51% increase in its military spending compared to the previous year, totaling $64.8 billion.

In the Middle East, military spending increased by 9%, with Israel leading the increase with 24% growth to $27.5 billion, driven by the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

These numbers reflect the ongoing dynamics of the global security landscape and highlight the strategic importance attributed to defense in various regions of the world.


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