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lost penguin The penguin who was dubbed Happy Feet after accidentally swimming to New Zealand rather than Antarctica has finally headed home.

The confused emperor penguin -- who also needed surgery after eating sand thinking it was snow - is being transported by a fisheries survey vessel.

And before he went, hundreds of people turned out to bid farewell to the bird who became a worldwide sensation after he exploits were reported.

He's also been fitted with a tracking device so that bosses at Wellington Zoo where he was treated, can monitor his progress.

275x250.jpgA team of bungling thieves who thought they'd successfully stolen £240,000 of rhino horns from a museum actually made off with worthless replicas.

The gang had smashed their way into the Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire before using hammers to remove horns from two stuffed animals, an Indian rhino and a white rhino.

They probably thought they'd swiped valuable ivory horns in the break-in -- during which nothing else was taken -- but police have now revealed all they got away with were fakes.

Faux rhino horns made out of resin and with no commercial value had been fitted to the stuffed animals after a series of rhino horn raids on auction rooms, galleries and private collections.

Real rhino horns, sought after because of a belief it can cure cancer, are worth more than diamonds, gold and cocaine… fake ones, not so much.

A video of a cat and dog staring at each other in a Western-style standoff for more than 90 seconds before going for each other has become an online hit.

And this has obviously been helped by the fact someone has already added the theme song of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (below).

In the video, the pooch and pussy glare at each other as the cay slyly edges towards the dog, testing its nerves.

But it's the little dog which makes the first move by noisily charging at the kitty… before bolting and getting chased off by the feline.

275x250.jpg A rare litter of five all black miniature piglets has been born at Pennywell Farm. There's not much more news than that, but there is this very cute picture.

The tiny piglets, which each weighed less than 1lb at birth and are just six inches long, were born just six days ago and are all said to be doing well.

They're part of a special micro pig breed which has been grown by Pennywell Farm owner Chris Murray for the past fifteen years, and even when fully grown will only measure 14 inches tall.

So far staff at the farm have not picked names for the piglets and say they would like to hear suggestions… so let's see what you can come up with in the comments.

Kittens are cute, we all know that! But what's cuter than your average cute kitten? A sleepy kitten stretching cutely as it slowly wakes up, that's what.

And with that we give you Banzai Kitten, a cute overload in video form which is currently going viral online.

In the 54 second video - which has been watched more than 75,00 times - the kitty can be seen snoozing away before slowly waking up.

As he does, he reaches upwards with a huge stretch and lets out a big yawn. He then gives a deserved glare at the person filming him and goes back to sleep… what's not to like.

275x250.jpg Obi is one tough police dog. Even suffering multiple fractures to his skull when a rioter in London hurled a brick at him, couldn't stop him from doing his job.

And X-ray images of the three-year-old German shepherd have now been revealed  showing the severity of the injuries he sustained during the London riots.

Staff at Queens Veterinary School Hospital at the University of Cambridge say 3D CT images show the impact site of the brick and surrounding bone damage.

Amazingly Obi carried on working for two hours after sustaining the injury - though he's now recuperating at home and is expected to be out of action for several months. 

275x250.jpg A rare miniature spider crab, which was last recorded in Cornish waters back in 1912, is set to on show after being re-discovered.

The 'Gibb's spider crab' was netted by Newquay fisherman Dan Gilbert earlier in the summer and has now been donated to the local Blue Reef Aquarium.

Bosses there say the creature is so rare, a marine life expert was called on to help identify it after they exhausted all of their reference books.

But they should be forgiven for not recognising it - there have only been 13 recorded sightings and all were during Edwardian and Victorian times.

275x250.jpgA kinky kangaroo has been caught red-handed by police in Prague who say he was stealing sexy underwear off washing lines.

Officers say the two year-old marsupial called Benji escaped from his owner and then proceeded to hop from yard to yard on a lingerie grabbing spree.

Soon after receiving a call from the distressed owner reporting their missing marsupial, calls started coming in about underwear being nabbed from washing lines.

But it was only when a woman looked out of her window and saw Benji rummaging through her knickers that they realised the incidents were related.

It's claimed that in each case the kinky kangaroo only the sexiest items off clotheslines before being apprehended and returned to his owner… who was keen to stress Benji didn't pick up the habit from him.

275x250.jpgA diving instructor was reportedly forced to swim 20 miles in shark-infested waters after being abandoned by a boatman off Borneo's Santubong peninsula.

Japanese diver Hishashi Koze had been had been exploring a shipwreckwith colleagues when the boatman they'd sailed out with, lost sight of them and their air bubbles underwater

Unable to locate them, it was assumed they were in trouble and he headed back to the shore, leaving the trio of divers at sea. Two were soon picked up by a passing fishing boat, but Koze was left behind.

The 39-year-old then spent the following 24 hours struggling in the water and swimming the 20 miles back to the shore. Which all sound bad enough… and that's before you consider the fact the waters were shark-infested.

Speaking after making to back to safety, an exhausted Koze said he swam backstroke against the waves throughout the evening and morning and kept telling himself "I must survive - I must survive."

A clever ape at Tokyo zoo has become an online hit after displaying impressively human-esque towel skills in a bid to cool down during hot weather.

During this two minute video - which is going viral on YouTube and has been watched more than 300,000 times - the orangutan can be seen dipping a towel into a pool of water.

It then wrings the wet towel out in its hands, before dabbing it across its forehead and face in a nice cooling manner.

As one online commenter quite wonderfully put it: "This short clip is better than the whole of that new Planet of the Apes."

Hot on the prancing heels of "Thriller Cat" another kitty has become an online hit after showing off equally fancy footwork.

Just like the show off puss before him, this feline can be seen strutting along on its hind legs with an arched back.

In the 12-second clip, the white cat shoots across a room to hide behind a foot stool, before emerging like it's part of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Initially it walks out with just a very hunched back, but when its owners laugh, it hops onto two legs to complete the wacky look.

275x250.jpgParamedics called out to deal with a five-year-old in cardiac arrest were shocked when they arrived to discover their proposed patient was actually a cat.

The staff from the East of Emergency Ambulance Service are reported to have been dispatched after a 999 call was received from a desperate couple.

Fearing a young child was fighting for their life, a fast response car and ambulance were quickly sent out to the address in Crane Mead, Herts.

But when they got there, paramedics were "gobsmacked" by what they found… a tearful couple with a five-year-old feline who was feared to have had a heart attack.

Ambulance bosses are now asking people to think twice before calling 999… which isn't surprising after this snowman, this string-playing cat, this rabbit and this rapper.

275x250.jpg A confused cow had to be rescued from a tight squeeze by animal welfare officials… after somehow getting its head stuck in a ladder.

The blundering Belgian Blue bovine had been reported to the Scottish SPCA by members of the public who spotted the odd sight in a field in Troon, Ayrshire.

Inspectors promptly contacted the farmer who owned the cow and rounded up the rest of the herd before helping liberate the cow form the wooden jewellery and return the bewildered beast to the them unharmed.

The farmer says he has no idea how the ladder ended up in his field - let alone being worn as a neckless by the unfortunate cow - but it's thought it could have fallen off a passing van or lorry.

A video of a dog being rubbed with a blanket so that static causes its hair to stick out has become a hit online… and as soon as you click play you'll see why.

In the 80-second clip - which has been viewed over a million times - the owner of the hairy mutt can be seen rubbing the dog with a blanket.

This, combined with the dry air, has the effect of causing its white hair to stick out and make it look like a cute porcupine as it prances around apparently showing off.

As the static effect wears off, the dog even runs along the sofa to get a 'recharge' from the giggling owner.

275x250.jpg Bosses at a UK safari park say they didn't know what to get for a silverback gorilla turning 50… but that flowers weren't their best idea.

Staff at Longleat Safari had wanted to do something special for Nico, Europe’s oldest silverback, when he celebrated his 50th birthday.

As such they gave the 200kgs beast an array of gifts including a bunch of flowers and a banana-shaped birthday cake for him to enjoy.

But as these photos show, the flowers didn't go down too well and got petulantly thrown on the ground… at least the banana cake was more appreciated and got devoured in seconds.

Not only does Emmitt Thunderpaws have an awesome name for a dog, but the colossal  Great Dane also gives good viral video -- as this clip shows.

The video, which is currently surging on YouTube, sees him welcoming his owner back from 9 month military deployment in Afghanistan.

During the 90 second clip the owners of the huge dog can be heard discussing whether Emmitt will remember the returning soldier.

And  we think it's safe to say from the response that he does. He bounds up to the uniformed man and jumps up to look him in the face before enjoying a good pat and play.

Driver has lucky escape from flying cow

275x250.jpgA motorist is lucky to be alive after a 'flying cow' landed on the bonnet of his car and crushed the vehicle as he was driving in Leeds.

The Citroen C5 is said to have been left in quite a state after the cow leaped three feet over a fence and collided with the car.

Reports say that the car skidded almost 80 yards after the impact and ended up on the wrong side of the road and with a severely dented bonnet and broken wheel.

But while the driver escaped from the accident with just minor cuts and bruises, it wasn't so good for the bouncing bovine which was announced dead at the scene.

* Okay, so when we say 'flying cow' we might actually mean jumping cow.

200x190.jpgWhile you might think sparrows' birdsong is a relaxing sound of the British countryside - but it's actually an aggressive exchange of insults, it's been claimed.

Academics say the soothing sounds are really more like an abusive rap battle between birds who are showing off and trying to appear macho.

The researchers from a number of Canadian universities discovered that when they're looking for a mate, male sparrows move away from their usual sweet tweeting.

Instead they become louder and more aggressive - often repeating the insulting noises of other birds - in a bid to attract attention and outdo other feathered rivals.

Personally we'd like to know what constitutes an insult for a sparrows, we're guessing it's all 'mother flapper' this and 'cockatoo' that.

275x250.jpg Lifeboat crews were called out to rescue a spooked horse which had thrown off his owner and then swam out more than half-a-mile into the English Channel.

The unseated owner had resorted to calling coastguards after being thrown off in shallow water then watching the beast swim off from Sandwich in Kent.

Walmer RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched after numerous 999 and by the time they caught up with the horse it half a mile offshore and was starting to tire.

Luckily the crew managed to attach a line to its bridle and then coax it back towards the shore. It's not known if the animal was actually trying to get to France.

When police in Alabama heard that a runaway bull was charging along a road and causing danger to pedestrians and motorists, they dispatched multiple squad cars to deal with it.

But, after a four mile and 30 minute chase they were no closer to catching the elusive bull with huge horns, and they called in cowboys.

However, the cowboys were not riding in on their horses -- they sat on the front of the speeding squads cars to lasso the beast -- as this video shows.

Police say the bull was eventually brought under control and that no-one (including the bull) was hurt.

275x250.jpgA cow in Germany has not only managed to escape from a Bavarian sausage maker, but has spent 10 months hiding out with a herd of deer in woodland.

The brilliant bovine called Yvonne is said to have last year escaped from a sausage-based future after somehow escaping and going on the run in Bavaria.

Since then she's eluded capture by pretending to be a deer and even blending in with a herd which live in nearby woodland.

However, since the story was recently picked up by local media, it's not been looking good for Yvonne and there are reports hunters have been given permission to shoot her.

Luckily, Animal rights campaigners from Gut Aiderbichl animal sanctuary are on the case and are trying to lure her to safety with Ernst the breeding bull.

A US flight had to be diverted after a flying creature - believed to be a bat - began flapping around the cabin. Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

The Delta Air Lines flight had been on its way from Madison, Wisconsin to Atlanta when the creature started flying around.

As this footage shows, it did several laps of the plane causing panic among passengers and the pilot to turn the plane around and head back to the departure airport.

On the way there, the critter was captured after flying into the toilets - though officials were unable to find it on a search of the plane once it had landed… it probably didn't want a TSA pat-down.

275x250.jpg A group of penguins have been given sand-sculpture friends in a bid to console them after the departure of another group to whom they'd become attached.

Staff at Sea Life Weymouth say their 11 Humboldt penguins recently became friends with a group of Gentoo penguins with which they were temporarily homed.

But when the other penguins moved on to an aquarium in London the penguins became lonely, so bosses called in a artist to create penguin sculptures to keep them friends.

While staff say the nine sand-based Gentoo penguin created by Mark Anderson seem to be doing the trick and that the birds have stopped moping around, we think they'd have to be bird-brained to think they could be real…

Cats, is there anything they can't do? When they're not entertaining us by popping up on Question Time or interrupting weather forecasts they're trying to fix our cars.

At least that's what we think is happening in this video which is currently going viral online and has been viewed more than 110,000 times on YouTube.

In the 21 second clip a cute ginger kitten can be seen muscling in as a man tries to change the tyre on his car and wrestling with the jack.

And while the uploader seems to think the cat was just getting in the way, we like to think he was trying to help out.

The words "bear attack" probably make you think of vicious animals, maulings and generally unhappy endings for the people on the wrong end of them.

But as this video proves, that's doesn't have to always be the case… meet the world's cutest ever bear attack.

Shot in Russia the minute-long video shows a tiny bear cub trying to attack a backpacker by grabbing and 'biting' his arms and legs. All in a ridiculously cute manner.

It appears that no-one got hurt in the making of the video and we just hope that the mother bear didn't come out and show the youngster how it's meant to be done as soon as the camera was put down.

275x250.jpg A abandoned baby wallaby is being hand reared by her keepers at a UK safari park and kept in a rucksack in lieu of his mothers pouch.

Staff at Longleat Safari Park say the young red-necked wallaby called Joseph was rescued from certain death after being found cold and alone in the park.

So now he's been adopted by three keepers who take it in turns to carry him around in a substitute pouch made from a specially adapted rucksack to keep him warm and safe.

The trio will have to keep up their role as adopted parents for up to 10 months until the youngster is fully weaned and ready to return to the rest of the 30-strong wallaby group… they grow up so fast.

275x250.jpgMittu, a two-year-old African grey parrot, really is a clever boy… the bilingual bird can speak in English and Urdu.

Owner Ghaffar Ahmed says the bird has picked up a number of phrases in both English and Urdu after being raised in a home in Bradford where both languages are spoken.

So in addition to being able to say typical parrot phrases like 'who’s a pretty boy?' Mittu can also say ‘come here’, ‘hello' and 'How are you?’ in Urdu.

But while Mittu has recently been re-homed to Stourbridge, West Midlands, Ghaffar says he won't be taking him to the local mosque -- because another parrot of his escaped recently.

Which is a shame, because the bird can apparently also speak a host of other religious passages… proving it is not bird-brained… though we really would have liked video evidence.

Visitors to a US aquarium got a bit of a surprise the other day -- when a deer took an impromptu dip in the seal tank.

Staff at Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk were feeding the seals when they noticed an animal swimming around which didn't belong.

It was a small deer which had swim across a river to get to the aquarium and then hopped into the seal display -- luckily the seals were safely in the inside part of the display at the time.

A 30-minute rescue mission was launched and after attempts to net the deer failed, they placed a ramp in the water so the deer could get out himself, which he did.

We promise this is the best video of a Mariachi band serenading a beluga whale you will see all day. If not you can have your money back.

The two minute clip was filmed at the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium as the band 'Mariachi Connecticut' took time out from performing at a wedding there.

In it a beluga whale called Juno can be seen attentively watching the instrument-wielding trio as it swims in time to the music.

And while Eduardo Rocha, the band's guitarist, says he's not sure Juno could hear the music, he sure seems to be enjoying it from where we are sitting.

A US family got the shock of their lives when a snake slithered out of the bonnet of their car… as they were doing 65mph down the highway.

Rachel and Tony Fisher had been driving along in Memphis when all of a sudden a snake appeared on their windscreen -- obviously prompting them to reach for the video camera.

In the resulting footage, shot by Tony as Rachel drove, the snake can be seen flapping about on the glass as the kids in the back of the car shout that they want to see it.

For several minutes the snake moved along the bonnet of the speeding car before getting to the wing mirror on the driver's side and falling off… who needs a Ferrari prancing horse when you can have a live snake.

275x250.jpg An animal charity say they've been bombarded by people offering to give a new home to a kitten which looks like Hitler* -- after previously struggling to find anyone willing to take her in.

Staff at Wood Green animal shelter said people had originally shunned the kitten because of her uncanny resemblance to the Nazi dictator and she'd repeatedly been overlooked for adoption.

However, after the six-week-old kitten - dubbed Kitler but also known as Luminus - appeared in several national newspapers on Friday, they've received hundreds of offers.

*Obviously when we say 'kitten which looks like Hitler' we don't mean you could mistake the two in the street, but rather that it has slightly Hitler-esque markings.

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