Babiators: Designer sunglasses for babies are a hit

275x250.jpg A range of designer sunglasses for babies has become a hit after being picked up by celebrity parents including Sarah Jessica Parker and Mariah Carey.

Babiators - created by fighter pilot Ted Fienning and his wife Molly - were launched last year to protect kids’ eyes from UVA and UVB rays in a stylish manner.

Fienning says the £19.50 glasses are inspired by the Marine Corps standard-issue aviator sunglasses worn by pilots and many of their partners.

However, knowing that anything for children has to be able to take a knock, Babiators are also said to be durable and have flexible rubber frames which are BPA-free and safe to be chewed.
So far more than 20,000 pairs of Babiators have been sold in countries including the US, Japan, Australia, Mexico and the UK.

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