Ban introduced in NY on drunk puppy-buying

275x250.jpgPet stores in New York say they've been forced to introduce a ban on drunk puppy-buying, because of the number of inebriated animal-lovers.

Bosses at Le Petit Puppy say the move to refuse the sale of puppies to drunks is a response to the number of people they've had come out of nearby bars and take an interest in their pups.

The problem is reported to come from the fact the pet store is surrounded by bars and that after happy hour, drinkers are taken by the cute dogs in the window.

In the past, drunk dog buyers have even been known to return the next day with the puppy and ask the store to take it back.

So now, even if they have got the $1,200 to $3,000 to buy a puppy, inebriated dog fans will be turned away and asked to come back when sober… alternatively they could log into the live-stream of the puppy window

Le Petit Puppy    

NY Daily News  
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