Last Thursday the Omnibus Law project was announced that the ruling party wants to approve this week with the support of the UCR, the PRO and sectors of Peronism. As the deputies of the Left Front denounced, it is a package of measures in favor of economic power and against the people.

In recent weeks, La Libertad Avanza and its “allies” decided to include a labor reform within the Law. They thus resumed many of the attacks that the DNU included: war on collective agreements and the right to strike, “freedom” to fire , festival of outsourcing and labor fraud, among other measures. With the paper in hand, the CGT small table faced a series of negotiations with different blocks of deputies, as was reported in many media. Miguel Ángel Pichetto (We Make the Federal Coalition) was one of the main interlocutors.

The result of these negotiations was a counter-reform that maintains a good part of the original measures. From the endorsement of outsourcing and discriminatory layoffs, to the promotion of the “Uocra model” of cheap layoffs, to the forgiveness of employers who employ “black workers” and the legalization of the figure of “collaborators” to violate the relationship of dependence. In exchange, other measures were left out, such as the declaration of essential services, the elimination of ultraactivity and other collective bargaining rights, the criminalization of blockades and the prohibition of “solidarity quotas.” But it is an attack on historical achievements and a reward for the economic power that wrote the law.

Furthermore, in other chapters, it includes other measures against public employees, the precarious sectors that lose the “social monotribute” and the millions of women who will not be able to retire without a moratorium.

Since the ruling became known, the CGT limited itself to making statements “off the record.” Not even a statement repudiating the Law and the possibility of it being approved this Tuesday in Deputies. And he likes to release communications. Not to mention forceful measures. He could have brought forward the general strike as soon as the thread began. A strike that would allow massive mobilization this Monday and Tuesday. He could have called assemblies to explain to each union how the law and the reform affect them. Nothing.

The Cegetista leadership limited itself to continuing with its agenda agreed upon a month ago. An act on May 1 that is not going to be an act of struggle; It’s clear. Where you will read a document with the proposals of Peronist unionism “to build a productive country.” An event that will have as its slogan “The country is not for sale”, while its organizers do nothing against a Law that not only sells the country but the rights of those who make it function every day.

There are those who say that this is the first round and perhaps the CGT does something for the treatment in the Senate. A nonsense. If you really want to defeat Milei’s adjustment and plan, it is best to risk everything from the first minute. Take advantage of the national debate to denounce the reform in the streets. Demonstrate that it will not be able to happen, because in front of you are the millions that move the country. Banks, transportation, airplanes, hospitals, communications. But not. While the government and its allies play a key stoppage this week, the CGT negotiates and speculates about what may happen in 15 days.

The left and the combative sectors denounce this new surrender of the CGT. Also from the CTA. This Monday and Tuesday we will take to the streets to fight against the Milei plan, with many union sectors that announced that they will be on the streets, as well as popular assemblies, social movements and students. And we will insist again: that the CGT not negotiate any law against the people and call for a plan of struggle, with grassroots assemblies, so that the working class can put all its fighting power into play.


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