The public message of the PSOE is clear: the party supports Pedro Sánchez without visible fissures in the face of the “harassment” of the right and the extreme right and asks him not to resign. “President, stay, Pedro, stay, we are with you. Forward,” cried the number two of the socialists, María Jesús Montero, during her intervention in the Federal Committee this Saturday of which she has taken charge in the absence of the leader.

The conclave has become a monographic event regarding the possible resignation of the President of the Government. “Enough of lies, of verbal violence against him and his family, of an increasingly ultra-right wing,” Montero demanded. Outside, on Ferraz Street, thousands of militants and sympathizers gather in support of the general secretary of the PSOE and follow the Federal Committee’s open broadcast live.

“There is no doubt for the socialists: president, we are with you to give you our love and gratitude, to tell you loud and clear that we want you to continue being our president,” continued the also first vice president of the Government.

Montero has denounced “the dirty war” against Pedro Sánchez, in reference to the audios revealed by and La Vanguardia that demonstrate that the PP Government of Mariano Rajoy ordered Villarejo to spy on the family of the socialist leader to “kill him politically.” . Today we know that the dirty war against Sánchez and his family began ten years ago, the same day this party elected him general secretary. Ten years later, the same people continue the hunt: the PP and the far-right associations.”

The deputy general secretary of the socialists has presented a party that is “dedicated” to its leader but also to his family, to whom Montero dedicated part of his speech. “Begoña, partner, we are all with you. Women are always looked at with a magnifying glass and more is always demanded of us. But we do not want to be annulled, to be cornered in homes, to be used as a target by sexist men. For you, with you, for all of us: enough of this harassment, there is no right for our relatives to also be victims of this sludge machine,” she said.

María Jesús Montero concluded her words with a response to the reflection that Pedro Sánchez made in his public letter: “Of course it is worth it. We need you, we need the best president, the best leader. It’s worth it for the good guys to win.”

“Collective resistance”

After the number two of the party, the turn of interventions by other leaders, ministers and territorial leaders began, who have influenced the push for Sánchez not to abandon the presidency of the Government. “If we lower our arms now we will be giving priority to a way of doing politics based on hate, on attack, on seeing the adversary as an enemy. Pedro, I am going to ask you to think about the people,” said the leader of the Basque socialists, Eneko Andueza.

The candidate for the Generalitat and leader of the PSC, Salvador Illa, also spoke, abandoning his Catalan electoral campaign commitments on May 12 to go to Ferraz to also convey his encouragement to Pedro Sánchez. “Nothing would make me more excited, Pedro, than to have your presence in the campaign as soon as possible. I tell you this out of respect for your personal reflection period, or it is you and your family first. But I also tell you that nothing would make me more excited than to have your presence before the Catalans to whom you have invested so much.”

Illa recalled the “example” of the “resistance manual” that the President of the Government has displayed throughout his career. And he has called for, based on the reflection raised by Sánchez about his political future, that this resistance be extended to the entire party. “Now we are going to raise a collective resistance to accompany the individual resistance of our general secretary. “A resistance that says ‘no’ to politics that seeks to conquer power at any price.”


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