Internal documents revealed a major scandal involving the government of Paraguay, led by the conservative e ultra liberal of Santiago Pena.

According to information obtained exclusively, the government diverted funds from the housing project That Tapyiinitially financed by Taiwan, to pay for the maintenance of government jets.

This deviation directly benefited the Aero Centro of Grupo Cartesowned by the former president Horacio Cartesand exclusive agency of the jet manufacturer Cessna.

The documents indicate that Paraguay made a formal request to Taiwan warning about the irregular use of funds.

The project That Tapyi Its initial objective was to improve the living conditions of indigenous communities, but it was compromised by the alleged corruption scheme.

Aero Centro, authorized to carry out maintenance and repair contracts for the Paraguayan Air Forcewas chosen to take care of the jets in question.

The situation is worsened by the revelation that the houses built with project financing were not distributed fairly, benefiting government employees. Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and Habitat (MUVH) and other interested parties.



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