The director of the Israeli military intelligence service, General Aharon Halivaannounced his resignation this Monday, taking responsibility for the security failures that allowed the Hamas attack on October 7.

This event marked the first time that a high-ranking official stepped down in response to the incident that rocked Israel.

According to a statement from the Army, “General Haliva, in coordination with the Commander of the General Staff, requested the end of his duties due to his responsibility as director of intelligence in the events of October 7th.” The note also informs that Haliva will leave the Army after the appointment of his successor.

In his resignation letter, Haliva expressed his regret, mentioning that the intelligence division under his leadership had not lived up to the assigned expectations and responsibilities.

“I’ve carried that day with me ever since. Day after day, night after night. I will forever carry the terrible pain of war”, wrote the general.

He also requested “a thorough investigation into the factors and circumstances” that led to the attack.

The Hamas attack on October 7 resulted in the deaths of 1.170 people and the kidnapping of 250according to data released by Israeli authorities and compiled by AFP.

In response, the subsequent Israeli offensive on Gaza resulted in 34,097 deathsaccording to a report from the Ministry of Health of the Palestinian territory, administered by the Hamas from 2007.

With information from AFP


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