Alejandro Vilca’s response to the libertarian deputy Lilia Lemoine went viral, who accused this Thursday the deputies of the Left Front of “hating the rich” and “treating businessmen as criminals” and for not representing workers. The national deputy of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda Unidad responded: “I am here as a deputy because in my province we get 25%” and added “I also want to clarify that we do not individually fight the businessmen, the rich. I want to make it my own the words of the martyrs of Chicago, we fight a social system and its privileges that have created exploitation and oppression, but also a system where a minority governs us and oppresses the majority. It is not that the left believes that it is representative of the. As a whole of the working class, we are part of the working class but we are also the only political current that believes that the way out for this world does not come from the hands of businessmen or the rich but from the majority, from the only productive class that It is the working class, because it must be said, the world without entrepreneurs works, but without workers it does not”. Vilca stated “The world without entrepreneurs works; without workers, no.”

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