20,000 people inured falling out of bed each year

275x250.jpgMore than 20,800 people required hospital treatment after falling out of bed, in just one year, the NHS has revealed.

The odd statistic - which was revealed by the NHS Information Centre - highlights just one of the strange ways Brits injure themselves.

Between March 2010 and February 2011, 12,000 people were treated for falls involving chairs, as were the 6,400 who fell on or from ladders and 1,200 who'd fallen out of trees.

In total falls accounted for 459,300 NHS hospital admissions, which is nearly 18,700 more than the previous 12 month period.

While the greatest percentage of hospital admissions because of a fall was amongst women aged over 80… we're more intrigued by the 170 admissions for people falling from cliffs.
The NHS Information Centre chief executive Tim Straughan said: “Our figures show a rise in the number of hospital admissions for falls; from those who fall out of bed to people taking a tumble out of a tree.”

“Whilst falls are common and often minor, today's report highlights the number of hospital admissions due to injuries from falls particularly among women over 80, who represent nearly a third of all such admissions."

NHS Information Centre     
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