Jetman Yves Rossy completes aerial loops (VIDEO)

275x250.jpg Swiss daredevil Yves Rossy has completed yet another world first by performing an aerial loop whit his jet-propelled wing.

More commonly known as 'Jetman' Rossy previously shot to fame by flying over the Alps and trying to cross the English channel -- though that one left him in the water needing to be rescued.

In his latest endeavour the 51-year-old airline pilot was taken to an altitude of 2,400m by a hot air balloon before jumping out and firing up his jet-pack.

He then flew for a few minutes to stabilise his wings, before flying two aerial loops and parachuting back to Earth 18 minutes later… all while humming Rocketman by Elton John.
275x250.jpg Speaking after landing Rossy said: "It was fantastic! The flight went well, despite a little problem when starting my engines. I was able to do my two loopings and I am very happy!"

A statement on the website added: "This flight has been achieved with Yves Rossy’s new wing, smaller (2 meters instead of 2.5 meters) and without unfoldable parts.

"This new prototype, designed by Yves and the RUAG Company, possesses a better aerodynamic profile and more stability.

"Two years after crossing the Channel, these technological evolutions allowed Jetman to perform his first acrobatics in the air.

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