Weatherman warns of penis shaped storm (Video)

275x250.jpg A US weatherman has been left red-faced after realising the storms he was warning TV viewers about appeared on his map as a giant penis.

The blooper was broadcast on KLST in Texas as meteorologist Nick Kraynok told people about incoming thunderstorms hitting the region.

What he didn't realise at the time -- or if he did, he managed to keep a straight face -- was the 'suggestive' phallic weather graphic he was waving his hands over.

However a video of the forecast has become a hit on YouTube where one commenter said: "Don't worry, the whole thing shrinks down when that cold weather hits it."

During the broadcast, Kraynok, who started at the station in 2008, pointed at the graphic and follows the phallic shape while saying: "Mainly that high is going to steer that storm away from us and cooler air is not going to make it into the Concho Valley until the weekend."

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