iTwit: Book suggests funny fake iPhone apps

275x250.jpg iPhone users love downloading apps, they can't get enough of them and often claim there is one for almost every possible situation.

But authors have created a book in which they detail funny apps they think SHOULD exist -- like iGopoo, an app which tells you when you need the loo.

In iTwits, Fintan Coyle and Dan Louw outline a host of possible humorous apps and each is presented like they would be in the Apple App store complete with  screenshots.

Out favourite fictional app is 'Sniff Tester' which allows you to point your phone at underwear, to see if it has got one more day's use in it. Not that we would use it, you understand.
The authors also suggest Sniff Tester could identify the cleanest pants or socks in a pile of dirty washing and use a inbuilt 'Whiffometer".

275x250.jpg Booze Views: This app would use the camera in the iPhone to recreate the 'beer goggles' effect. The authors suggest you could take a sneaky photo of woman on a night out and see what she would look like after four, six or ten pints.

275x250.jpg Cattle Prod: This they say would turn your iPhone into a taser-like device which would fire a spark of iridescent blue electricity and physically debilitate friends and family who were not listening to you.

iTwit: Fake Apps for Genuine Idiots by Fintan Coyle and Dan Louw is published by John Blake Publishing and is out now at £7.99.

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