English Channel crocodile was... a chunk of wood

275x250.jpg Beaches on the English Channel were closed after a killer crocodile was seen swimming in the sea… and then it turned out to be a chunk of wood.

The alert had been raised by holidaymakers when they spotted the 12ft 'croc' swimming in the port of Boulogne, France, yesterday.

As a result a major search involving lifeguards, firefighters and even the army was launched in a bid to find the beast, and swimmers were advised to keep out of the water.

But today red-faced coastguards have revealed there was no crocodile and the razor-sharp toothed creature spotted was actually a chunk of driftwood. Oops.
During the crocodile panic a council spokesman in Boulogne-sur-Mer said they decided to close all nearby beaches and ban swimming just in case.

All local zoos and amphibian centres were also investigated to see if any crocs were missing.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency
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