Rice bra grows snack for Japanese farmers

275x250.jpgA bra manufacturer in Japan has unveiled a "Grow-Your-Own Rice Bra" which they say would be ideal for urban farmers.

Each year Triumph reveals a unique themed bra which taps into the Japanese cultural zeitgeist with previous examples being one with solar panels and one which doubled as a golf mat.

Now makers say there's a trend or city dwellers to dabble in urban farming - with rice a dietary staple they decided to combine the two with lingerie.

The bra can be tied together to create pots which also double as the cups. These are to be filled with soil, and rice seedlings.

As with previous stunt bras the 'Grow-Your-Own' is not due to go on sale publicly… which is a shame as wearers watering seeds could have prompted spontaneous wet t-shirt contests.

275x250.jpgA spokesperson for Triumph said: "Triumph has focused on the growing popularity of farming, which has become a boom among people of all ages and has been attracting a lot of attention.

"The set would come with a hose designed to be worn around the waist as a belt. By connecting it to a tap, the wearer can water the plant easily and quickly.

"Furthermore, a test tube containing rice seeds and a bag of soil are attached to each side of the hose. By using the hose, the wearer can plant the rice anytime, anywhere by simply putting the soil in the pot and watering it with the hose.


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