Giant 15ft Incredible Hulk waxwork created

275x250.jpgSculptors at Madame Tussauds in London have started creating their biggest ever waxwork -- a 15ft Incredible Hulk.

The green-skinned creation is the star of an upcoming interactive attraction of superheroes where visitors will get locked in the lab with him, just after his transformation.

They will hear his thundering growls as the floor beneath them vibrates, his muscles ripple and his eyes glow.

It's all part of deal with Marvel to create a 900 sq metre exhibitino over three floors where visitors "turn hero" by walking on the ceiling with Spider-Man and stepping into Iron Man’s chest shield.

Other superheroes being recreated for the show inlude Wolverine, Nick Fury and The Invisible Woman… which has got to be the easiest waxwork ever.
275x250.jpg "We are delighted to be working with Marvel and some of the most exciting characters in modern entertainment" commented Edward Fuller, General Manager of Madame Tussauds London.

"The marriage of action-packed 4D animation, atmospheric sets and Madame Tussauds wax figures will give fans a totally different way to interact with their favourite Marvel heroes. We’re looking forward to delivering an exciting and dynamic experience and know it will be a huge hit with our guests."

The Hulk at Madame Tussauds London opens on June 23.

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