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As any football fan knows, it sometimes feels like your team are incapable of getting the ball in the net, no matter how easy the shot.

But for followers of Veria FC they now have video proof, their team recently missed five consecutive sitters… in just 11 seconds.

During a Greek second-division match against Levadiakos, Veria FC found themselves in front of goal with a clear chance of scoring.

But within just 11 dark dark seconds for Greek football, they'd missed five sitters, each of which should have ended with the ball in the back of the net.

Veria FC ended up losing 1-0 and will have to make do with internet fame… even if they don't look like they will be getting a chance to celebrate a goal like Stjarnan FC any time soon.

A man had a lucky escape after being hit by a lorry as he crossed a road in Turkey -- he somehow managed to outrun it.

Bekir Ozcan had been crossing a road in the city of Adiyaman when the driver of a lorry failed to spot him and as he pulled away from a red light.

CCTV footage shows the fuel lorry hitting the 53-year-old before he is able to make it to the other side of the road and pushing him along.

Fearing for his life, Ozcan then turned to face the same direction of the lorry and tried to outrun it rather then end up under the wheels.

As he ran along, other pedestrians waved at the driver and managed to get him to slow down… giving Ozcan what we think was an unfair advantage.

Everyone's received a Christmas present they've been less than happy with -- but the secret is not letting on that you're disappointed.

But it looks like that's a skill this lad is yet to acquire… and something tells us he doesn't like getting books for Christmas.

A video taken last year showing a three-year-old boy unwrapping an unwanted present of books has become an online hit.

In it the pyjama-clad shouts "Books? … Books for Christmas? What the heck is that? I don't get books. That's not toys, that's books. I don't get books for Christmas"

Many commenters online have suggested that if he were their child, those books would be the last presents he ever received.

275x250.jpgThe military in New Zealand have officially released hundreds of previously classified UFO reports, including one about an alien with size 440 shoes.

Dating from 1954 to 2009 the documents which deal with hundreds of UFO and alien reports, have been released under freedom of information laws.

Coming in at around 2,000 pages the document details UFO encounters from members of the public, commercial pilots and military personnel.

While most reports are of the strange lights in the sky variety, others are more interesting like the man who in 1995 claimed he met an alien with size 440 feet.

He said the big-footed alien told him dying humans ascend as hydrogen atoms… he didn't mention where he bought his shoes.

275x250.jpgScientists studying the inner working of the brain say they were shocked to discover an image of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer inside a brain.

The picture, a close up image of a brain blood vessel, was discovered as boffins examined the workings of neurons in the hippocampal region of the brain.

Researchers from Newcastle University say they were amazed by how much the image looked like a reindeer with antlers flying through the starry sky.

And after overexposing the image, that was even more true, down to an eye and tail being visible… along with a glowing red nose.

Speaking of the find, Dr Claudia Racca, said: "It may not be very valuable scientifically but it looks nice on the eye."

275x250.jpg Snowmobile champion Levi LaVallee has been injured while preparing for an new stunt -- but he still set a new world record in the process.

The seven-time Winter X Games medalist had been practicing his 300ft snowmobile jump on a ramp in San Diego ahead of performing it on New Year's Eve.

He had been due to see in the new year by leaping over 300ft of water and setting a new world record. But that won't be happening now.

A spokesperson from Red Bull said that LaVallee had been hurt while practicing and the event would no longer be taking place… if only he'd had something to give him wings.

We know it's dangerous, but it always looks like fun when it snows and you see people being dragged along behind a car on their sledge.

And it appears members of the Swedish airforce agree, because here's a video of them doing it… being towed by a fighter jet.

In the clip three nutty Swedes are pulled along by ropes as the jet weaves around the airfield. At least they have helmets on.

We just wish the video had ended with the fighter jet taking off and the  airforce guys clinging on for dear life.

It goes without saying that you should not try this at home… unless you have your own airfield and fighter jet.

275x250.jpg A potty author has spent years touring the world... in search of the most bizarre and picturesque toilets.

Luke Barclay has now assembled the world’s most scenic cisterns and panoramic privies for a new book 'Good Loo Hunting'.

Toilets in the book range from bogs on the top of Mount Baker in Washington (above) to loos with views of Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Also, if you are only able to do your business while watching elephants cross a river, there are also some toilets on the banks of the Zambezi.

Heavy snowfall in the US has caused the inflatable roof on a stadium in Minneapolis to collapse.

Over the weekend, much of the midwest was hit by massive snowstorms with some areas receiving as much as 20 inches of snow in just one day.

And in Minneapolis - which got about 17 inches of snowfall - this weighed down the Teflon-coated fibreglass roof the Metrodome stadium.

Initially the snow caused the roof to collapse in on itself - before splitting open and flooding onto the football pitch.

Unsurprisingly a scheduled game between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants was moved to another venue… where the Giants received an equally icy reception.

275x250.jpgAn advertising executive who had his laptop stolen from his car is offering a 'Fabulous Drug Stash' to anyone who can return his computer.

Kurt Shore had be preparing to leave his office car-park when a colleague triggered the alarm causing him to run briefly back inside.

But in the 30 seconds it took him to get back to his car, a crook had jumped out of their own car and grabbed a laptop from his front seat.

Now, in a bid to retrieve the laptop which contains photos of his children, he's produced a reward poster offering a "fabulous drug stash" to whoever returns the computer.

The poster also features a image of marijuana and Kurt says he has 'high' hopes of getting his MacBook back.

A trigger-happy US man is offering to 'chop' down Christmas trees for people by shooting at them with (the tree that is) with a shotgun.

Known only as Hickok45 or Greg, the man from Nashville, decided the unusual felling method could be a way to differentiate his Christmas Tree Farm from rivals.

And as this video advert shows, it does. Customers are asked to puck their tree in the normal method, but an axe is only used to clear the trunk.

Greg then gets his gun out and shoots at the base of the tree until it falls. It can then be taken home by the buyer.

The 'farm' has the slogan 'You Shop, We Chop' and a big sign which says 'No Refunds' … Like you'd be dumb enough to argue with a man who spends his days shooting trees.

275x250.jpg Wang, talywhacker, chopper and schlong are just some of the words men across the UK use to refer to their willy, it's been found.

An interactive map has been launched to collect the various words men in different regions use when talking about their penis and see how they compare.

For example, while blokes in the North East talk about their 'Pork Javelin' and 'Wham Wacker' those in London prefer 'Pork Sword'. Other popular terms include 'Oldboy', 'Todger', 'Ballzooka' and the 'One-Eyed Milkman.'

The 'I Call Mine" map has been set up by Lloyds Pharmacy is a bid to make men less embarrassed when talking about their… you know what.

275x250.jpg A French artist says coastguards are constantly trying to 'save' him whenever he takes his boat out -- and it's not hard to see why.

Julien Berthier has created 'Love Love' a boat which permanently looks like it is sinking and sticking out of the water.

The zany 35-year-old from Paris took a wrecked boat which he found in Normandy, cut it in half and sealed the end with fibre-glass before fitting two electric motors.

It's said the result is a 'surprisingly stable' craft, where the sailor sits in an upside down seat. Of course the problem is, no-one will ever know if he is in real trouble.

A massive 16-floor hotel has been built in the Hunan province of China in a record time -- under six days.

The impressively speedy build, shown in time-lapse photography, saw the New Ark Hotel rise from an empty space in just 136 hours.

Developer Broad Sustainable Building, who worked until 10pm each night, say the five days and 16 hour construction time is thanks to the use of pre-fabricated parts.

The frame of the 50m building - which is built to withstand a magnitude nine earthquake - took just 46 hours to put together, with the building enclosure taking another 90.

Personally we'd love to see the face of someone who'd gone on holiday for the week and come home to discover the 16-floor hotel in front of their window.

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