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275x250.jpg Revelers at Germany's Oktoberfest have consumed more beer than ever before -- with a massive 7.5 million litres being knocked back at the famous event.

6.9 million visitors are said to have attended the 17-day event in Munich -- many having donned traditional Bavarian lederhosen for the occasion.

Once there it was all about the beer and food. In addition to the the beer, bosses say hundreds of thousands of sausages and roast chickens were eaten.

And this year brawls were at a record low -- only 58 fights saw drinkers wielding their Masskrugs (litre beer glasses) as weapons... which is apparently and improvement on previous years.

275x250.jpgBoffins who noticed certain Australian beetles will try to have sex with discarded beer bottles have won a scientific prize.

Entomologists Professor Darryl Gwynne and David Rentz were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for their discovery about buprestid Beetles.

They'd discovered the male beetle would try to mate with beer bottles -- but only brown ones with bobbly bits on them.

This was enough to bag the boffins the Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think.

Other winners on the night included the team who devised a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people and a group who looked at why discus throwers get dizzy.

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