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The Chamber of Deputies approved the tax project which includes tax reductions for the richest and big businessmen, rewards for absconders, the increase in the monotax and the elimination of the social monotax. Workers who slightly exceed the poverty line will also have to pay Income Tax on their salary.

The project was voted in general with 140 votes in favor, 103 negative and 6 abstentions with the support of the Pro, the UCR, We Make Federal Coalition, Federal Innovation.

Money Laundering

The so-called “Asset Regularization Regime” (articles 18 to 45), also known as money laundering, was approved with 131 affirmative votes, 117 negative votes and 4 abstentions. The reporting member, José Luis Espert, rejected all types of modification proposals.

This is a reward for escapers and evaders. Those who regularize assets up to US$100 thousand will pay a 0% rate: that is, they pay nothing. But even for values ​​greater than US$100,000, laundering is free under certain conditions. It is also not required that the money be kept for a certain amount of time in the country and it also allows foreigners to enter for assets they have in the country or for income they have obtained in our territory. Most scandalously, it enables money laundering from drug trafficking, because it does not establish that the origin of the assets is defined: it does not matter whether they were obtained through legal or illegal businesses.

The PTS deputy in the Left Front, Nicolás del Caño, proposed completely withdrawing the second title of the Asset Regularization Regime, which “is the most serious thing that is being voted on because it means a reward for evasion and flight.”

Personal property tax

The changes in the Personal Property Tax (articles 52 to 73) were approved with 142 votes in favor, 106 against and 2 abstentions.

The modifications include an “award for compliant taxpayers” and a gradual year-by-year reduction in the wealth tax rates.

Thus the rich will pay less taxes and the tax burden will fall on the poorest, at the same time that the false slogan “there is no money” is maintained to justify a brutal adjustment on the working majorities.

Salary tax: changes in Profits

A sector of the working class that has a salary above the poverty basket will once again pay income tax. The proposal was approved with 132 affirmative votes, 113 negative votes and 4 abstentions.

They lowered the profit floor to $1.8 million per month. According to specialists, the floor is $1.2 million since the bonus and other aspects are not taken into account. It is estimated that close to 2 million workers will pay.

Last year, Javier Milei himself voted for the changes promoted by Sergio Massa (electoral demagogy after not touching Profits in 4 years), but now he agreed with the governors, who want to recover the funds from the co-participation for this tax, the return of the tax for the workers.

Deputy Nicolás del Caño He denounced that “Milei said when he was in the electoral campaign that the income tax, the salary tax, was a delusion, that it was a disgusting, filthy tax. That’s what she said. Look for the verbatim records: they are going to vote so that the oil workers, who are on strike today against these laws, pay income tax, and they are going to take it away from the Galperín, from the Roca. “They are going to vote that bank workers, truck drivers, workers from different places, pay that tax that Milei said was filthy in the campaign but in the government he puts his hand in the pockets of the workers and the people by agreeing with the caste.” .


Title VI of the Simplified Regime for Small Taxpayers (Monotributo) was approved by 142 affirmative votes, 104 negative votes and 2 abstentions.

The project proposes an increase in billing levels and the monthly fee to be paid. The increases range between 200 and 300%, depending on the category. The project eliminates the social monotax. Currently the latter pay $3,228 and would pay $26,600, that is, an increase of 724%. They are workers with lower incomes and more exposed to conditions of labor and economic informality and greater vulnerability, who could be exposed to losing social work.

The ruling party agreed with the opposition that the changes in the scales “will begin to take effect 90 days from their publication in the Official Gazette.”

The deputies of the Left Front presented an opinion rejecting the Fiscal Package:

Opinion rejecting the package… by La Izquierda Diario


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