In the hallways of the prestigious Parisian university of The Sorbonneone of the centers of the French May 1968, the cry of “Gaza, the Sorbonne is with you”. Just as in the United States where the camps in solidarity with Gaza in the country’s main universities are reminiscent of the movement against the Vietnam War, in France something is beginning to move among students and brings the aroma of the end of the ’60s.

Last week it was the turn of the elite institute for studies in Political Sciences (Sciencies Po). There the students experienced police repression one day, then took over the facilities and finally managed to prevent those who show solidarity with the Palestinian cause and against Israel’s genocide on Gaza from being suspended or sanctioned.

What did you say Anasse Kazibrailway worker and leader of the Trotskyist organization Permanent Revolution, who has been summoned by the police for his support for Palestine, before an assembly with hundreds of students from Sciences Po: “Do not forget that May ’68 began some time before, in the mobilizations against the Vietnam War”. Thus, I sought to find an analogy with the youth movement that is rising today in the US, France, the United Kingdom and Germany to confront the complicity of their own imperialist governments with the genocide carried out by Israel.

This Monday at noon more than 150 students set up a camp at the Sorbonne to follow the path outlined by the students mobilized in the American faculties and at Sciences Po. With chants of “Gaza, Gaza, the Sorbonne is with you”, the mobilized students They displayed several Palestinian flags, banners and tents occupying the central courtyard of the famous university. A few minutes after the start of the action, several dozen tents were set up on the cobblestones of the Latin Quarter.

Parisian students decided to join the international movement against the genocide in Gaza and for the ceasefire. As the Israeli army prepares to attack the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, which could turn into a massacre of historic proportions, students They denounce in particular the complicity of the French State with the massacres perpetrated by the State of Israel.

Ariane Anemoyannisspokesperson for the youth group The raised fist (The Fist in High) and member of the Committee for Palestine in Parisexplains from the courtyard of the Sorbonne: “It is a movement against the massacres, to say the end of France’s complicity against Israel. We are fed up with the complicity of our universities with Israeli universities, with the large groups that profit from the massacres in Gaza and the West Bank and that is why we decided to erect tents and Palestinian flags in the courtyard of the Sorbonne.

Just a few hours after the camp was broken up, the police brutally broke into the courtyard of the Sorbonne to dismantle the tents and arrest the students.

Already last Thursday, the university authorities had enabled police repression on a group of students who were protesting before the arrival of President Emmanuel Macron, who was going to give a speech at the Sorbonne. There the students demonstrated against the complicity of the French State with the genocide of the Palestinian people.

In the same courtyard where last week the police repressed the protesters, today a new solidarity camp with Gaza is beginning to be set up.

While the actions continue on American campuses and after the mobilization at the French universities of Sciences Po, Le Havre and Poitier, the protest continues to spread. Now it is The Sorbonne, with its history of struggle in tow.

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