Today they bring us to vote on this Bases law and the fiscal package. And I want to describe them as infamous and perverse laws for workers. I know that there are many deputies here who are also businessmen and celebrate by applauding the introduction of a labor reform in this Omnibus law.

I also want to talk to you about something personal, because I know many workers who live in precarious conditions, who suffer from informality, especially in agricultural work. And I want to refer to two aspects. One is that a trial period is allowed in agricultural work. Imagine that agricultural work is for seasons of 4, 6 months. But here now there are trial periods of 6, 8 months and up to a year. In other words, this measure is going to generalize precariousness in these sectors.

Another thing. What is enabling outsourced companies? Why is it important to highlight this? The biggest labor frauds occur from these companies. Mother companies that hire other companies, that hire workers irregularly. And the outsourcing of work is not only an abuse, but it creates aberrant things for the working class. Child labor, exile, trafficking, but it is also paid for with lives. And I want to give you two examples. The other time, a colleague, hired by an outsourced company, by Manpower or another company that provides for Ledesma, was made to work double shifts under 42 degrees in the lemon plantations. He fainted, died, giving his life to work, because he worked piecework. Precariousness takes the lives of our workers.

Another example, one that has gained notoriety. The case of Daniel Solano. Also hired by an outsourced company, Agrocosecha, in 2011, which provided workers to a Belgian company called Expofrut. Do you know how that worker ended up denouncing trafficking conditions? Because this company appropriated two thirds of his salary. A terrible labor fraud. And this comrade, as he organized those who worked with him, the police disappeared him. They have the complicity of the police, of the state. The main people responsible were these businessmen. So, if these outsourcing are enabled, these parent companies would be exempt, unpunished. So what we are talking about is that these measures take us down that path. To redouble the chains of exploitation of the working class. These libertarians or all those who tell us that these measures are an advance, on the contrary, it is a historical setback, because it brings us closer to the 18th century, the 19th century.

But it is appropriate to bring, because we are on the eve of May 1st, because when people worked and asked for 8 hours of work, today many workers do not even make it to the end of the month and have to work overtime. But beyond that I want to tell you that these forces that are retrograde, like the Milei government and many other governments, have nothing more to offer than misery, war and destruction of our environment. Wars and massacres like the one the Palestinian people are experiencing in the hands of Israel. But know that the forces that come from below are bigger, they are more powerful and we see it in the young people who take to the streets, the universities, in the United States, in France. We also saw it here in Argentina on the 23rd with the mobilization of teachers and students in defense of the public university. Those flags of the martyrs of Chicago, but also of Cordobazo, of French May, are those that can give a future together with the working class to the whole of society, of the exploited, where a new society is built under the ruins of capitalism , where life is worth more than the profits of businessmen. This is the perspective that we propose that will come in the future, but it will only come from mobilization, from struggle. As Karl Marx said, the driving force of history is class struggle.


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