Check out the article by Rafael Narbona, a renowned writer, philosophy professor and literary critic, in which he defends the need for resistance by the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, against the country’s right-wing political forces.

“Pedro Sánchez must resist, because in Spain there is no democratic right, but Francoist dirt. Our country will not be a true democracy until the deep state inherited from Francoism is neutralized. The judiciary, media, business and sectors of the State Security Forces work together to overthrow the current progressive government and, in the past, have launched an aggressive campaign of lies and slander, with the aim of discrediting leftist leaders. In Spain, the right always plays dirty, without respect for the most elementary principles of decency.

Pedro Sánchez is not perfect. I am not a member of the PSOE and, in fact, I was disappointed that it did not repeal the gag law and that it excluded dogs exploited in hunting from the animal welfare law. It also seemed very inappropriate to me that he did not decisively support Podemos leaders when they suffered media and judicial harassment from the right. Despite everything, Pedro Sánchez represents an option for progress in the face of the hate speech of Ayuso, Abascal and Feijoo. If this trio comes to power, Spain will align itself with the worst of the international scenario: Trumpism, Netanyahu’s fascism, Milei’s brutal social cuts, Sunak’s deportations, Orban’s homophobia and other such atrocities.

Ayuso, Abascal and Feijoo are just puppets of economic power. Puppets manipulated by banks and big businessmen. In Madrid, Ayuso left 7,291 elderly people to die and his family became rich through corruption. Feijoo had a disastrous management in Galicia, cutting services while he was sailing on a yacht with a drug trafficker. Abascal is the updated version of Blas Piñar, a demagogue with fascist rhetoric and a pistol under his arm. Our country does not deserve to be under the thumb of these unscrupulous politicians.

Pedro Sánchez must continue to lead the government and adopt a more progressive profile, moving towards a freer, more plural and egalitarian Spain. However, this will not be possible as long as the deep state inherited from Francoism continues to organize coups d’état with the collaboration of venal journalists, corrupt police officers and judges nostalgic for Francoism. This is not a time for timidity, but for strong convictions and policies committed to the most vulnerable groups in society. Only social democracy can contain the reactionary wave that is sweeping and destabilizing the world.”

Rafael Narbonne


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