It was the deputies of the Left Front who strongly denounced on their social networks and in the media, from there what will be voted on this coming Monday, April 29. Myriam Bregman questioned, especially, the deputies of the blocks that today are collaborationists and that, in previous years, supported the legalization of abortion in the name of feminism. “With this law, 90% of women will not be able to retire. If we ever said ‘if they touch one, they touch all’, this is the time to make it count.” The left-wing deputy also strongly stated: “I want to call on all the women who have ever considered themselves feminists, who have ever marched, who have ever worn a green scarf. We cannot allow them to repeal the moratorium like this. It is a “attack all women.”

On Saturday afternoon, the NiUnaMenos collective made a call on its networks, joining this request promoted by different political, union, neighborhood, student and feminist assemblies, such as Pan y Rosas. “The government wants to attack us once again. It wants to pass in Congress a very serious law that goes against retirements, pension moratoriums for women and labor rights, after its first version – the Omnibus Law – was rejected in February. The government It has no brakes because it feels that social protest is advancing, as demonstrated by the massive march for public education. See you on Monday in Congress to say NOT ONE RIGHT LESS!!!”, published the NiUnaMenos collective.

The feminist illustrator Ro Ferrer also took advantage of the words of Congresswoman Myriam Bregman to summon with her drawings.

Feminists from Abya Yala publish “we call to mobilize in front of the National Congress on Monday, April 29, starting at 12 noon, to stop the approval of the Basic Law. The people do not want to be sacrificed so that others can be filthy rich “Not in our Names!”

On Monday the 29th, from 10:00 a.m., when the retirees will set up their tent in front of Congress, we will be present in a new day of struggle against the reactionary plans of the Milei government against the working people, which particularly affects women. We invite you to come, whenever you can during the day, to the Pan y Rosas flags.


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