The WEG factory that produces motors for household appliances dismissed 35 workers without cause. A harsh attack by a company that has not stopped winning in recent decades and that now wants to unload the crisis on working-class families.

The company cannot claim losses since it had been making different investments during this year. Their objective is to take advantage of a drop in sales to get rid of more than 20% of the workers, without having even presented a crisis preventive.

Once again at dawn, the laid-off workers gathered at the factory door while the rest of the workers went out to the gate to hold a joint assembly where they decided to stop production and block the gates for the second day. An example of how to stand up to employers to confront attacks.

During yesterday’s day, the workers demonstrated unity and different displays of solidarity, among which were the students gathered in the inter-faculty assembly, Volkswagen workers, delegates from different metallurgical factories, the councilor of the Left Front Laura Vilches among others.

Omar Sereno has to make the decision at today’s hearing. While this conflict must be filled with solidarity. It is the first factory in Córdoba to be established and a fight against layoffs begins. An example for the rest of the workers who have been suffering attacks from the bosses in different factories throughout the country, who feel strong with the support of the national government and the “dialogue” opposition that is preparing to vote on a package of laws against the rights of workers. WEG workers have to succeed.


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