The images come from the United States and Europe. From New York, Paris, London, Malaga. The and the Students take to the streets and university campuses. They move the hearts of the imperialist countries. They resist repression and expulsions. Also the fierce media campaign that falsely classifies as “anti-Semitism” what is a militant repudiation of the genocidal brutality of the State of Israel in Gaza. Those young and combative faces are the new thing that travels the world.

They are the same young faces that the Argentine streets saw parading en masse a week ago. A million voices beginning to put a stop to the Government’s voracious adjustment. A million wills challenging part of the economic scheme ordered by the IMF from Washington. The new also germinates there.

In the other side, lo viejo is in the decadent capitalist politics. The one that occupied screens and social networks for a day and a half this Monday and Tuesday. The one that brought about a labor reform and the elimination of the social monotax. What did the reactionary vote? decision to eliminate the moratorium, leaving 9 out of 10 women without the right to retire. In an infinite negotiation, the complicit opposition of Macristas, radicals – and part of Peronism – escorted Milei in this destructive work.

He opposition Peronism accompanied in its own way. They are parliamentary wing He mostly attempted harsh discursive criticism. A fraction, however, made their contribution to Milei’s plan. Six deputies from Unión por la Patria cast their votes to approve the Large Investment Incentive Regime (RIGI), a scheme of pure benefit for large multinationals. They followed the path that Jaldo from Tucumán opened a couple of months ago. Needless to say, political leaders and deputies They decided not to call for mobilization against the norm. They are betting, now, on pure parliamentary lobbying. They pray looking at the Senate of the Nation, the same chamber where all The blocks voted to raise the diets at $6 million.

He ala social collaborated in various ways in the advancement of this disastrous law. The CGT openly capitulated: it chose to negotiate the labor reform. He accepted the program of Milei and the big capitalists. He logically did not call for mobilization. Neither the semi-official nor the quasi-opposition members did so: Daer of Pablo Moyano. Just a day later, they found the blessing of Juan Grabois, the papal spokesperson who is campaigning with 2025 in mind.

The CTAsfor their part, chose words over action. They neither called for strike nor mobilized. Only a few flags of unions or groups flew on Monday, on the cold afternoon of Congress. The Kirchnerist and Peronist social movements, the vast majority, traveled the same path. The tiny delegations that arrived at the legislative palace only confirmed the refusal to seriously confront the Government.

Of facing treatment in the Senate We have to impose another path on them. Force them to break the scandalous truce and call to stop and mobilize massively. The discomfort is growing. The attack on wages and living conditions, too. They will deepen in the days to come. The strength of the streets may be the factor that bury the Bases Law and the fiscal packageopening the way to defeat the entire adjuster plan.

Those bureaucratic procedures They are part of the old. They are part of that policy that is made between negotiations and threads. In secret meetings and expensive apartments. In lounges of luxurious hotels or in the hallways of ministries and secretaries. Now, mercy It concentrates its strategy on negotiating with these actors. Greet the caste; applauds the “commitment” of those who made the Base Law possible.

Esa old politics can begin to be a memory. Lo nuevo, as we said, is built in the streets. It builds the youth, which begins to rebel. What does it display? will to fight and passion. That, in New York, is capable of being moved and enraged by a massacre that occurs almost 6,000 kilometers away. That challenges the imperial power that endorses this genocide.

That air begins to flow in Argentina. Still initially. Breaking down borders and prejudices. Burying the ridiculous idea that youth “are right-wing” almost genetically. It is seen in the assemblies that cross schools and faculties. In the young people who take courses calling to organize. In that initial militancy who wants to fight and is not satisfied with waiting for the result of “the negotiations” with the Government.

Run, too, among the workers who come out to challenge the adjustment. Like the Cordoban metallurgists of the WEG, who face layoffs through strikes and blocking gates. Like the oil workers who went on strike, repudiating the Income Tax. Like the transportation workers, who will show their power next Monday, affecting the operation of planes, trains, subways and ports.

Lo new has to collide with the old. He has to challenge his bureaucratic routine of top-down deals and agreements. You have to organize from below, democratically. In every faculty, in every school, in every neighborhood and in every work place. Only in this way can a new policythat it be proposed conscious fight to end this state of affairs that – in Argentina and the world – condemns millions to misery while consecrating the infinite wealth of a super-rich elite.

The youth that rebels can and should be the vanguard in this task. Confronting those who invite her to individualism and conformism. Uniting their struggles with the struggles and demands of all the exploited and oppressed. Proposing, in Argentina, to fight against all forms of adjustment. Not just those that affect her in particular.

In the United States, five decades later, university youth threaten to resume the heroic path of fighting the Vietnam War. In Argentina you can propose to recreate that enormous combativity of the Cordobazo, the popular uprising that defeated the dictator Onganía’s Police in the streets, opening a stage of profound revolutionary mobilization. It nuevo has to create your own epic: rescue from the past those enormous combat traditions. Make that slogan that said “workers and students, united and forward” material again.

That’s just part of the way. It is urgent to build a essential tool in the fight against this decaying system. Work for build a great socialist and revolutionary party of the working class. A party that has the perspective of overthrowing this decadent capitalism. That the construction of a new society be proposed, where oppression and exploitation become a gray memory of the past. He PTS-Left Front bet everything on the task of building that party. We suggest you take that path together.


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