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A Chinese TV reporter was left red-faced and drenched after a massive wave crashed down on her during a live report.

The journalist had been reporting on tropical storm Nanmadol which was hitting Haining, in Zhejiang Province, with heavy rain and strong winds.

But as she was chatting to camera, it appears she was unaware that there was a 20-metre-high wave heading straight for her.

Luckily, the wave did not injure the reporter or knock her off her feet and drag her out to sea… tough we bet she dresses a bit more appropriately next time she reports on a storm.

A bad day for a pole vaulter might be not quite making the height they'd hoped for… which makes this a very bad day for Dmitry Starodubtsev.

The Russian athlete was recently taking part in the World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, when his pole snapped in half.

He was attempting a height of 5.75 meters when the accident happened and it had looked good as he made his approach.

But after planting the pole and beginning on a upwards trajectory it snapped like a trig and he fell embarrassingly to the mat. But don't take our word for it, click play.

lost penguin The penguin who was dubbed Happy Feet after accidentally swimming to New Zealand rather than Antarctica has finally headed home.

The confused emperor penguin -- who also needed surgery after eating sand thinking it was snow - is being transported by a fisheries survey vessel.

And before he went, hundreds of people turned out to bid farewell to the bird who became a worldwide sensation after he exploits were reported.

He's also been fitted with a tracking device so that bosses at Wellington Zoo where he was treated, can monitor his progress.

A pedestrian in Brazil had a rather lucky escape when a car swerved off the road and smashed into her -- only for her to get up seconds later uninjured.

As this CCTV footage shows, the woman had been walking in from of a supermarket in Nova Andradina when the near death incident happened.

The white VW Beetle can be seen swerving to miss a motorbike on a junction and then careering off the road and towards the unsuspecting woman who is knocked off her feet.

During the accident the driver of the car was also thrown from his vehicle and while the worst would have been expected, both he and the woman are seen standing seemingly unharmed in the video.

Forget Usain Bolt, we've got a new 100m hero… in the unlikely form of a 20 stone failed shot-putter who recently tried his hand at sprinting.

When 17-year-old Sogelau Tuvalu failed to qualify for the shot put at the at the World Athletics Championships, he didn't want to admit defeat and decided to switch to running.

The bulky athlete then laced up his trainers and spent the month before the World Athletics Championships in South Korea training for four hours per day.

And over the weekend he took part in the heats for the 100m where he put in a personal best… unfortunately it was only 15.66 seconds, almost 5s behind winner Mohammad Noor Imran A Hadi of Malaysia.

TV journalists reporting on Hurricane Irene were subjected to some pretty harsh conditions being battered why heavy winds and strong winds.

But none suffered more than Tucker Barnes of WTTG-TV who got covered in what he thought was "plankton or something" -- only to find out later it was probably raw sewage.

Barnes had been standing in front of a sea wall in Maryland as winds carried in a sandy foam which he told viewers "smells like ocean" and "doesn't smell great."

At the time he said it was "some sort of organic matter, plankton or something, mixed in with sand and salt", but it was later claimed to be the remnants of raw sewage. Yuck!

275x250.jpg The 16th Air Guitar World Championships have taken place in Oulu in northern Finland with performers enthralling of fans with their imaginary instruments.

Thousands of fans turned up to see contestants judged on their ability to move around the stage playing the air guitar realistically and their originality.

And they weren't disappointed as they watched two performances from each of the finalists -- one to a song of their own choice, and then the Rage Against the Machine's song Without a Face.

After much thought and consideration (this is a serious matter after all) Aline 'The Devil's Niece' Westphal from Germany was named the champion thanks to her energetic performance to Foo Fighter's Pretende.

A video of a cat and dog staring at each other in a Western-style standoff for more than 90 seconds before going for each other has become an online hit.

And this has obviously been helped by the fact someone has already added the theme song of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (below).

In the video, the pooch and pussy glare at each other as the cay slyly edges towards the dog, testing its nerves.

But it's the little dog which makes the first move by noisily charging at the kitty… before bolting and getting chased off by the feline.

The GB rowing team are some of the best rowers in the world, that's why they are some of our best medal hopes for the London 2012 Olympics.

And as this video -- posted online by rower Nathaniel Reilly O'Donnell -- shows, if 'airport travelator rowing' was to become an Olympic event before then, they'd probably win gold in that too.

That's because on their way to the 2011 World Championships in Bled, Slovenia, the GB Men's Eight decided to have a little fun at Munich Airport.

Sitting in a line on the conveyor belt, the team mime their rowing to make it appear they are propelling themselves around the airport, much to the amusement of other travellers. 

How do you wake up in the morning? Chances are it's something as boring as the alarm on your mobile phone or the sun coming in through the window.

Well not this boy, his dad recently got him out of bed by squirting a water pistol at him while humming the theme from Doom.

In the 41 second clip - shot to look like the classic first-person shooter - the father can be seen approaching the lads bedroom armed with a loaded Super Soaker.

He then bursts in the door and starts spraying the young lad with water saying "Wake up son, good morning" between humming the theme. Instantly becoming the world's coolest dad.

Okay so maybe this isn't the most important bit of news coming out of Tripoli -- but rebel fighters have stolen the iconic hat worn by Colonel Gaddafi after smashing into his compound.

Appearing on Sky News proudly wearing the dictator's famous hat after storming the Bab al Aziziyah military compound buildings one rebel seemed most pleased with his haul.

He told reporter Alex Crawford he'd found the hat in Gaddafi's bedroom, saying: "I just went inside his bedroom and I was like 'Oh my God, I am in Gaddafi's room!' and then I found this and I was like 'Oh my goodness!'".

Other personal possessions swiped from Gaddafi’s compound included his jewellery, clothing and his personal golf buggy.

Did you hear the one about the traffic reporter who got stuck in traffic and missed his broadcast? Well that's what we'd like to think is going on here.

This 30 second video appears to show as viewers of Fox 17 in the US were left minus their traffic and weather presenter after a commercial break.

While the traffic and weather screens popped up as usual, there was no presenter standing in front of them… unless he was wearing a green suit in front of the green screen.

Bumbling news hosts gasped their way through the gaffe before a member of the production crew appeared, pulled a 'I-don't-know-where-he-is face' and then gave a brief audition for the job.

A clever ape at Tokyo zoo has become an online hit after displaying impressively human-esque towel skills in a bid to cool down during hot weather.

During this two minute video - which is going viral on YouTube and has been watched more than 300,000 times - the orangutan can be seen dipping a towel into a pool of water.

It then wrings the wet towel out in its hands, before dabbing it across its forehead and face in a nice cooling manner.

As one online commenter quite wonderfully put it: "This short clip is better than the whole of that new Planet of the Apes."

275x250.jpg Robbers have employed some dubious disguises in the past, but this one is up there with the most bizarre - he wore a dress and donned a pair of white underpants on his head.

Police in Dallas - where the idiot targeted a convenience store - say the man entered the store at 5.30am and demanded cash from out of the till and off customers.

Officers say he was able to get away with the money and are warning that he could have been armed - but hope his unusual attire could lead to an arrest.

Wearing the Y-fronts on his head to hide his face from CCTV cameras, it's not known why he chose to pair them with the black and white floral dress… talk about VPL.

A video of a dog being rubbed with a blanket so that static causes its hair to stick out has become a hit online… and as soon as you click play you'll see why.

In the 80-second clip - which has been viewed over a million times - the owner of the hairy mutt can be seen rubbing the dog with a blanket.

This, combined with the dry air, has the effect of causing its white hair to stick out and make it look like a cute porcupine as it prances around apparently showing off.

As the static effect wears off, the dog even runs along the sofa to get a 'recharge' from the giggling owner.

Not only does Emmitt Thunderpaws have an awesome name for a dog, but the colossal  Great Dane also gives good viral video -- as this clip shows.

The video, which is currently surging on YouTube, sees him welcoming his owner back from 9 month military deployment in Afghanistan.

During the 90 second clip the owners of the huge dog can be heard discussing whether Emmitt will remember the returning soldier.

And  we think it's safe to say from the response that he does. He bounds up to the uniformed man and jumps up to look him in the face before enjoying a good pat and play.

275x250.jpg Mountain-bike ace Danny MacAskill - whose stunts have attracted millions of views on YouTube - is at it again, this time for a Channel 4 TV documentary about urban sports.

His latest video 'Industrial Revolutions' was shot for the 'Concrete' Circus and sees Danny take his incredible skills into an industrial train yard and derelict buildings.

In the five minute video, the former Edinburgh bike-shop worker can be seen pulling a series of quite frankly ridiculous stunts, jumps, bounces and flips.

Seriously, the stunts are so good you almost don't notice the beautiful Scottish countryside in the background. And while the video has already been viewed 45,000 times, it's still has some way to go to match the 26 million of his original.

Sometimes we'd rather be hit in the face than listen to sports pundits - and if this baseball coach is anything like us, he just got his wish… on live TV.

Eagle-eyed ESPN viewers noticed that Colorado Rockies 3rd base coach Rich Dauer took a ball to the face before Sunday Night Baseball.

While presenter Bobby Valentine talked about the upcoming game the action behind him was far more interesting than he could be.

As the Rockies were working on a double play drill the ball was thrown from second base and smashed Dauer in the face, breaking his nose. He was then taken to hospital for observation.

The phrase 'news blooper' is possibly one of our favourites within the weird news field… and after seeing this clip you'll see why.

Eric Young was recently caught on camera giving the two-finger salute to camera while talking about a rugby match, thinking a video of the action was being screened.

The Prime news man was reading a sports news clip about the game between Auckland and Counties Manukau and made the gesture to a producer who supports Counties Manukau.

But the video clip finished early and cut back to Young, who was seen waving the Vs directly into the camera… and at the viewing New Zealand audience.

In today's deserved comeuppance of the day we give you the looter who came out of court… and walked straight into a lamppost.

Primary school worker Alexis Bailey was holding a newspaper over his face as he walked out of Highbury Magistrates Court, in a bid to hide his identity.

But TV news footage of the fool - who had pleaded guilty to burglary with intent to steal from a Richer Sounds store in Croydon - was far better than a clear shot of his face.

That's because as he scarpered down the street with his dodgy newspaper disguise he walked straight into a lamppost. Needless to say the clip has become a hit in more ways than one.

275x250.jpgIt's no secret that the French like their bread, in fact they like it so much one baker has created a way of ensuring they never have to suffer the indignity of anything other than a fresh baguette.

Jean-Louis Hecht recently revealed a 24-hour freshly-baked baguette vending machine which provides hot bread around the clock.

The automated devices - which are already installed in Paris and Hombourg-Haut - heats up partially pre-cooked loaves on demand.

This means that whether they're on their way home to work, or walking home in the early hours of the morning, users can get a fresh 90p baguette.

And unsurprisingly the machines are proving a hit and sold around 4,500 baguettes in July. Next up are beret and garlic vending machines.

When police in Alabama heard that a runaway bull was charging along a road and causing danger to pedestrians and motorists, they dispatched multiple squad cars to deal with it.

But, after a four mile and 30 minute chase they were no closer to catching the elusive bull with huge horns, and they called in cowboys.

However, the cowboys were not riding in on their horses -- they sat on the front of the speeding squads cars to lasso the beast -- as this video shows.

Police say the bull was eventually brought under control and that no-one (including the bull) was hurt.

A US flight had to be diverted after a flying creature - believed to be a bat - began flapping around the cabin. Where's Samuel L. Jackson when you need him?

The Delta Air Lines flight had been on its way from Madison, Wisconsin to Atlanta when the creature started flying around.

As this footage shows, it did several laps of the plane causing panic among passengers and the pilot to turn the plane around and head back to the departure airport.

On the way there, the critter was captured after flying into the toilets - though officials were unable to find it on a search of the plane once it had landed… it probably didn't want a TSA pat-down.

A video of a baseball player hitting a ball around series of nets which it bounces between has become a hit online… despite almost certainly being fake.

The minute-long clip - believed to have been created for - starts off by showing a baseball player hitting a ball towards a formation of pitch-back nets.

After hitting the first net the ball then appears to bounce between the three other perfectly aligned nets before returning to the hitter who whacks it into the nets again and again.

And while we'd really love to believe this was real, we think the YouTube shouts of  "FAKE1" could be true. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Cats, is there anything they can't do? When they're not entertaining us by popping up on Question Time or interrupting weather forecasts they're trying to fix our cars.

At least that's what we think is happening in this video which is currently going viral online and has been viewed more than 110,000 times on YouTube.

In the 21 second clip a cute ginger kitten can be seen muscling in as a man tries to change the tyre on his car and wrestling with the jack.

And while the uploader seems to think the cat was just getting in the way, we like to think he was trying to help out.

Sky News reporter Mark Stone took to the streets of Clapham Junction last night to update view viewers on the London riots… and personally challenge looters about why they were doing what they were doing.

During his report the brave reporter confronted a series of looters and demanded to know what they where doing and how they justified their actions.

Filming youths walking out of a Currys digital store carrying their ill-gotten gains Stone confronted some and asked them if they were proud of what they were doing.

After inexplicably being told by one girl she was 'getting her taxes back' he continued to confront other looters. Best riot reporting ever!

As part of their Asian tour, footballers from Real Madrid have taken on a group of Chinese school children… 109 of them.

The bizarre match - which saw the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Iker Casillas take on the kids - took place at a stadium in the town of Guangzhou.

Despite having the numerical advantage, the kiddies were unable to make it count on the scoresheet and were left swarming around the pitch as the Madrid player knocked the ball around.

Organisers say the reason for having 109 children was because Real Madrid is 109-years-old… so maybe they should arrange a re-match for 50 years time.

The words "bear attack" probably make you think of vicious animals, maulings and generally unhappy endings for the people on the wrong end of them.

But as this video proves, that's doesn't have to always be the case… meet the world's cutest ever bear attack.

Shot in Russia the minute-long video shows a tiny bear cub trying to attack a backpacker by grabbing and 'biting' his arms and legs. All in a ridiculously cute manner.

It appears that no-one got hurt in the making of the video and we just hope that the mother bear didn't come out and show the youngster how it's meant to be done as soon as the camera was put down.

275x250.jpg A abandoned baby wallaby is being hand reared by her keepers at a UK safari park and kept in a rucksack in lieu of his mothers pouch.

Staff at Longleat Safari Park say the young red-necked wallaby called Joseph was rescued from certain death after being found cold and alone in the park.

So now he's been adopted by three keepers who take it in turns to carry him around in a substitute pouch made from a specially adapted rucksack to keep him warm and safe.

The trio will have to keep up their role as adopted parents for up to 10 months until the youngster is fully weaned and ready to return to the rest of the 30-strong wallaby group… they grow up so fast.

Tourists in Alaska were left shaken when a huge glacier disintegrated next to their tour boat and left it rocking in the sea at Tracy Arm Fjord.

The boat had been travelling along the 30 miles long fjord when a large chunk of ice fell from a glacier.

As it fell into the sea, the mass of ice caused a large wave which caused a (very brief) moment of panic from the sightseers before they realised there was no danger.

At that point any fear was instantly replaced by an urge to capture the moment on camera and get it uploaded to YouTube… which as you can see they managed.

275x250.jpg The mayor of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is said to have become so angry at people illegally parking flash cars in cycle lanes that he's started driving over them in a tank.

43-year-old Arturas Zuokas took the unusual measure after noticing that drivers of Ferraris, Rolls Royces and Mercedes were parking wherever they wanted simply paying fines.

Not wanting to let them think they're above the law, the zany politician (and keen cyclist) hired an armoured vehicle to get his own back.

He then proceeded to drive over the top of a illegally parked Mercedes, leaving it crushed and triumphantly shouting "That's what will happen if you park your car illegally!"

Last year Aardman Animations - the folks behind Wallace and Gromit - created 'Dot' the world's smallest stop-motion character, now they've set their sights on a bigger record.

Specifically the record for the world’s largest set for a stop-motion film, which they set when creating Gulp - using a 11,000sq ft stretch of a Welsh beach.

The minute and a half long animation took a week to create on the shore at Pendine Sands in South Wales and was filmed using Nokia N8 smartphones from a cherry picker 36m in the air.

Designers created a life-sized fishing boat for the movie and while the fish, seagulls and sea were created with rakes, the fisherman was a real person… a real patient person.

275x250.jpg A Millennium Falcon style UFO has been discovered on the bottom of the ocean between Finland and Sweden… maybe… probably not.

But that's exactly what some people are claiming sonar images of a 60ft disc-shaped object, taken by ship-wreck hunters, reveal.

The bizarre discovery was made by a team from Ocean Explorer as they scanned the 300ft deep ocean floor for a sunken wreck containing several cases of expensive champagne.

Lead researcher Peter Lindberg says the round object could is surrounded by scars on the earth which could be where the craft landed and skidded along… slightly more sensibly he also suggests it could be an underwater Stonehenge.

A US family got the shock of their lives when a snake slithered out of the bonnet of their car… as they were doing 65mph down the highway.

Rachel and Tony Fisher had been driving along in Memphis when all of a sudden a snake appeared on their windscreen -- obviously prompting them to reach for the video camera.

In the resulting footage, shot by Tony as Rachel drove, the snake can be seen flapping about on the glass as the kids in the back of the car shout that they want to see it.

For several minutes the snake moved along the bonnet of the speeding car before getting to the wing mirror on the driver's side and falling off… who needs a Ferrari prancing horse when you can have a live snake.

We've seen so many daredevils pulling amazing stunts, it can be all too easy to forget just how dangerous some of them are. But thanks to Travis Pastrana - who we previously saw do this - we just remembered.

That's because the 27-year-old recently broke his foot while trying to complete a ludicrous-looking spin/jump thing on his bike at the ESPN X Games.

While it all looked very impressive as he flew through the air, the landing was distinctively less so and he clattered to the ground and off his bike.

And that's why we always tell you not to try this stuff at home… like you have your own motorbike, arena and jumps there anyway.

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