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Commercial spaceship unveiled

200x175.jpgVirgin Galactic have released the final design of their ship which will take high-paying passengers into space.

Starting in 2010 the ship will take eight people (two pilot astronauts and six ticketed passengers) on two-and-a-half hour sub-orbital trips.

Despite each seat costing £100,000 Virgin Galactic say 200 people have already booked with another 85,000 having registered interest.

NASA photo of green man on Mars

(Weird News) NASA have released a photo from mars which appears to show a little green man walking down a hill on the red planet - though sceptics think it could be a rock.

The image was sent back to Earth by Spirit, Nasa's Mars explorer vehicle which landed there four years ago.

While initial inspections didn't highlight anything out of the ordinary, users of  astronomy websites spotted the figure which seems to be a woman with an outstretched arm.

Suicide tree can be seen from space

Botanists have discovered a new kind of Palm so big it can be seen from space.

The gigantic Tahina spectabilis, found by accident in Madagascar, grows over 18m high and it's leaves can each measure 5m in diameter.

But the plant has an unusual and spectacular life-cycle, after growing to dizzying heights it bursts into branches of hundreds of tiny flowers using so much energy it dies.

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