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275x250.jpg Finding a £10 note in an old pair of jeans and being told you've lost weight are among life's greatest pleasure triggers, it's been found.

A study of 3,000 adults revealed simple pleasures such as getting into a bed with freshly washed sheets and seeing an old couple holding hands also help to brighten our day.
Sunshine was found to be largely responsible for our good mood - such as waking up to a sunny day, sitting in the sun and driving with the car windows down on a sunny day all appearing in the top 20.
Other happy moments include being surprised with flowers or chocolates, getting a nice message or cuddle from a loved one, or getting a thank you card in the post.
Unfortunately for many, the hustle and bustle of everyday life means the average person is only happy for half the week.

If there's one thing we know about crabs it's that they like to pinch things with their claws.

As such we don't make a habit of holding them too close to our faces or anything we don't want grabbed -- apparently this guy in Russia didn't get the memo.

After stumbling on several crustacean on a patch of grass near a deserted road the guy -- wearing a military style beret -- picked one up and posed for the camera holding it.

But he was holding it a little too close to his face and the crab reached out and grabbed him with it's right claw. Bad news for him, good news for the internet.

275x250.jpg A young man in California was recently left red-faced when he got stuck in a baby swing and had to be cut free by firefighters.

The unnamed 21-year-old had apparently made a $100 bet with friends that he could fit in the little kiddie swing.

And after lubing himself up with liquid detergent, he had managed to squeeze himself in… he just couldn't get back out.

Then at about 9pm his pals disappeared (without paying him) and he was trapped overnight in the park.

It was only at 6am when a groundskeeper heard him screaming for help that firefighters were called to free him.

A Russian paraglider who was doing his stuff above the Indian Himalayas had a lucky escape after being struck by an eagle.

The bird collided with his Axis Mercury 2008 paraglider and got tangled in the cables - sending them both hurtling towards the ground.

But luckily the man was able to deploy the reserve parachute and despite bumpy landing (through a tree) he survived without injury.
And even more luckily, so had the eagle and after the crash pilot had cut it loose the bird flew off… hopefully being a bit more eagle-eyed about where it was flying.

275x250.jpg A Zimbabwean man has reportedly told a court that he's in love with a prostitute who turned into donkey after he hired her.

Sunday Moyo -- who came up with the story after being charged with bestiality -- insists that his ass started off as a $25 per night hooker.

According to state media, Moyo told a court that one morning he woken up and was surprised to hear people accusing him of sleeping with a donkey.

He insists he'd paid $25 for the prostitute in the town of Zvishavane, and that she'd obviously transformed into a donkey during the night.

The 28-year-old added that he's still "seriously in love" with the animal… making the story like Pretty Woman crossed with something we once saw online.

We hope wherever Tyler Card is going to spend Halloween is offering a good prize for the best costume because he deserves it.

Not only has he fashioned a impressive camera costume -- complete with hanging lens cap -- but his outfit is also a fully functional camera.

That's because while the body of the camera is mostly made from cardboard, it contains a real Nikon DSLR in the centre.

This camera is triggered from the costume shutter, also setting off a large flash over his head and displaying images on the rear thanks to a LCD display from an old Dell laptop.

275x250.jpg When Kevin Gaylor's girlfriend came home early and found him with another woman, he launched a desperate bid to get out of trouble. It didn't end well.

That's because Gaylor turned round and said his new acquaintance -- who he'd met online and asked to come to his home at 3am -- was a burglar.

The 24-year-old even called the police and reported the attempted crime -- all in the hope that it would get him off the hook.

But the stunt backfired when the truth came out and police in Colorado Springs charged Gaylor with a misdemeanour of false reporting to authorities.

Officers say that Gaylor had hoped to get better acquainted with his guest, but when his girlfriend came home he'd called and falsely reported an intrusion.

Bizarre dash-cam footage shows the moment a 128mph police chase ended with a topless woman wearing a G-string surrendered to officers.

The 28-year-old from Ohio had only been stopped when cops used stingers along the route 422 to disable two of her tyres.

She then proceeded to emerge from the vehicle -- wearing just fishnet stockings, a g-string and high heels -- and stagger across the road before surrendering.

Unsurprisingly the woman has been charged with operating a vehicle impaired refusing a blood alcohol test, fleeing and eluding, criminal damage, driving under a suspended licence, speeding and reckless operation.

275x250.jpgA string of traditionally British words such as 'cripes' and 'balderdash' are dying out amid the popularity of shortened text-style terms, it's been found.

Experts found a significant decrease in the use of words which our parents and grandparents would have uttered on an almost daily basis.
73% of people agree language has changed in recent years, with the character limit on Twitter and when sending text-messages believed to be behind the trend.

Other words which have fallen by the wayside amid the LOL generation are 'rambunctious', 'verily', 'salutations' and 'betwixt'.
While a quarter of Brits say they now use text speak like 'lol' only 10% have said 'fiddlesticks' and 25% of people have never said 'oopsy-daisy'.

275x250.jpg For many people the idea of going to sleep in a room full of clowns would be the stuff of nightmares, but not Ortrud Kastaun.

That's because the 61-year-old from Germany has just been recognised by Guinness World Records for having the largest collection of clowns.
Ortrud, known to her friends as ‘Orty’, has been collecting model clowns for over 15 years, and in that time amassed 2,053 different models. 

The collection is so large Ortrud had to move to a larger flat to and even set up her own museum at her home in Essen, Germany. 

275x250.jpg If they were granted one wish, more people would ask for an iPad 2 than world peace… a rather depressing study has found.

A poll of 1,200 Brits found that while the most popular wish would be for one million pounds, it was closely followed by an Apple iPad 2.

Wishes for world peace came in third, followed by being famous, cosmetic surgery and a new sports car.

Other popular wishes included, a mansion, meeting a celebrity and owning a designer wardrobe. Less popular ones were 'McDonalds in their kitchen' and an 'unlimited supply of new trainers'.

A couple in the US saw their marriage get off to a stormy start -- when a dust storm rolled in during their outdoor ceremony.

Gus and Jennifer Luna had hoped their wedding in Florence, Arizona, would be a memorable day, but they never expected this...

As the happy couple were exchanging vows a dense dust storm hit, covering them in dust and almost blowing them away.

This clip from their wedding video shows how they tried to rush through the ceremony and were determined not to give up despite Jennifer struggling to keep her veil on and her dress down.

275x250.jpg We've previously seen children's drawings turned into amazing artworks -- now they are being turned into cool toys.

The guys over at Child's Own Studio will take a drawing your child has done (or maybe you) and use it as a blueprint for a stuffed toy.

They will even use materials you provide yourself -- maybe a baby-grow or a former favourite blanket -- to make the distinctive and unique toy.

However, there is bad news, because the service has proven so popular Wandy Tsao says they are not taking any more orders this year. So back to the drawing board for Christmas… though not to draw a toy.

275x250.jpg A designer scent has been created to represent the smells of Burton-on-Trent -- yes the town famous for Marmite and beer.

Businesswoman and perfumer Victoria Brookes says she created the perfumes (which really should have been called Burton-on-Scent) because the town is famed for its smells.

The male and female scents will go on sale for £36.50 in the run up to Christmas and the women's version is said to encapsulate the smells of Marmite and the countryside.

The men's fragrance meanwhile, is said to include leather, forests, and beer… so we're not sure it will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.

When this man saw a giant object hovering in the night sky he decided to best thing to do was call 999 -- then he realised it was the moon.

Police in Hertfordshire have released embarrassing audio from a recent 999 call from a man who wanted to report seeing a UFO.

He started off by saying the mysterious object -- which wasn't making recognisable engine noises -- was flying above his house with lights blazing and that is was getting closer.

But a couple of minutes later he called again, this time to admit that he'd made a mistake and had been looking at the moon. Oops.

275x250.jpgAlmost a third of Brits are ‘unhappy’ with their job and wish they did something else for a living, it's been found.

A study into the attitudes we hold about work found that 31% of us are unhappy and 7% go a step further saying they ‘hate’ their current job.

But it's not all bad news, 22% of the 1,271 polled said they 'love' their job and 1 in 10 feel that have landed their ‘dream job’.

Asked to elaborate on why they were unhappy in their job, 29% said it was because the role was not challenging enough.

A further 34% of those who claimed to be ‘unhappy’ in their job stated that it was because they felt ‘bored’. In contrast 12% said they were ‘unhappy’ because their position was ‘too difficult’.

A motorcyclist in South Africa abandoned an endurance race he was competing in to save a calf which had fallen into a canal.

Johan Gray had apparently been taking part in the race in Gauteng when he spotted the animal which was unable to get out of the water.

As this footage from his head-cam shows, the 46-year-old quickly pulled over and tried to rescue the animal using several techniques to get it to safety.

Eventually he banded the creature’s front legs and managed to pull it out before loading it onto his bike and returning it to a farmer.

275x250.jpg Boffins in France have published details about the size of the average French penis -- so garlic munching men don't worry about the size of le tackle.

Researchers at Paris-based National Academy of Surgery hope the study will curb a recent rise in penis enlargement surgery.

And so to the numbers... the academics say the "normal" penis is between 9 and 9.5cm when flaccid and between 12.8 and 14.5cm when erect.

Girth of the typical French member is between 8.5 and 9cm circumference when as soft as a floppy beret and then 10 to 10.5cm when doing a baguette impression.

A statement from the National Academy of Surgery said: "The feeling of having an insufficiently-large penis can be a source of anxiety and psychological suffering for a man.

A video of an irate man chopping down a parking meter with a chainsaw has become an online hit with empathetic motorists.

Unfortunately the 30 second clip -- which shows a white van driver arguing with a traffic cop -- is a fake.

We'd hoped that the driver's mate really had flipped out, grabbed his chainsaw an felled the parking meter in an act of defiance for everyone who has ever had a parking fine.

However, a spokesperson for the NYPD has confirmed the video is a fake. Which is a shame.

275x250.jpg A judge has ruled that a US man can never own more than 10 avocados after he was found to have stolen an estimated 1,000lb of the fruit.

Barron Stein is now banned from being in procession of more than 10 of the soft green fruits after admitting the theft.

The 44-year-old has also been told as part of his three-year probation he can not visit any avocado groves during this time.

Unemployed Stein is said to have stolen the mass of avocados to support his family and ensure they had food to eat.

The family will probably be pleased with the ruling as it could bean they finally get a meal which doesn't include guacamole.

275x250.jpgPutting on weight is the number one thing that will knock a women's confidence, a study has revealed.

Feeling like the're carrying an extra few pounds is closely followed by having a bad hair day or having bad skin for having an effect on how women feel.

A poll of 3,000 Brits also discovered finding out they've been the subject of gossip also impacts on how a women starts her day.

However, most women admit they are their own worst enemy when it comes to feeling bad about themselves.

More than a third saying that they are the most likely to knock their own confidence by having negative thoughts.

Most women have given their man a makeover

200x175.jpgSeven out of ten women have 'done a Liz Hurley' - and given their man a makeover to improve his image, it has been found.

Researchers found millions of women have copied Hurley's remoulding of lover Shane Warne by altering their man's hair, weight, lifestyle or eating habits.
Others have made dress sense their first priority, encouraging him to ditch scruffy jeans and tatty shirts for smarter, more presentable clobber.
Shedding unsightly beards or growing trendy stubble are also common issues which women address within weeks of meeting a new partner.
Other 'issues' women like to address include shoe choice, hygiene, diet, financial responsibility and alcohol intake… making you wonder what they ever saw in him in the first place.

In California there's a house where the residents think light displays are not just for Christmas -- and after seeing this we think they've got a point.

Over the past couple of years they've decorated their house with lights which flash in time to music and display spooky faces.

After previously setting the lights to perform Sandstorm Techno, Thriller by Michael Jackson and and epic rendition of Monster Mash, this year it's the turn of Party Rock Anthem.

Complete with four singing pumpkin faces, tombstones, hand carved pumpkins, strobes, floods and thousands of lights it really is quite a sight… and not an inflatable snowman anywhere to be seen.

275x250.jpg There is no denying that facial hair can help you keep warm in the winter. And while not everyone can grow a full bushy beard… they could buy this hat.

The Beardo is a Canadian-designed beanie which has become an instant fashion hit since it went on sale online -- because it includes an instant beard.

Makers say the hat-beard-combo is "always guaranteed to be full, perfectly coiffed, and super soft" and that you don't have to worry about itching or scratching.

While the acrylic yarn facial fuzz is adjustable and can fit any face, it can also be stowed away in the hat for the occasions a knitted beard might not be appropriate… though we can't imagine when that would be.

A muscleman in Syria has been showing off his strength by pulling a train which he claims weights more than 100 tonnes.

Adnan Ismail al-Awad performed the stunt Kadam train station near the Syrian capital Damascus by pulling the 20 meter-long train.

After strapping himself into a harness the strongman was able to move the weighty vehicle on the rusty track.

While the actual train only weights 2.5 tonnes -- which obviously even we could haul -- al-Awad said this was increased to 100 tonne because of the incline.

As kids we always wished our Hot Wheels car tracks were a bit bigger -- we wouldn't be saying that now if we'd had Casey Knott for a dad.

That's because the dad from Dallas-Fort Worth recently built a monster course with measures 2,000ft and takes three minutes to complete.

In this video, the track -- built to raise money for charity -- appears to run through every room of his home (including bathrooms) and even along the  pavement.

Unfortunately because Casey only had 150 feet of track to play with the course was built in segments over a series of nights and the video was edited together.

275x250.jpg It may look like typical Full English breakfast, but this meal is actually an impressive sweet dessert made by a talented cook.

Vicky McDonald -- a food blogger at -- says she spent weeks perfecting the dish to make sure it looked just like the real thing but tasted wonderfully sweet.

As such the bacon is really coloured brandy snap biscuits, the egg is a dollop of panna cotta topped with lemon curd and the sausages are caramelised peanut butter sponge cakes.

The hash browns are brioche coated with panko breadcrumbs, the black pudding is chocolate biscuit cake and the beans are tiny biscuits coated in white chocolate and coated in a fruit coulis.

A video of a young baby breaking out of his cot and then trying to destroy the evidence has become an online hit.

The clip shows little baby Dayne being put in his cot along with his twin brother for a nap… but he apparenty has other ideas.

Once his mother -- who set up the camera to work out how wh was getting out -- has left the room Dayne looks at his brother, the two knowing what is about to happen.

He then vaults over the side of the cot and bangs down onto the carpet below… before quickly taking the camera out like a master crook.

275x250.jpgMillions of married women would rather spend time with their girlfriends than their husbands, a study has revealed.

Researchers found man women would prefer to spend a day off with their best friend because they were more fun, more likely to indulge in an exchange of gossip.
Shopping, going to a day spa, or having a meal and a glass of wine topped the list of activities women preferred to do in their spare time.

Nearly a third of 3,000 women polled agreed they think their girlfriends are much better company than their partner is.

And 60% of women say they prefer to go shopping with their girlfriends because they trust friends’ advice more… and don't have to pretend everything is cheap. 

A baby in Australia has survived a terrifying accident which saw a car plough into a newsagents and the pram he was lying in.

Remarkably, the 17-month-old baby boy was uninjured in the crash which saw his pram knocked upside down in the Sydney store.

The boy's mother -- who had been standing nearby -- raced to the pram after the smash and scooped the boy up clutching him in horror.

Police say the driver had veered off the road to avoid another car… but apparently not the newsagents.

275x250.jpg A personal trainer in the US has spent six months pigging out and eating junk food… in a bid to better understand fat clients.

With his muscular body and six-pack Drew Manning says he was fed up of hearing people tell him he didn't know what it was like to be fat and suffer cravings.

So the ripped 30-year-old decided to embark on a year-long experiment which would see him balloon in weight and then loose it all and get back to his trim self.

At least that's the plan! So far Drew has only gained the weight -- all 70lbs of it -- through an arduous regime of no exercise, and eating a diet of chips, soda and pizza.

A father from Michigan has been arrested after drunkenly making his nine-year-old daughter his designated driver… and then boasting about it on camera.

Shawn Weimer has appeared in court after CCTV footage emerged showing the child parking his van at a petrol station in Brownstown Township.

Once inside the station Weimer started bragging about his daughter's driving saying: "Nine years old. Nine! Gas, brake, listen, we're leaving, and she's driving. I'm drunk."

Police were called and soon pulled the underage driver over, prompting her to ask why and add that she was "driving good".

275x250.jpg A US actress is seeking $1m damages from Internet Movie Database… because the website revealed her real age.

The unnamed Texan says that she never gave IMDb permission to publish her real age and their doing so has cost her work.

It's claimed the woman looks too young to play roles of her own age and since beginning working in Hollywood in 2003 had been cast as much younger.

However since IMDb published her real age, the actress says she has repeatedly lost out on a number of roles and blames this on the publication.

She now hopes to receive $1m or more in punitive damages and $75,000 or more in compensatory damages… if having your age on the internet is worth that sort of money, I'm 31!

It's always embarrassing when you fall over, but it must be even worse when you are on a live TV news show… while talking about climaxing.

Just ask WPIX 11 anchor Sukanya Krishnan who recently toppled during a segment about Christian Louboutin's claim that high heels can help women orgasm.

After showing off her own footwear while talking about the pain some shoes can inflict, he turned to go back to her desk.

But right after saying "My arch helps me to climax," Krishnan fell over and grabbed at the set as she fell in a heap on the floor. Oops.

275x250.jpg A food artist had set a new world record for building the world’s largest edible Taj Mahal sculpture… using curry ingredients from pilau rice and poppadoms to Bombay potatoes.

Prudence Staite spent more than 5 days creating the 3ft X 10ft X 5ft poppadom palace -- complete with the iconic white domes of the Taj Mahal made from Chipati bread.

Commissioned by Food Network UK to celebrate the launch of its new series Reza, Spice Prince of India the edible Taj Mahal sculpture, pilau rice creates the main structure of the Taj.

Poppadoms make up part of the garden with green chillies placed as trees and mango chutney adding more garden decoration… Mmm yummy garden decoration.

Shoppers at a grocery store in Alaska were shocked when they found a bear cub climbing over the fruit and vegetable aisles.

Staff at the Tatsuda's IGA supermarket in Ketchikan say the supercute bear strolled into the store through the automatic doors.

After wandering over to the fruit display the baby bear jumped up -- prompting those who weren't busy taking photos on their mobiles to call police.

Officers tried to coax the cub dow, but eventually a customer stepped in, grabbed the baby bear and carried it outside to be released… luckilly he wasn't greeted by mom.

275x250.jpg Sure these little puppies look cute now -- but in not too long they'll be elite crime-fighters police attack dogs.

That's because the litter of seven German Shepherd puppies have been taken on by West Midlands Police after being born through their breeding scheme.

The four boys and three girls -- just four weeks old -- are the first litter since West Midlands Police were adopted into the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeder Scheme.

The pups will now be placed with volunteers before being paired up with officers and start their training at 15 months old.

A video of a young lad playing Angry Birds on an iPad for the first time has become an online hit.

And it's not hard to see why, because his reaction at seeing birds hurled at evil pigs is quite simply amazing!

Sitting on a sofa with the iPad on his legs the boy screams, throws his arms into the air… and then asks to see the explosions again.

Writing on YouTube his parents said: "My son loves our iPad, so I thought I'd show him Angry Birds. Didn't expect this reaction though…"

275x250.jpg Research has found that women look their best for just two hours and 22 minutes of the average working day.

A study found the beautifully styled hairdo and fully made-up face perfected in front of the bathroom mirror is history by precisely 10.13am.
That's the point when the typical woman's professional, polished image is replaced by worn-off lipstick, smudged eye make-up and dishevelled hair.
The poll of 2,000 women also found the average female feels she needs to apply fresh make-up or restyle her hair again at 11.44am.

And 43 per cent said they were aware they looked like a 'different woman' after a long day in the office.

US singer and actor Harry Belafonte was left red-faced after arranging to be interviewed on an early-morning TV show… and then falling asleep in front of the camera.

The 'King of Calypso' had been due to promote his HBO documentary with a satellite TV tour -- but wasn't prepared when a show in Bakersfield, California cut to him.

In fact it appeared he was dozing and despite the presenter's best efforts to rouse him with calls of: "Wake up, wake up… this is your wake-up call." he did not stir.

However, his PR people claim he wasn't sleeping but meditating, and that a technical error meant the 84-year-old couldn't hear the host.

A piano playing robot has been revealed which can play faster than any human -- but then again, he does have the benefit of having  19 fingers.

Teotronico is said to be the only robot in the world capable of simultaneously singing and playing the piano while judging if an audience is impressed.

Created by boffins in Italy for a cost of £3,000, the musical bot is said to have 19 fingers because it is the ideal number for covering any melody or song.

As he plays, cameras in his eyes allow him to view an audience and interact with them, changing his choice of song if they don't look like they are enjoying themselves.

275x250.jpg A US couple have been accused of beating their 16-year-old daughter and forcing her to take part in a medieval-style duel.

It's been reported that the duo even made the girl dress in armour for the battle with her stepfather.

The pair are said to have fought for two hours with wooden swords and police say the stepfather beat the girl with a tree branch prior to the duel.

Reports also claim the girl was being punished for going to a party without the parents permission and that the couple are Renaissance enthusiasts.

They apparently enjoy recreating fights from the medieval era‚ and due to appear in court they could well be heading to the stocks themselves.

When a US police officer approached a driver who was sleeping at the side of the road he probably thought it would be one of the easier duties of his shift. it wasn't.

That's because the dozing driver was a former wrestling champion who woke up apparently thinking he was in the middle of a bout.

As this dash-cam footage shows, as Deputy Josh Barrett, a Greene County (Ohio) Sheriff's deputy, tried to wake the man he found himself on the wrong end of a flurry of punches.

Eventually the deputy was forced to reach for his taser and was eventually able to wrestler as he walked away. which we think would get him disqualified in the ring.

275x250.jpg Hackers reportedly took control of the Sesame Street YouTube page recently -- posting a series of sexually explicit clips.

Innocent video of puppets Bert, Ernie and Elmo were switched with pornographic ones‚ not featuring the puppets.

As a result of the hacker attack the Sesame Street page on YouTube was quickly removed "due to repeated or severe violations of community guidelines."

A spokesperson for Sesame Street said: "Our channel was compromised and we are presently working with YouTube/Google to restore our original content.

"We always strive to provide age-appropriate content for our viewers and hope to resolve this problem quickly."

275x250.jpgLast year Alan Billis was a taxi driver in Torquay, now he's become the first person in 3,000 years to be mummified like Tutankhamum -- all in the name of a TV show.

Before his death from lung cancer in January, Alan had signed on to be part of a bizarre experiment in mummification, to be filmed for Channel 4.

In a bid to better understand how the ancient Egyptians were able to preserve pharaohs perfectly for millennia the 61-year-old's corpse was put through a variety of special techniques.

Scientists now think -- thanks to Alan -- they've been able to crack the mystery of mummification and say their finding turn much accepted wisdom about the process it's bandaged head.

Dogs have a seemingly endless desire to play fetch, but what to do when their owner doesn't want to? This, that's what!

A clever Jack Russell called Sid has become an online hit after learning how to play fetch with himself.

Filmed in London the self-sufficiant pooch can be seen initially trying to encourage owner Roland Muldoon to play with him.

But when he doesn't the pup grabs a ball in his mounth, hurls it down a set of steps and proceeds to chase the ball and return it to the top of the stairs.

275x250.jpg There were calls for a contestant at the World Scrabble Championship in Warsaw to be strip-searched -- after one of the tiles went missing.

British letters man Ed Martin had been accused of hiding an all important letter 'G' during a match with a Thai player.

This is said to haveprompted his opponent to call for Martin to be taken toilet so he could be search.

However, authorities refused and as no evidence was presented to support the Thai player's allegation, Martin was declared the winner.

New Zealander Nigel Richards took the overall title after scoring 95 points with the word 'omnified', scooping a £12,700 prize.

A pilfering penguin has become something of an internet star after being featured on the BBC documentary Frozen Planet.

The stone-stealing bird was filmed on Ross Island, Antarctica as his colony was busy building stone nests to protect their eggs.

As other males in the penguin colony were running off trying to find the right shaped stones, the cheeky penguin decided to swipe his from their unguarded nest.

So as soon as their backs were turned, he grabbed their stones and and scurried back to his own nest with them -- just call him Feathers McGraw.

275x250.jpgTuesday is the worst day of the week to start dieting, research has revealed… so sit back, have a biscuit, and read about why this is.

Women who start counting calories on a Tuesday were found to typically give up in under a week, often ending up heavier than when they started out.
By contrast, those who begin their battle of the bulge on a Monday are most likely to shed the most weight, losing on average eight pounds over a three week period.
The study of 2,000 Brits who have been on a diet within the last year also found those who start their diet on a Saturday have a clear goal in mind and are more likely to see the dieting commitment through to the end.

Meanwhile, Sunday dieters are also less likely to fall prey to the yo-yo dieting cycle, with an impressive 88 per cent keeping off the weight they lose.

If you've ever wanted to quit a job (and who hasn't) you are sure appreciate the style with which this man ended his employment.

Not content with handing is letter of resignation in at a Providence hotel, Joey took along his 19-piece band, the 'What Cheer? Brigade'.

So when his boss turned up and demanded to know what was happening, Joey simply gave him the letter and the band began to play.

Joey then proceeded to jubilantly walk out of the building as the rest of the band -- including people on a trombone, drums and tuba - played and walked behind him.

275x250.jpg Soldiers and nurses should earn more money than politicians, according to a new opinion poll.

Researchers found the general public believe the financial reward for putting your life on the line - or saving a life - should far outweigh that of an MP.
The report showed three quarters of us believe squaddies should pocket an average of £63,491-a-year for fighting for their country, while nurses should earn close to £54,000.
By contrast only 23 per cent said politicians were worth their £65,000-a-year salary.
It also emerged most of us believe Prime Minister David Cameron should pick up around £91,003 each year - around £50,000 LESS than his current £142,500 wage packet.

A bizarre camera which take 360 degree panoramic photos when it's hurled into the air has become an online sensation.

Created by graphic designers in Berlin the ball-shaped camera uses 36 fixed-focus 2 megapixel mobile phone camera and an accelerometer.

This means that as the foam padded ball is thrown into the air, it can detect when it reaches its highest point and simultaneously take photos in all directions.

The 36 images are then merged together to create a full spherical image which can be viewed using a spherical panoramic viewer… and you can see what you look like right after a throw.

275x250.jpgA US man claims he rode a great white shark for several seconds after it knocked him off his longboard.

Doug Niblack had been surfing off the coast of Oregon when his surfboard hit something and he stepped off it.

Then he says he looked down and saw a dorsal fin in front of his feet... and realised he was standing on a 10ft long great white shark.

Doug claims he then surfed the shark for several seconds as its tail thrashed back and forth, before he fell off.

Obviously we'd be a lot happier with  this story had there been a video to accompany it, but we'll have to take his word for it.

A video of a tech-savvy baby using an iPad and then being disappointed when a magazine doesn't work in the same way has become an online hit.

In the clip the one-year-old girl can initially be seen manipulating an Apple iPad and happily swiping and touching her way through apps.

But then when presented with a traditional glossy magazine the little girl is left confused.

After trying to scroll through article and zoom in on photos by pinching them she seems to conclude that the magazine is not working.

275x250.jpg Embarrassing photos of visitors to a haunted house being scared witless have become an online hit.

The images -- taken at Nightmares Fear Factory in Niagara Falls Canada -- show visitors screaming, clinging on to each other and running away.

Bosses at the walk-through attraction say they post the images of scaredy cats online on Flickr and YouTube to show just how terrifying it can be.

And they add that more than 100,000 would-be visitors have been too scared to complete their tour and chickened out by shouting "NIGHTMARES!" and getting a guide to take them out.

A US family who got lost while navigating a corn field in Massachuestts ended up calling 911 when they couldn't find the way out.

The navigationally challenged family had gone into the seven-acre halloween maze at Connors Farm for a bit of fun, but it ended up being anything but.

As darkness drew in, the frightend parents worried about getting their three-week-old baby to safety and resorted to calling 911.

After a distressed phone call officers were dispatched to the maze and the family were found just 25ft from the exit.

275x250.jpgMen are now as worried as women about being ripped off by dodgy motor maintenance garages, it has been found.

Traditionally, women have been more intimidated when taking a car in for a service amid fears rogue traders will baffle them with car jargon and charge the earth for the work.
But research found men now suffer the same anxieties due to a lack of knowledge of what goes on beneath the bonnet.
The report also found millions of men struggle to identify where the screen wash is located, how to check the oil and change a light bulb.

And shockingly, one in five men didn't even know how to release the bonnet... we can't imagine why they'd be worried about being ripped off!

A T-shaped pylon design has been named as the winner in a £5,000 competition to find the next generation of electricity pylons.

Created by Danish engineering firm Bystrup, the T-Pylon beat off a field of 250 entires all aiming to replace the familiar "triangle" design.

As a result the National Grid will now work with Bystrup to develop their T-Pylon design further -- the first major pylon update since the 1920s.

275x250.jpg A would-be bank robber was forced to flee empty-handed when staff were unable to read his note demanding they hand over cash.

Thomas Love had apparently walked into a WSFS Bank in Delaware and handed over a poorly penned note, which the teller was unable to read.

When she told him that she couldn't make out what wanted -- like the scene in Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run -- 40-year-old Love stormed off.

After realising he'd been trying to rob the bank, staff contacted police and gave them his description. He was arrested shortly after.

A video of an ice-cream man jokingly taunting a holidaymaker by serving him a treat and then taking it away again has become an online hit.

Footage shows the Turkish-style vendor handing a young customer his ice cream before quickly swiping it back and leaving him empty-handed.

He then performs a series of impressive tricks -- including spinning a multiple-coned snack away from him and presenting a massive ice cream - as the bemused boy looks on.

After about 90 seconds of performance, and attracting quite a crowd, the lad is finally given his treat… though he looks like he's still trying to work out what's just happened.

275x250.jpgIt may not have been a barbecue summer -- but research suggests it might have been a Bhuna one!

Research has discovered that Britain's poor weather over the summer caused a sales surge in curry.

A study of more than 800 curry restaurants and takeaways found the majority saw a spike in sales compared to the same period last year.

Asked what had caused the curry surge, restauranteurs claimed it was because of the poor weather and people developing a taste for spicy food.

So what do you think, did you turn to a vindaloo to give your summer a bit of heat?

275x250.jpgA heavily pregnant woman has completed the Chicago Marathon -- and then went into labour shortly after crossing the finish line.

Despite being nearly 39 weeks pregnant with her second chile Amber Miller didn't have a problem finishing the 26.2-mile race.

And the 27-year-old even beat her (considerably less pregnant) husband Joe, finishing 34,339th to his 34,997.

After crossing the finish line -- to cheers of "Go pregnant lady" -- Amber sat down to eat a sandwich, but started to feel contractions.

She was then taken to Central DuPage Hospital where she birth to daughter, June… who we think should also get a marathon finishers medal.

Because we think everyday is better when it starts with a musically inclined animal, here you go -- meet a piano playing pug.

This little 58-second clip -- which clearly owes something to piano cat -- is currently storming the internet, and it's not hard to see why.

Chocoholic, a black pug from Japan, can be seen 'playing' a toy keyboard -- while wearing a red top and sparkly gold bow tie.

Personally we're not that impressed by his musical cat-alogue and the way his playing tails off… but what do you think?

A team of nine firefighters in the US were recently involved in a odd rescue operation involving a 1,800lb swimming-pool-crashing moose.

The beast had been found taking an impromptu dip in the pool of a New Hampshire home after wandering over from nearby woods.

When the shocked home-owner made the discovery he called for assistance and firefighters (known for their swimming-pool/moose skills) were dispatched.

They then had to get the moose out of the pool by pulling it up the pool steps by ropes attached to its antlers… which makes it sound easier than t was.

275x250.jpgTV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has irked animal lovers by defending eating puppies in an interview.

The River Cottage star -- who spent five months as a vegetarian for his new series -- was being interviewed by Radio Times about meat eating.

Asked about whether he would be willing to eat pets he said: "In principle, but not in practice, I have no objection to a high-welfare organic puppy farm."

Fearnley-Whittingstall said he'd have to be "on the point of starvation" before tucking into a dog -- but that ruling them out would be a cultural decision.

He also claimed that people who eat pigs should be prepared to eat puppies too… though we think it's highly unlikely he'll be releasing a 'how to cook your pets' cookbook any time soon.

Mountain biking can be dangerous with all that hurtling around on rough terrain at high speeds… especially when charging antelope are added into the mix.

Just ask 17-year-old mountain bike racer Evan van der Spuy who was recently competing in a event in South Africa when a 30mph Red Hartebeest wiped him out.

In this video -- which was shot on a camera mounted to fellow rider Travis Walker -- Evan can be heard shouting "Watch the buck!"

A split-second later the 150kg Red Hartebeest can be seen charging across the plain and straight into the rider who is unsurprisingly knocked from his bike.

275x250.jpg31% of small business owners admit to ‘favouring’ certain staff members, it has been discovered.

In a bid to discover more about workplace relations, a human resources consultancy conducted a study aimed at discovering more about employers’ attitudes towards their staff.

1,092 employers were asked questions about how they felt about their staff, as well as questions about general relations within the workplace.

It was found that almost a third admitted favouring some staff -- with most claiming this was because of their stronger work ethic’ or ‘sense of humour in the work place’.

So if you want favourable treatment at the office we suggest you either work harder or try to make the boss laugh -- we know what we're going for! Did you hear the one about...

275x250.jpgCity bosses in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital, have come up with an odd way of dealing with road chaos -- they've employed 120 mimes to enforce traffic rules.

Officials in the municipality of Sucre say most drivers had little regard for the rules and something needed to be done about it.

As such the 120 mimes will now spend their days silently wagging their fingers and pulling faces at motorists who are breaking the rules.

It's hoped drivers will react better to mimes than they do to traditional traffic enforcement officers and as a result start driving better.

Mayor Carlos Ocariz says the scheme will stay in effect until the mimes have had the desired impact… hopefully irate drivers won't impact on the mimes.

An ice hockey cheerleader (we didn't know they existed either) has been left red-faced after wiping out on live TV.

A Fox 5 news crew had been chatting to the New York Islanders cheerers during coverage of the team celebrating their 40th season in the NHL.

And while a jersey wearing reporter stood on the ice and spoke to one, the idea was that the others kept it entertaining by doing their stuff in the background.

Unfortunately for one ice girl she was a little too entertaining and has become an online hit -- after embarrassingly taking a tumble as the live camera followed her.

An 11-year-old young lad from India has roller-skated his way into the Guinness Book of World Records… and under 20 cars.

Rohan Ajit Kokane set a new roller-skating limbo record by passing under a series of cars while on his wheels -- and decked out in green lycra and sweatbands.

After building up speed, Rohan did the splits -- so he was travelling while close the ground -- and whizzed through the 35cm tall gap under the parked vehicles.

It took 30 seconds for him to come to a standstill and having travelled 126ft 11in adjudicators said he'd broken the previous limbo record by more than 26ft… even if it wasn't a limbo as we know it.

275x250.jpgCivil engineers have discovered that the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster (or Big Ben to most people*) has developed a severe tilt.

They say the angle is so great that the lean can already be seen with the naked eye, with some dubbing it the 'leaning tower of London'

It's claimed if left uncorrected, the famous tower could even topple over -- but as the tilt is only increasing slowly it's safe for the next 4,000 or so years.

The tilt is being caused by the tower "sinking" or settling into the land on which it is built, but happeiing more quickly on the north side than the south.

This means that if it did fall (which it won't) it would land on MPs' offices over the road in Portcullis House… which it won't.

An enormous avocado which grows to 10 times of standard varieties is set to  hit UK supermarket shelves… which is good news for fans of guacamole.

The jumbo avocado, of the ‘Linda’ variety, weighs up to 1.5kg which is more that the weight of two international Rugby balls!

A spokesperson for Waitrose, who will sell the monster, say the fruit stays on trees in Peru’s Chincha valley for up to one year to achieve its exceptional size.

The huge avocado, which sells for £4.99 is big enough to make a dish of guacamole or retro avocado and prawn starters to serve dinner party guests. 

Cornwall got a little bit smaller recently… when a massive rockfall on the north coast saw a chunk of it disappear into the sea.

And the amazing moment was captured on video by hikers who just happened to be in the right location at the right time.

Several small-scale rock-falls had happened causing walkers to stand on the North Cliffs near Hell's Mouth and watch what was happening.

Then, after the frequency and intensity had built up, part of the 100 metre high cliff peels away and comes crashing down into the sea where inquisitive seals had been watching.

275x250.jpgAn elderly motorist led police on a 27 mile low-speed chase when they tried to stop her for her unacceptable driving.

In fact Caroline Turner only came to a standstill when an officer ran alongside her car on a dual carriageway at 10mph... and tapped on the window.

Police in Essex say the 'chase' saw her veering onto the opposite side of the road before driving for eight miles on the dual carriageway and generally being rather dangerous.

When officers were finally able to get Turner to stop, she said she didn't know why she'd been stopped and added: "There is nothing to discuss, I'm going home."

Appearing at Colchester Magistrates' Court Turner admitted driving without due care and attention and failing to stop when asked by police.

A police officer in Belarus has had a more than lucky escape after being thrown from a crashing van… as this CCTV shows.

The unnamed officer had been travelling in the police van as it was involved in an accident with a car on a junction.

As the black and white van rolled over, one of the doors opened and the officer was thrown from the vehicle.

Amazingly not only did the rolling van somehow miss the cop and leave him uninjured… but he was back on his feet before the van had stopped moving.

A video of a dog being strangely scared and repelled by a magazine advert featuring Julia Roberts has become a hit online.

In the clip -- which has been viewed 500,000 times -- a man can be seen calling his pet husky over as he holds a copy of Brides magazine.

Then he opens the magazine on a Lancôme advert featuring the Pretty Woman star and the pooch begins to back away before walking out of the room.

The owner then closes the magazine and calls the dog back before once again showing him the image of Julia Roberts and causing him to scarper away.

275x250.jpgDespite most parents agonising over choosing the right names for their children, many end up regretting' the name, it's been found.

A study of more than 1,000 parents recently discovered that 8% wish they had picked another name for their little ones.

Of those, the majority, 53%, said they felt this way because they'd chosen a name that was ‘fashionable’ at the time, but wasn't now.

However 32%, of said they regretted their child’s first name because it had since become a very common name for children and it no longer felt unique.

While 41% of parents had decided upon a name before their child was born, 6% said it took them over a week of deliberating to pick.

To be honest we prefer it when this kind of thing backfires -- but here's a cute clip of little girl getting told she's going to Disneyland.

It was a week before Lily turned six-years-old and her mother asked her whether se wanted to open an early birthday present, unsurprisingly she said yes.

So she opened a pink bag full of Disney products and appeared pretty pleased with it too… then her mom revealed the 'real' present was that they were going to Disneyland.

Lily responded in the way seen on Disney TV adverts and went through an emotional range including shock, doubt, happiness and uncontrollable joy, all in about four seconds.

275x250.jpgA surprising number of British adults are scared of the dark, it has been found.

Researchers found around four out of ten of us (that's nearly 20 million British adults) are fearful of wandering around the house with the lights off.
Watching a scary movie, being home alone and hearing strange noises in the middle of the night are cited as the biggest causes of the irrational fear.
It also emerged one in ten people are so scared of the dark they wouldn't even get up for the toilet once all the lights are out.

And one in ten parents would prefer to let the children fend for themselves in the night-time than get up to see what was wrong.

It looks like squirrels everywhere are making a bid for stardom! After this one went nuts on the BBC, another has made a primetime appearance in the US.

This time the furry critter in question decided to pop up during a televised baseball game between the Phillies and the Cardinals.

In the fifth inning, with the Cardinals ahead 3-2, the fame-hungry squirrel ran right in front of the home plate as a 94mph ball shot overhead.

And it turns out it wasn't the first time the squirrel had appeared at the stadium, in previous game he'd been seen outfield… next time he wants a go at hitting.

275x250.jpgCops in Chicago have arrested more than 100 fugitives -- after luring them in with the offer of a free flat-screen TV.

During the bizarre operation officers sent wanted offenders invitations to take part in electronics testing for which they would be paid $75.

The traffic offenders, violent felons and child support avoiders were also told they would get to keep the gizmos they tested out.

As such many of the fugitives turned up to the address given and seemed very happy as they were greeted by undercover cops carrying empty boxes for TVs and video game systems.

Once inside the crooks even posed for smiling photos with the electronics… before other uniformed officers swooped in and made the arrests.

A vending machine which prepares and cooks pizzas in under two minutes could soon be launched on the streets of New York.

The automated Pizzametry pizzeria not only delivers freshly baked pizza (not microwaved) in a matter of minutes, but diners can also watch it being cooked.

Once a user has selected the type of pizza they want, they will see the dough flattened into a base and then the tomato sauce, cheese and toppings added before it's sent to the oven.

Inventor Puzant Khatchadourian says each machine can hold the ingredients required to produce 150 pizzas and that the eight-inch pizzas are delivered in a box with a disposable pizza cutter.

275x250.jpg Revelers at Germany's Oktoberfest have consumed more beer than ever before -- with a massive 7.5 million litres being knocked back at the famous event.

6.9 million visitors are said to have attended the 17-day event in Munich -- many having donned traditional Bavarian lederhosen for the occasion.

Once there it was all about the beer and food. In addition to the the beer, bosses say hundreds of thousands of sausages and roast chickens were eaten.

And this year brawls were at a record low -- only 58 fights saw drinkers wielding their Masskrugs (litre beer glasses) as weapons... which is apparently and improvement on previous years.

Over her long life Clare Ormiston has probably received all the presents you could think off, which is why she wanted something special for her 100th birthday… a male stripper.

The cheeky centenarian told her family that not content with getting a card from the Queen on her big day, she also wanted to see a muscular man strip for her.

So not wanting to disappoint their mom, gran and great-grandmother they arranged for a buff stipper called Scorpion to attend her birthday bash at Glenfield Residential Home in Birmingham.

After watching Scorpion strip from his white uniform down to his underpants, 100-year-old Clare said: "I enjoyed that. It ­definitely put a smile on my face."

275x250.jpg A well-endowed squirrel has become a surprise internet hit after showing off what he's got on the BBC TV show 'The Great British Bake Off.'

Viewers who were watching Jo Wheatley being crowned winner of the show on BBC2 were shocked when the massive testicled squirrel suddenly appeared on screen.

In the brief clip -- which was played between baking footage -- the squirrel can be seen turning to camera and proudly displaying his huge nuts.

Minutes after the clip during the grand final, fans on Twitter were discussing squirrel anatomy rather than cakes and presenter Sue Perkins tweeted: "This week's GBBO features a shot of a squirrel with outsized nuts. Trust me, they are anatomically DAZZLING.

275x250.jpgA study into mens' memory has discovered 12% of blokes don't know their mother's birthday… and that 6% don’t know their partner’s.

1,231 men were recently quizzed about the important dates they could recall off the top of their head, and the results weren't great.
7% claimed they could only remember their own birthday with many not able to name the date their friends, family and partners were born.

Anniversaries proved the most commonly forgotten dates and while 41% said it was because they didn’t have the dates ‘written down’, 11% said their other half would remind them.

However,38% of the respondents said that they ‘always ensured’ they knew the date of their supported football team’s ‘first match of the season’.

275x250.jpg Two people have been hospitalised after taking part in a "world's hottest chilli" competition at an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

The duo -- who were bidding to become Scotland’s 2011 Kurry King or Queen --
were battling it out by eating progressively hotter dishes.

Organisers of the charity event said the 'Kismot Killer' curry was of "nuclear strength" and made with some of the worlds hottest chillies.

Unfortunately it was too strong for some contestants taking part in the charity event and they suffered a violent reaction.

While the British Red Cross had been on hand at the event, the Scottish Ambulance Service had to be called to deal with the fallout, so to speak.

A brave young boy in Turkey has tackled an armed robber who was trying to hold-up his father's jewellery store.

As this CCTV footage shows, the would-be robber burst into the store in Istanbul's Bagcilar district wearing a surgical mask and sunglasses.

He then pulled out a gun and told staff to fill a bag with expensive goods… but the 12-year-old lad was having none of it.

The boy reached for the weapon and pushed the robber -- who was caught off-guard and was forced to flee empty-handed.

275x250.jpgCops say a recent crackdown on distracted motorists discovered one who was using laptop and drinking a cup of coffee at the same time.

Officers from Hampshire Police say another driver was caught eating a pear with a knife, while a third was writing down the answers to a quiz on the radio.

The multi-tasking drivers were observed during a five day operation on the M27 and M3 involving a hired lorry, two marked cars and a motorcycle.

In total 84 vehicles stopped due to offences being witnessed and 39 people were caught using their mobile phone.

Sgt Paul Diamond said: "This should send a very loud message out to motorists. If you are caught using your mobile phone whilst driving you will face a £60 fine and three points on your licence."

275x250.jpgIt looks like Happy Feet wasn't the only penguin in need of a sat-nav -- another lost bird has turned up miles from home… this time on Portsmouth's Southsea beach.

Video footage shows the bemused bird -- thought to be a African jackass penguin -- bobbing in the shallow sea during the heat wave, before swimming off.

It had earlier been seen waddling around the harbour, much to the surprise of onlookers.

Experts believe the penguin could have become separated from its group as it was following a food trail through the Atlantic to the Solent.

They say it was probably trying to get to South Africa 6,000 miles away. Oops.

A lycra suit-wearing daredevil has shown off his extreme balancing skills by performing on Mountain Tai in China.

Eskil Ronningsbakken did his stuff on a 6ft platform located on a perilous-looking cliff without any safety harness or net.

Once in place the 31-year-old balanced on one arm before riding a bike and then doing a handstand on a pile of chairs.

He also swung on a trapeze as fans took photos and video… while secretly hoping he would fall so they could have a YouTube hit.

275x250.jpgSure the iPhone 4S looks very nice, but experts at London's Science Museum say the ingenuity of seemingly run-of-the-mill objects can be just as impressive.

Bosses have arranged a celebration of humble objects -- such as the paperclip, barcode and pencil -- which they say have had a massive impact on our lives.

Hidden Heroes examines the inspiration involved in items whose design and purpose are so well matched that they remain uncelebrated, but heavily used, in the fabric of our lives.

Items like the zip, ballpoint pen and the clothes peg are celebrated and presented alongside original sketches and drawings by their inventors.

Patent specifications and original advertisements reveal the efforts made to establish each product… but if you can't get to the Science Museum, just ask Siri.

357 bikini-wearing women have parades along Surfers Paradise on Australia's Gold Coast -- to set a new world record.

The impressive sight scooped the women the obviously prestigious record for the 'world's longest bikini parade' beating the previous record of 332.

While 361 girls had walked through the counter and past lucky Guinness World Record adjudicator Chris Sheedy, four were disqualified for not wearing bikinis.

It's not clear whether the women were disqualified for wearing too much or too little… but in the interests of quality journalism we will spend the day reviewing the video evidence.

275x250.jpgPet food manufactures have produces a TV advert with a difference for their dog food -- it's aimed at the pooches and not the owners.

Nestlé have even used a series of high-frequency signals -- which are beyond human hearing -- in the advert, in a bid to 'speak' to the dogs.

Behavioural experts say that when the advert for Nestle Beneful airs in Austria, the frequency should attract the dogs and make them look towards the TV.

If they do, it's hoped their owners will pay attention and then end up buying the product in a bid to please their pet.

The dog whistle type sound is played twice in the 24 second advert… though we're not sure the audio quality on YouTube is good enough to have the same effect.

When this girl asker her mom to film her practicing for her dance team, she probably hoped some people would see it online and think she looked cool.

But she can't have expected to have been upstaged by her little brother whose background video bomb dancing sent it viral.

In the clip -- which has been seen 500,000 times -- the girl can me seen awkwardly dancing and singing along to 'Smack that' by Akon... but it's the young lad who steals the show.

Wearing pyjama bottoms he struts his stuff in the hallway behind her complete with arse shakes and some pretty impressive moves as she's oblivious to his actions.

275x250.jpgA Welsh gardener has found himself unexpectedly invited backstage at a Snoop Dogg concert -- after the rapper was impressed by the size of his swedes.

In fact, Snoop was so impressed with Ian Neale's 85lb swede -- which could gain a place in the Guinness World Records -- he took to YouTube to congratulate him.

Speaking in front of a cannabis leaf-covered background he said: "I do vegetation myself and I want to know your secret so I can show you my vegetables and see if you can grow that into a real big vegetable."

He then told the 68-year-old he had two free tickets to his upcoming concert in Cardiff and that he was invited backstage.

Unfortunately it looks like Snoop will have to find another way to entertain himself after the gig. Neale says he won't be going and is more of a country and western man.

275x250.jpg What do you do if a friend or loved-one loses their job? Well card maker Hallmark hope you'll reach for one of their "unemployment cards".

That's right they now offer a range of six sympathy cards which they say are "appropriate to send to someone who has lost their job."

One card, which feature a photo of a cat on the front, reads: "Is there anywhere I could hack up a hairball, like, say, on a former employer's head?  Just wonderin' …" on the inside.

Another says: "Don't think of it as losing your job, think of it as time between stupid bosses."

Beach-goers in Southern California are being treated to a rare light show with waves there glowing bright blue as the crash at night.

The rare phenomena is caused by the presence of a bio-luminescent algae called Lingulodinium polyedrum.

During the day this means the water at San Diego-area beaches appear a brownish red, but at night they look a whole lot more magical.

Boffins say movement of the water causes each organism to flash blue with a chemical reaction - when this happens billions of times as each wave crashes, you get the blue glow.

275x250.jpg A woman responsible for testing the comfort and quality of beds for a hotel chain is having her bottom insured for £4 million.

Natalie Thomas -- who can spent eight hours per day bouncing on beds -- says her rear is so sensitive it helps her detecting lumps and inconsistencies.

Charged with leading a team to ensure the quality of 46,000 Premier Inn bed, the 39-year-old from Bedfordshire (really) has been given the job title 'Director of Bed Bouncing.'

Natalie says she wears soft trousers so she can feel even the smallest lump or bump in a mattress and takes extra special care of her derriere, with regular moisturising sessions and being careful not to wear any hard wearing materials.

275x250.jpgBritish women have a staggering £217 million stashed away to spend on their dream handbag, it has been found.

A recent study into saving habits discovered one in ten have an average of £87 hidden from their partner which they plan to blow on a bag. That's £217m nationally.

Other women were found to have secret funds for new shoes, weekend breaks - and even plastic surgery - which they top up randomly.
It was also found 35 percent of women are saving for a holiday, and that one in 20 are currently putting cash aside for a boob job or other form of plastic surgery.
A similar number have a big night out planned with the girls, while eight per cent have their eye on a special pair of shoes.

275x250.jpg Most couples only exchange their wedding vows once, but not Lauren and David Blair -- their just set the world record for doing it 100 times.

The loved-up couple from Tennessee are now featured in the Guinness World Records for 'Most Marriage Vow Renewals by the Same Couple'.

After meeting in 1982, the pair first married in 1982. Since then they've
renewed their vows a further  99 times, each ceremony taking place in a different location.

Asked why they continuously renew their vows, Lauren says: "I love to look into David’s eyes. I know that this man will love me until the day I die… of course, David will tell you that he does it for the honeymoons!"

Council bosses in the US were recently left red-faced after suffering a Bart Simpson style childish prank when an amusingly named speaker was called.

During a typically boring Los Angeles City Council meeting Councilman Dennis Zine called for a listed speaker… and Mr Mike Hunt!

"Mike Hunt, Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt in the audience? It says Mike Hunt, is Mike Hunt here?" he said over the speaker system.

Unsurprisingly there was no Michael Hunt waiting to speak… you could almost hear Bart Simpson laughing on the phone.

275x250.jpgBoffins who noticed certain Australian beetles will try to have sex with discarded beer bottles have won a scientific prize.

Entomologists Professor Darryl Gwynne and David Rentz were awarded the Ig Nobel Prize for their discovery about buprestid Beetles.

They'd discovered the male beetle would try to mate with beer bottles -- but only brown ones with bobbly bits on them.

This was enough to bag the boffins the Ig Nobel Prize, which celebrates research which makes you laugh and then think.

Other winners on the night included the team who devised a wasabi fire alarm for deaf people and a group who looked at why discus throwers get dizzy.

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