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Soldier takes over Miss England duties

275x250.jpgA 21-year-old Lance Corporal has been given leave from the British Army -- to represent England in the Miss World competition.

LCpl Katrina Hodge - dubbed Combat Barbie - will take over from the previous Miss England, who has stepped down after being arrested in an alleged nightclub brawl.

The army beauty - who was the first runner up in this year's prestigious competition - will now represent England in the Miss World final in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 12 December.

She will hold the Miss England title until next July when she hoped to join the effort in Afghanistan.

Though Katrina is used to combat situations - she was commended for bravery in Iraq - the hostile environment of a Miss World competition could still come as quite a shock.

Kylie underwear video named best web viral

An advert featuring Kylie Minogue writhing around on a bucking bronco while wearing skimpy underwear, has been voted the best celebrity web viral.

The 90 second Agent Provocateur ad was initially launched in 2001 in cinemas, but it is on the web the saucy advert has found most fans

GoViral - which placed the sexy ad at the top of their 10 best celebrity viral ads, - say it has been viewed more then 350 million times on YouTube.

Second place on the list went to Ronaldinho taking the the Nike Crossbar Challenge, which was in turn followed by the Barack Obama's Yes We Can song by Will.I.Am.

Excuse us, we are off to see how many additional views we can rack up for the sexy Kylie video -- all in the name of research, you understand.

275x250.jpgAlmost half of Brits admit to getting overly amorous in the back of their cars, it has been revealed.

Once the reserve of horny teenagers and dogging enthusiasts, the survey suggested that four-wheeled fornication has now become a mainstream activity.

In a recent poll, 45 percent of Brits said they had pulled over for a bit of 'how's your father' in their car.

Other places randy respondents said they had enjoyed having sex included, the kitchen table, a fairground waltzer… and the boss's desk.

If 45 percent of us are using the back of our cars for getting frisky, how come Jeremy Clarkson never mentions how good a car would be for that in his Top Gear reviews.

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