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275x250.jpgThe sound of a whining child has been scientifically found to be the most annoying and distracting noise on the planet.

Researchers from Clark University in Massachusetts discovered the annoying properties of the noise after testing a series of sounds on volunteers.

The subjects were asked to complete a set of math problems while wearing headphones and listening to the various sounds - include a saw, conversation and crying.

It was found that people made the most mistakes - and got the least work done - when trying to block out the sound of a whiny infant.

It's said children are able to make their most annoying sounds between the ages of about 2 and 4 years old… which as the parent of younger baby is a terrifying thought.

275x250.jpg Given how many times boffins have attempted to calculate the formula behind the perfect cup of tea, you'd think they'd already cured cancer.

And now they're at it again with a team from the University of Northumbria this time claiming to have unlocked the secrets of the perfect cuppa.

After 180 hours of research and 285 cups of tea, the boffins say they deduced tea is best drunk six minutes after two minutes of brewing and adding 10ml of milk.

However, we realised the study was rubbish (or that we were tea snobs) after reading that they said a teabag should be used, rather than loose tea.

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