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By Jay Garrett

Why? That was the very first thing that sprang to my lips when I discovered the latest venture by the large labels to convince us that we need another kind of physical media on which to carry our tunes.

Personally CD’s are my main alternative to MP3, WMA, FLAC, etc.

I still have my vinyl but that weighs a tonne and was never the most portable of formats – ask any DJ and then ask their chiropractor!

By Dan Owen

MERLIN (BBC1, SAT 7.30PM) Here comes the next big Saturday night entertainment from the BBC, borne of the channel's success with Doctor Who and (to a lesser extent) Robin Hood.

This is essentially a family-orientated retelling of Arthurian legend with an eye on the Harry Potter crowd. Colin Morgan plays a young Merlin in the Dark Ages before Britain was established – a land where magic has been banned, pantomime-style, by the ruthless King Uther (Anthony Head)...

Movies: Lakeview Terrace and Ghost Town

By Erik Samdahl

I’ve been asked to cover this week’s Hollywood movie releases, and while I have the urge to recommend Ghost Town, which stars that funny British guy from "The Office" – since News:Lite is run by a bunch of funny British people – I have to go with Lakeview Terrace, which appears guaranteed to not feature a single British accent.

Of course, nationalities have nothing to do with my preference – Ghost Town looks mildly amusing even if utterly unoriginal as far as man-almost-dies-but-is-saved-but-now-can-see-annoying-dead-people-who-want-him-to-do-things-for-him kind of flicks – instead, the thought of Samuel L. Jackson and Patrick Wilson (Little Children and Hard Candy) as two quarreling neighbors makes my blood boil.

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