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A US deer hunter claims to have taken a photo of a ghoulish creature with glowing eyes, which he spotted on a reserve in Louisiana.

The monster, which he insists it's not a hoax, is said to have been crawling towards him lay waiting to shoot a deer.

It's said to have crawled towards him and scared him so much that after snapping a quick photo he broke his camera.

While the internet has been almost unanimous in crying 'FAKE' at the image, it has been featured on a US news show.

But maybe that's not too surprising given some of the things that get reported on some news networks there.

Yeti hunter Mike Allsop An adventurer who conquered Mt Everest three years ago says he's now on the hunt to find a Yeti… or the purported remains of one anyway.

Several years ago while acclimatising in Nepal for an upcoming climb, Mike Allsop was told a story about a 'Abominable Snowman' hand and skull.

It was said examples of Yeti bones had been stolen from a monastery in the village of Pangboche in 1999 by a trekker, taking with it the income raised by charging to view them.

Allsop was so taken by the story he worked with a movie prop firm to produce replicas of the lost artefacts and vowed to track down the originals… which is safer than finding a live Yeti.

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